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Monday, March 21, 2016

Frum Jew will try to defeat "fat" Nadler the Jewish "Back Stabbing Kapo"

Oliver Rosenberg believes that long-time democrat congressman for the Upper West Side let down its constituents when he supported the highly controversial Iran Deal.

Rosenberg has just launched his congressional campaign, seeking to unseat Cong. Jerrold "the Kapo" Nadler who has been ensconced as the representative to Congress from New York City’s Upper West Side for decades.

Unseating a longtime congressman may seem impossible but this year, after Kapo Nadler sold out his heavily Jewish constituency by knuckling under to President Obama and supporting the Nuclear Iran Deal, the time have come for a change.
Rosenberg is a health care entrepreneur who spent half a decade as an investment banker focused on renewable energy. He’s a Jewish Orthodox day school alumnus, a graduate of Yeshiva University’s business school, the grandson of Holocaust survivors and a fervent lover of Israel who spent a year in yeshiva there and made at-least-yearly visits since he was six years old.
Given the make-up of the community and the strong position taken by nearly all major Jewish and other pro-Israel organizations against the Nuclear Iran Deal, Rosenberg was deeply disappointed that Kapo Nadler supported the Iran Deal which contains unacceptable shortcomings.
Fat Nadler has not faced a primary opponent in more than two decades as the political makeup of the district guarantees whoever is the Democratic nominee will be the Representative. Now however, Rosenberg sees the time as promising.
Rosenberg is staunchly pro-Israel and will hopes to show his views when he becomes congressman. For one, he wants U.S. military aid to Israel to double, to $6 billion. Rosenberg also believes Israel should have access to bunker buster bombs. Rosenberg says the Iran Deal makes Israel open to more danger.
Recognizing a problem, figuring out a solution, and stepping forward to take the lead is Rosenberg’s modus operandi. It is what he did when he launched his healthcare initiative, Preath, which will bring free market methodology to healthcare expenses, he did it at YU by starting an initiative which brought in six figures in donations and he did it on the Upper West Side, when he founded Or Chayim.
What Rosenberg does have going for him is an unshakable love for the American dream and of the Zionist ideal, though he is unlikely to have support from the Democratic party.
However that doesn’t worry him from fighting to win a seat.

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Jerrold said...

Oliver's campaign is wholly unnecessary. As Ezra outlined in a YeshivaWorld (paid) "op-ed", I am really a big fat ohaiv Yisroel at heart.