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Monday, April 13, 2015

Shepard Smith: FOX News’ Anti-Israel Anchor Blocks Blogger on Twitter for Defending Israel

Debbie Schlussel

By Debbie Schlussel
FOX News’ openly anti-Israel anchor, Shepard Smith, blocked me on Twitter for defending Israel. That’s despite the fact that as a not-so-closeted gay man, Israel is the only place where he’d live to see another day. I pointed that out after he attacked Israel on Twitter, so he blocked me. 

Why confuse people with the facts, though, and get in the way of Smith’s Jew-hatred? 

He loves the Muslims, regardless of the fact that they’d cut off his penis and shove it in his mouth (as they’ve done to the dead bodies of many gays–and straight men, too). And he hates Israel. 

I have to laugh anytime anyone tells me how “pro-Israel” FOX News is when the network has some of the most anti-Israel personalities on American TV. And Smith is Exhibit A (Exhibit B is FOX News Senior Correspondent Carl Cameron, an Israel-loather who reported on FOX News after 9/11 that Israeli illegal alien “artists” were behind 9/11). 

Smith isn’t just an anchor and reporter at FOX News, he’s also the director of its “Breaking News Division,” so you can assume all of FOX’s breaking news is filtered through his anti-Israel lens.

As I’ve told you , David Shepard Smith, Jr. a/k/a Shepard Smith likes Israel as much as he’s known to like women: not at all. 

He’s gone out of his way to defame the Jewish State. On FOX News, he and his anti-Israel buddy and fellow FOX News-er Judith Miller compared Israel to Cuba but came to the conclusion that Israel is “worse than Cuba.” 

And on the network, he’s been repeatedly critical of Israel, using every single irrelevant opportunity to attack the state. 

When ISIS released the video of the terrorist group burning the captured Jordanian pilot alive in a cage, he blamed Israel. The day after the video was released, Smith traveled to Jordan where he repeatedly filed reports, telling fellow FOX News anchors and contributors, including the cast of “The Five,” that the reason the Jordanians were angry over the burnt-alive pilot was that “they are angry over U.S. policy towards Israel and they are angry at the way Israel treats the Palestinians,” as if that had a thing to do with ISIS’ incineration of the pilot or the price of tea in China. Not one of the FOX News anchors or personalities, including the boobs on “The Five” said anything in response or disagreement. Nothing. Yeah, that’s “pro-Israel”.

As we all know, ISIS brutally tortured and murdered the pilot because ISIS opposes any forces fighting it and/or bombing it and any parties who are not strict Sunni Muslims according to Muslim orthodoxy. Israel ain’t got a thing to do with it. Israel was never mentioned in the video or any statements ISIS released regarding why it murdered the pilot. 

But Shepard Smith doesn’t care about that and all “news” or “reports” you hear from him on FOX News should be taken with a grain of salt because he lets his far-left agenda get in the way of the facts. Sometimes violently so, as when he deliberately ran over a woman because he wanted her parking space during the Bush-Gore recount in Florida in 2000 (and was criminally charged for it–but he got away with a slap-on-the-hand plea deal).

The thing is, it is one of the worst kept secrets at FOX News that Shepard Smith is known to be gay. I am told he wanted to come out but FOX News opposed it in the past (maybe they’ll allow it, now, because they care about polls and trends, not about conservatism). 

And, as a gay man, if he were not a FOX News “reporter” and “anchor” and traveled to any Muslim country, he would be lawfully executed. Homosexuality is forbidden and punished with death in Islam and in every single Muslim country on the planet. The only place in the Middle East where Shepard Smith could safely live as a gay man is in Israel. In fact, as a gay man in Israel, he’d have more rights than as a gay man in America, even in New York City. (Maybe he feels a kinship with late, gay PLO leader Yasser Arafat?)

Toward the end of March, Smith tweeted in favor of Barack Obama’s statements against Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu regarding a Palestinian State. A few of my Twitter followers referred me to Shep’s tweet, and I responded that it’s interesting he so hates the only place in the Middle East where gays like him have any rights (including, again, the right to live for another day). I tweeted a few things in this regard, and my followers retweeted them. He couldn't handle the truth and let his Israel-hatred blind him. So, he blocked me, a badge of honor for me.
When I tweeted about this, I got a lot of responses, almost all of them favorable. People who are actually paying attention know what this guy is about: pure, unabashed liberalism. Accurate news coverage has nothing to do with him and he with it.

So, the next time you hear FOX News blare one of its slogans, “Fair and Balanced,” or “We Report, You Decide,” think about Shepard Smith blaming ISIS’ torture-murder of the Jordanian pilot on Israel and recognize that there is no fairness, no balance, and the deciding has already been done for you.
As for reporting, well, it’s no different than the typical anti-Israel crap you see on any other news program. Only, worse.

Shepard Smith & Judith Miller Attack Israel, Compare to Cuba – Posted w/ Approval & Praise for FOX News By George Soros’ Anti-Israel Media Matters . . .

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