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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Baalei Batim Waiting for Gedoilim To Condemn Mosdos that Prohibited the Internet Yet Took the Funds!

The Holy Mosdois Ha'Torah made sure to organize huge protests against the Internet!

But where are the protests against the Mosdos HaTorah that took  Federal Funds earmarked for computers and  for the school buildings to be wired for internet?

Isn't that hypocrisy? 
What are we teaching the children? 
Why haven't we heard ONE SINGLE gadol being "moichah" on this?

I'm not talking about where the funds actually went, that is for the FBI to investigate, I am just lamenting the fact that with one mouth, they condemn the internet, threatening the children with expulsion, and at the same time applying for the school to be wired for the internet?

Back in the days when I went to yeshiva, I remember well when the Roshei Yeshivah would make choizik from Baali Batim ....

"What's  going to be with you ... you will grow up to be a Baalei Booos? Chas V'sholem?"
"Oy Vey, that's a baal boos teretz to the toisfois,Ha ha!" 
"Why are you davening with the Baalei Batim? You'll grow up to be a big am haaretz?"
"you're learning the Daf Yoimie? that's for the ama ratzishe baalei batim?"

As I grew up, I learned quickly that the Talmedei Chachumim were the "Baalei Batim" who knew far more than the "lomdeshe ama ratzim" in Kollel.I learned quickly that it was the Baalie Batim that were up 5 in the morning chapping a daf,(while the Kollel guys were fast asleep) running to work, reviewing the daf at lunch, and then after a hard days work, grabbing a bite and running back to shul for another shiur.
I learned rather quickly that the Baalei Batim were far more learned, far more honest and far more diligent in business dealing then the Rabbonim.

Now the naive Baalei Batim are wondering why the kollel guys that had the time to attend the anti-internet asifas ...are quiet and not saying one word in protest to the menahlim of Mosdos HaTorah that took millions to have the internet wired in the buildings!

The "baalei batim" are also wondering, "if the mosdos took the funds and didn't wire the schools, then why haven't the melamdim been paid in months?"
"Why did the "schar limud" go up if they had the millions from the internet grants?"


Echter yid said...

Answer on your first question is? We are not aloud to have computers and not internet, but the ( biggest chutzpah is that lots of this so called, (robb,bunim,) who always attended the rally against the internet, they still have in their own offices and in their houses computers with internet,,now your asking why the( robb,bunim ) are not condemning the chilul hashem that the mosdos took money for computers with internet to be installed in the mosdos,? What about walking into most most frum hiemisha mosdos hatorah from/Boro park/ flatbush/especially the frum hiemisha Williamsburg/ Monsey/Monroe,the holy kiryas joel/ and almost all of them have the so called programs like ,,title.1,, and other kinds of programs from the government, and with this kind of programs the mosdos hatorah are not not not aloud to learn any ,,yiddishkiet,,with /our/your/ precious children and grandchildren, not even talking about hashem,?? Or having a (mezuza) on the class rooms not even aloud to remind hashems name,,in such class rooms,,Rachmana litzlun,?, where is this condemnation,,? From the rabunim,? Who ever ever dreamed that our frum mosdos hatorah will become so low and excepting this kind of programs in the (chinuch system's) for ifew stinky dollars,?, for some dollars we wiped out hashems name from the mosdos hatorah,?, what a shame,? Now we understand why we have so much but thousands of frum yiddisha kinderlech off the derech,? No no not because the internet,? ,but because hashems name was sold out in the yeshivas and in the schools where the children where send to learn Torah and learn about hashem,
Instead our children where sitting in ( title.1. Class rooms) where they learned forget about hashem,? Forget about the Torah,? The fact is that today we have much much more,,children off the yiddish derech ,,then we had years ago,,why are the mosdos Hatorah and the rabunim blind????? To see that hashem is angry on the mosdos hatorah,? and he is punishing the children for this,? Oy leoso bisha,?

Anonymous said...

It would be ossur for a gadol to comment because this is an ongoing investigation and they have not been found guilty yet. That's what I am thinking.

Romanisher Ferd said...

Neturei Karta hanging out with Arabs in Paterson NJ

dov said...

THeese bozo rebelechs are contradicting themselfs so much that they are tottaly looked at as a bunch of insane kuvid and money seekers,they are a tottal joke.

Anonymous said...

quite simple: THERE IS NO JEWISH LEADERSHIP IN THE FRUM WORLD. I will repeat: THERE IS NO JEWISH LEADERSHIP IN THE FRUM WORLD. We have money chasers instead. Now you understand the problem. Thank you for listening.

Anonymous said...

Finkel from monsey wsnt found guilty by goyish court system and stilm the rabbunim tossed him out of monsey. Tendler wasnt found guilty by a secular court yet they basically buriedhim . TRopper wasnt fiund guilty by a court yet the rabbunim buried him. So why is it different here?

Chana said...

As long as these Rabbonim control who can and can't attend their yeshivos the baalei batim will be quiet, no one wants their children kicked out of school.

Anonymous said...

Echter yid:

Re: Your comments on Title I Program.

I'm involved in that program , so let me set the facts straight.

Your knowledge about this program comes from UNSIGNED "pathcke-villin" that were illegally glued to trees & streetlight poles along Bedford & Lee Avenues about a month ago.
To the extent that separation of church & state prohibits public schools,and its teachers & staff from outright teaching religion in the way religious schools do ( Catholic, Jewish, etc ), the same applies to Title I, because it's a government funded program.

