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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Grodno Yeshivah Bochrim stone frum IDF Soldier in Ashdod, just like Arabs

Soldier walks through haredi neighborhood

In 2010, these Grodno Yeshivah Leidegeirs threw stones on Ponovitz Rabbonim, but since the Grodno Roshei Yeshivah kept their mouths shut, looked on with glee, the boys took that as a "yes" for violence against anyone, and yesterday these "Torah Scholars" threw rocks at a frum IDF Soldier and his son!

Who can forget when during the last Gaza war, these Yeshiva cowards, packed up, closed the Yeshiva and ran back home!

Yes they have big brimmed hats,pleated pants, rosy cheeks and fancy glasses but don't get fooled, deep down they are just a bunch of violent  uncivilized animals just like their Arab cousins!

Soldiers are often the target of stone-throwing attacks by Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

This week, however, one soldier found himself under assault by stone-throwers in an unlikely place - the middle of Ashdod.

On Monday, a haredi man serving in the Israeli Air Force was confronted by angry yeshiva students outside of the Grodno Yeshiva in Ashdod.

The soldier, who spoke to Channel 2 on condition of anonymity, fearing reprisals from extremists within the haredi community, said he is used to taunting and verbal attacks, but was unprepared for what happened on Monday.

“This isn’t the first time they’ve harassed me or threatened me, but this time they crossed the line,” he said.

The incident occurred while the soldier was walking with his young son near the Grodno Yeshiva, when he was accosted by several haredi men who began shouting at him.

The situation quickly turned violent, however, when some of the men began lobbing stones at the soldier. The soldier was hit, and quickly called police, while he attempted to hold back the attackers with a can of mace.

Police extracted the soldier and his son. 

The soldier has filed a formal complaint and police have opened an investigation.
This is not the first incident of violence directed towards soldiers in Ashdod. In February, rioters attacked military police and later clashed with police.


Fred said...

this is so disgusting I cannot believe it. These fancy faggot bochrim don't deserve a dime of the medina's money, yet they will bitch and moan about their subsidies being cut, continue to have more kids, and then turn around and condemn or attack members of Tzahal.

I hope I am wrong, but I have been saying for years that there will be a tragedy at some point in the future. Some Haredi yeshiva animals will corner a cop or a soldier, or perhaps surround their car with a stoning attack. The soldier will properly defend him or her self and shoot one of these idiots, or maybe they will shoot several of them out of pure self defense. I hope to God I'm wrong, but it's inevitable in my mind, and once it happens, all hell will break loose among the Haredim with levels of violence and chaos never before seen.

Again: I hope I am wrong, but in my mind it is just a matter of time.

Echter yid said...

This bucherim did what they where thought and what they where teached in yeshiva,? or the chinuch what they saw and got at home,?

Anonymous said...

The real criminals here are the ROSHEY HAYESHIVAS who have brainwashed these ignorant savages to hate their own country and it's young men who give up their lives in defending it.
Of course we all know who the ringleader is who gives out the orders for this insurection,it is that old ZAKEN MAMREH from Sharei Chesed,in any other country this criminally insane traitorous Jew hater calling himself the GADOL HADOR would be hanging from the gallows for the crime of insurection

Anonymous said...

If he's a idf soldier than he's not frum it's like joining the Nazi storm troopers

Echter yid said...

Anonymous, do you remember when you're ziedes, where unfortunately,kapos in the Times of Hitler,? And your frum ziede gave over yiddish kinderlech nebech to the Nazis,? Do be burned in the gas chambers,? So you have a problem with the Israeli idf,??

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who called the idf nazis. These boys are the ones behaving like nazis throwing rocks at jews who put their lives on the line to protect these pieces of shit. Any chillin soldier is more jew than any of u satmar dreks including ur rabbonim, past and present. You should be ashamed of yourself. Hey, at leaSt you were successfully brainwashed as a kid by those satmar child molestors.