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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Leah Eisdorfer killed, infant rescued in Toms River crash

Leah Eisdorfer was killed and her infant hospitalized after a crash on New Hampshire Avenue.
About 11:15 a.m. Wednesday, police and medical units responded to the crash near North Maple Avenue. Police determined a 2015 Honda van was heading south, driven by a 28-year-old Toms River woman, according to a statement.
For "an unknown reason," her van crossed the center yellow line and left the road. The van careened over the curb, into several trees, and came to rest on its side in a water retention basin.
The mother was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the statement.  Rescue workers crawled inside the overturned car to remove her infant, who was secured in a car seat. The child is being treated at a hospital and is expected to recover.


Echter yid said...

Sad sad story, who noes what went wrong over here,? Who noes what happened,? Why did the van cross the yellow line,? It doesn't sound good ,,but I am sure that the cover ups will start working,,its going to be covered up by the community and we will never no get a normal answer what happened,?

why did this van end up in this situation,? Where was she traveling, and to which location did she had to end up,? From where was she coming,? Did she had mental problems and she tried to take suicide,? Their is lots of questions what has to be answered, but like always, it will be covered up and next story please?

Anonymous said...

echter yid,

you should change your name to ECHTER piece of DREK what you are,
having read your idiotic posts the last few weeks,i thought to myself that you are STAM A ZSEDRAITER MESHUGENER,but reading this garbage you just wrote,i realized you are not only stupid but you are a evil monster A RUSHE MERISHA just like your rebbe and hero Nuchesh Rosenberg.
hope and pray you go straight to GEHEINOM and never get out

Echter yid said...

This is unfortunately what happens when the truth hurts, your getting curst,its very very normal in our Hasidic community that when the truth is being said Your getting hunted for that, and again I am asking one question, will the truth come out what happened in this accident,? Or it will be covered up,? The car ended up in a place it should never ever had to end up at all in that area, so something went very very wrong in this case, but the good news is that the baby survived this accident,