To my knowledge, there is no directive to teachers or other personnel to NOT mention G-D in any way shape or form. Not to teach religion, Torah or any other moral philosophy is understood. That's not to say that a teacher can't mention it , and/or that he must deny it. He/She merely cannot TEACH it from a RELIGIOUS perspective. It's quite simple.

There are rules about the program:
No homework, no official tests except those by the B'd of Ed, no interaction with parents without permission from the principle, no walking into the students' classroom without cause, and a few others.
The two subjects are Math and English, and it's a support program to help students in need in those areas. Nothing more, nothing less.

You should know, that there are many heimishe and Chassidishe men & women who make a parnossah from this program. They're sent to different schools, yeshivas both modern and Chassidish, boys & girls schools and it's a wonderful program.
Had the Chassidishe schools offered a stronger and more serious secular program, the way the law says they should, that these talmidim would have bene taught proper English, reading, grammar, then Title I wouldn't have been as prevalent as it is all across Williamsburgh & Boro Park, for example.
Because so many parents ( Chassidishe especially) are disappointed with the cheiders in the way they shortchanged their children, the parents realize that in our world, English is a must, and they enthusiastically support the Title I programs especially if they don't have to pay a penny for it. It's a government program and the cheiders don't give the teachers any salary, the government does.... So it's a win-win situation.. I know this for a fact...!!!!

It's important to be alert to announcements, pronouncements, news clips about another person, program or Lukshen kugels , especially if they come from sneaky, illegals PATCHKE-villins, especially unsigned, and especially in B.P , Willy or any other frum community.
That ugly toilet paper that was posted on Lee Ave, wasn't meant Lshem Shomayim.... Just wait a few months... you'll see a competing KOSHER, BaMachshired new program.... It'$$$ alwaySSSS thi$$$ way, I$n't it?????

the Derby.... Happy Yom KE'Purim..... Men zoll poilen alles guts..!!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW--- The day these lying loshon Hora sliced toilet papers ahowed up in Willy, I took one down, showed it to a principal in one of the Mosdos in Will where Title I is taught, and he disgustedly shouted at me that he already saw it, and I should kindly rip it up in front of him and toss it in the garbage... which I promptly did...

In all the years, there wasn't one positive decent PATCHKE-vill posted there... Everything is negative and bashing other Jews... Remember about a year ago, when they pasted posters about that dress store on Lee Ave,. urging people not to shop there? Hurting someone's parnossah???

I'm surprised at you, Echter yid, that you believe this garbage...


Anonymous said...

There were corrupt rabbonim covering up for Finkel. That's why the enforcement division of NY State Agriculture never charged him with the felonies he was guilty of. The head of kashrus fraud investigations there at the time was a chassidishe who also covered up kashrus fraud at Maimonides Boro Park.

And don't kid yourself about Tropper either. There were plenty of corrupt rabbonim fighting to protect him but the anti-Tropper faction was just barely strong enough to at least get Tropper out of chinuch.

Tendler's problem was that he was anti-establishment himself plus very arrogant and made lots of enemies among the modern orthodox, yeshivish & chassidish worlds, so there was no one sticking their neck out for him except for a few complete nobodies.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised at all you guys arguing with this "Echter Yid
(ECHTER BEHEIMA) isn't it pretty obvious we are dealing here with a mentally deranged individual,why waste your time with this idiot? this MESHUGENER is trying imitate and to be the second coming of the TZEDRAITER Nuchem Rosenberg.
don't forget that when you argue with a MESHUGENER you legitimize his stupidity,idiots like him need to be completely ignoredand then maybe he'll go away l

Echter yid said...

Echter meshugener, is really a meshugener, for taking off one of the biggest dangerous pedophile from the streets of New York,, he would be a bigger hero for letting ( mier daskalowitz) to stay on the streets, and molest and rape every single yiddish child from boys,TO girls,,only this way ,,the NATZI, one of the ,20,anonymous,,on this blog, plus klal yisroel plus the farshulltene,robb,bunim, would be able to realize and appreciate the holy work what I did for klal yisroel,,(( and for you anonymous)), for calling me names after I did such a holy and ,chusiveh, mitzva and in my ,,zechuss,,can every Jewish child in new york walk on the streets and not being molested or raped,,and you have the cold blooded chutzpah to call me names,? So I wish you that all your/ children/ and your/grandchildren/ and your /grand grand children/they should be victims of sexual abuse and rape,, and no one would care what happened to them ,plus they will be called names like meshiguim,,and they should go trough such ,yesurim,and pain, like my son the victim of dascalowitz,,I hope you will be able to see nachas by your family,

Echter yid said...

So come on anonymous now you can call me all kinds of names /,echter beheima,/ /meshugener,/tzedrieter/ but let me tell you a real story what it means how dangerous sick pedophiles are running around between /our/your/children ,on the streets and in the shulls,(,how we must must watch our children every where, even in shull I found out lately about a( frum hiemisha yidd) someone who is,so so sick to watch pornography, that every Friday night, after the (Shabbat meal) he goes in to his room and puts on his computer, and watches heavy pornography on the Shabbat,,plus he masturbates in front of the computer when he watches the sex scenes, but (this man is a frum frum hiemisha man in Williamsburg Brooklyn) he davens lots of times for the (,umed,)Shabbat and yoim toiv in his shull where he davens,,he still davend for the,,umed,,passed Friday night, in his shull, he is mechallel Shabbat,plus he is sick to watch pornography And when I took off a dangerous pedophile from the streets, Instead of getting a thank you from, my Jewish community leaders and from klal yisroel, and from the robb,,bunim ? I am being called names? That's nice,???