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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FBI looking to add Monsey Jews to the Federal Daf Yoimi Program in Prison

So far there haven't been any arrests, but one thing is certain, the FBI are not looking for people who secretly look at the internet, or who have IPhones! ..

According to our sources they are also not looking for women that wear spitzlach but don't shave their heads or for ladies that don't wear bulletproof stockings!

Din has learned that they are looking for Mosdois that said that they will actually provide computers to the students but instead pocketed the funds!

So according to our sources, it's not ok to have the students learn on computers, but it's ok to take the funds!

Federal agents have been seen roaming the streets of Monsey and visiting several locations around town today, Wednesday.

fbi in monsey1

The raids are part of an investigation into whether local Yeshivas misused the federal government’s E-Rate program intended for the purchase of educational telecommunications technology.
The FBI investigators issued search warrants today before seizing boxes of evidence that could help them find out if the targeted schools used the federal technology funds for their intended purpose or pocketed millions of dollars earmarked for technology education.

FBI agents seen in Monsey on 3-16-16 _ 5
Federal agents seen in Monsey, NY, on Wednesday March 16, 2016..
According authorities, more than 300 agents and officers were involved in today’s operation in Monsey.

In a statement, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said: “Today, the FBI, working with our office, conducted searches in connection with an ongoing fraud investigation. If and when charges are filed, they will eventually become public. This remains an ongoing matter, and we are unable to provide any additional information at this time.”

Wednesday’s raids come as state and federal prosecutors continue jointly investigating potential governmental corruption in Ramapo and Clarkstown. A report last week by News12 forcasted a “far-reaching corruption probe” this week in Rockland County, reportedly zeroing in on officials in Ramapo, Clarkstown and at the county government level.
So far, no arrests were made during the raids, law enforcement sources said.

FBI agents seen in Monsey on 3-16-16 _ 1
The Manhattan-based Jewish Week and The Jewish Daily Forward published reports questioning the high percentage of E-Rate dollars in New York state going to Hasidic and other Orthodox schools and libraries, noting many of the schools prohibited student access to the Internet.
The Jewish Week's first article outlined how the religious schools in Rockland and New York City obtained the federal money, while focusing on the vendors and then the investigation that led one to return $900,000.
In an 2013 interview with The Journal News, Peretz Klein, owner of Hashomer Alarm Systems in Spring Valley, which lists an address on its website of 29 Robert Pitt Drive in Monsey, credited the E-Rate program with making it possible for many needy yeshivas and other Orthodox Jewish schools to install computers and modern technology for their students.
"The government created this program to get technology in the schools," he said. "It's a very big help for many schools. We service the schools, do all we can to help them."
Klein's 33-year-old company brought in millions in E-Rate grants to install infrastructure — servers, extensive wiring and more — at private schools in Rockland County and Brooklyn. His company is one of many across the country that focus their business on the long-controversial E-Rate program, created under the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 to help schools and libraries in low-income communities keep up in the digital age.


Anonymous said...

So according to our sources, it's not ok to have the students learn on computers, but it's ok to take the funds!

HAHA Funniest line in the story. HAHAHA I'm still laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Echter yid said...

(1) look how stupid we are,?, our Jewish communities ( especially the leaders and the rabunim )are holding openly tuff war's against computers and internet,? on the other hand they didn't think and went and asked from the government millions and millions of dollars for computers,? supposedly for the yeshivas to help out the students supposedly with education,?, (when they kept on holding war's against computers) little did they think that the government is aware about the tuff war what our own,rabunim,,are constantly holding against computers and internet,?, so the government wasn't stupid to begin with by giving them millions and billions of dollars for computers,?, but they really worked smarter than us ,?, they gave for the yeshivas millions of dollars just to be able to bring down the yeshivas, (1) to show them how gangsters they are,?, with ripping off the government,?,and lying to the government that they ( mamesh )needed the money to educate the yiddisha kinderlech,? How stupid the yeshivas had to be for thinking that they could ripp off the government and lying for the government that the money will go for computers,?, when the government is aware that we are against computers,?, but the government is smarter than us,? They kept on sending more money and more honey for one reason like they always do,? They waited the crime should just pile up and the crime should become bigger and bigger, that's why they kept on sending more money and more money,? like this the charges against the plaintiff will become harsher and harsher, automatically the prison time will be longer and harsher,,the government and the (F.B.I.) they have lots of Time on their hands to wait the crime should just keep on piling up and when they decide its time to bust the perpetrator,? You bet they will come down where ever they have to come down and they will raid the places like a storm, and make the arrests But when the ( F.B.I.) comes knocking on the door,? Its just to late to run anywhere,? You just put your,,hentelech,,in back of your self ,and they put on the nice silver kietelech, handcuffs, and good by,,

Echter yid said...

E_RATE,? Shmi_RATE,? Its just to late,?

Shyster said...

Not connected to this but Zev Brenner has been charged with a Federal crime.

It is very suspicious he just pleaded guilty now but is not going to prison because not only was he working with Moses Stern but there are indications he was possibly also a moyser working undercover for the Feds. They were not just going after politicians. There was at least one frumma also who Stern tried to get him on tape. Brenner made the shidduch to get them together.

We all remember Mizrachi making an idiot of himself on Brenner's show but he was in good company.

Xerxes said...