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Monday, March 14, 2016

Daily News: “Obama Has Done Enough Damage to Israel Already”

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Read New York Daily News Editorial:
“He must not go further down this path of ego, hubris and vengeance. He will not validate the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him in 2009 and never earned. Undercutting the Jewish state, he will only make negotiations more impossible than they already are,” the News Editorial states.
“As just one example, Obama broke his predecessor George W. Bush’s commitment that any final agreement would include major Israeli housing settlements and the Jewish parts of Jerusalem within the Israeli borders. Instead, Obama demanded a deep settlement freeze, without imposing similar conditions on the Palestinians.”
“As a result, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas felt no pressure to come to the table. He could rail against Israel — and gain points with his people — without taking risks for peace.”
“Should Obama ask the United Nations to vote on a resolution endorsing similar terms — or any terms — he will enshrine the Palestinians as holding a moral high ground from which they would claim justification for shooting rockets into Israel.”
The editorial concludes, “Unconscionably, Obama would also tie the hand of his successor, who will have to labor to repair relations with Israel and rebalance the region’s expectations.”

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