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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Crazed Litvacks distribute Q-tips so they can hear Parshas Zachor

The Label reads:
"For the good of the masses"
"It would be good to clean the ears before listening to Parshas Zacho"

I have alot to say about that, but I won't go there ;)


Brisker said...


Lakewood is a very large community which NJ State estimates put them as soon growing to 230,000 population.

In any large community there are going to be some people with illnesses like OCD or meshugassen bordering on illness.

Plus how do you know that some letz did not stage this picture?

I can guarantee you that no serious & reasonable person is going to make a Q-Tip gemach azoy.

Anonymous said...

The Bizarro World of the Litvak Michugeners! Totally cut off from reality! The Kollel system has produced a generation of cripples. People who have no clue what it means to be a mensch, a productive member of society. People looking for more and more ways to be frum when it is not frumkeit, but rather michugas and nonsense! You think David haMelech stuck things in his ear to hear Torah better? You think Moshe Rabeinu didn't eat vegetables? NUTS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a Purim joke and this picture is a few years old. Get a life (and a sense of humor)!