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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Frum Pogrom against IDF soldiers in Meah Shearim!

Car vandalized by Chareidim in Meah Shearim

Where are the"Gedoilim"???? 
There is no difference between the Crown Heights pogrom in 1991 perpetrated by the shvartzes against Jews, and this one!
This barbaric act is a direct result of all the vicious "mussar" shmoozim that the "gedoilim" give in the yeshivos against the IDF and Zionism, they have managed to succeed in having the Chareidie community breed self-hating Jews!
The "gedoilim" always complain that the Zionists hate Frum Jews. 
So, what are they doing?...They are instilling hate in their young naive sheep! 
The Chareidim are the ones who are supposed to be passing the torch of our Mesorah to future generations, instead they spew hate against their fellow Jews!
 Is this Torah? I don't think so!

Here is a comment that some fool wrote on VIN that reported this story!He is a product of Satmar/Brisk/Yeshivish craziness!

Yesterday at 05:28 PMRafuel Says:

I don't condone violence, especially against a well-intended fellow who came to help his subordinates.

That said, this story can't be looked at in isolation if you want to understand what and why just happened. Chareidim were there centuries earlier than tzionim, at least from the time when Vilna Gaon's ztz"l talmidim settled in Yirushalayim in the mid-1700s, and there already were some there whom today we will call chareidim, and they maintained their presence there for centuries in spite very difficult rulers and terrible economic privations.

Then, more than two centuries later, came the tzionim with their fighting forces and their socialist/communist ideologies, and rapidly remade the city and the country in the secular image. Is it unreasonable to see them as the hostile occupation regime?

But at least soldiers were not assaulted, just resented. And then, in the last 3-4 years, things got to be worse than ever since the late 1940s. The tzionim openly threaten to take our precious young away from Torah and force them into the immoral confines of their military, under the threat of imprisonment.

That we will not obey.

Gut shabbos.

Unidentified assailants assaulted an IDF officer who came to visit soldiers in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim on Friday.
The officer, who serves in the Givati infantry brigade and even took part in last summer’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, drove in to Mea Shearim to visit two of his charges who are beset by economic woes. 
After local residents noticed the officer in his army uniform, he was accosted by a group of would-be assailants, though he managed to evade harm by fleeing the area.
Some vandals then proceeded to smash the windshields and windows of the car belonging to the officer.
The incident was reported by Channel 2. Shortly afterward, the officer filed a complaint with police.
The officer’s mother, a woman identified as “Yael,” told Channel 2 that her son “was hit a few times.”
“He told me that it’s not his body that hurts, but his heart,” she said. “He came away traumatized a bit. He said they tried to lynch him. They threw stones, eggs, used diapers. Some of them even tried to overturn his car. Nobody intervened to try and stop it.”
“He paid a visit to two soldiers who live in Mea Shearim,” she said. “These soldiers are of limited financial means. He went there to see how he could help them with more benefits.”
“At the entrance to the apartment building where they live, two women stood there,” she said. “They were unhappy that he was entering the building while wearing a uniform and the purple beret of Givati.”
“When he came out of the building, he was met by a raging mob,” she said. “He stepped toward his car, closed the door, and locked it. They tried to get at him and pull him outside. They had the look of terrorists in their eyes. They wanted to lynch him.”‎
Israel’s political and military establishment expressed shock and dismay on Friday hours after the incident.
“In recent years, the IDF has enlisted into its ranks thousands of ultra-Orthodox, assigning them significant tasks and roles throughout the army and its various units,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.
“The IDF views this incident with gravity,” the statement read. “The army denounces and condemns any attempt to harm its officers and soldiers who work day and night to protect the country and its citizens.”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Friday with Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich about the incident. The premier released a statement to the press saying that he was closely monitoring the police efforts to locate the assailants.
“This is an outrageous incident,” Netanyahu said. “These lawbreakers who raised a hand against an IDF officer must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”
“IDF service is a source of pride,” the prime minister said. The IDF is a people’s army that protects us all. The soldiers serving in it represent a number of communities that make up Israeli society. That is how it has always been, and that is how it will be.”
“A line has been crossed,” tweeted Aryeh Deri, the chairman of the Sephardic ultra-Orthodox Shas movement. “The assault of an IDF officer at the hands of Jewish extremists is an act of terrorism.”
“A grave act was committed, and I demand that the police do all in its power to bring those criminals to trial as soon as possible,” Deri tweeted.


Anonymous said...

Cut it out already dragging Brisk / yeshivish / whoever else who has nothing to do with this.

And you are wrong that gedolim don't condemn it. All kinds of gedolim have condemned earlier misbehavior along these lines including Rebbes from the moderate faction of the Edah like the Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok.

Anonymous said...

You don't know what you are saying. It was for much less than this that Rav Elyashev, in one of his last acts before his final illness, threatened Tuvya Weiss that if his followers don't stop making public chilul Hashem, he will order all the yeshivos to close their Gemaras to go make a mechoah in front of his house.

In what might be called poetic justice some of these violent savages have turned on Tuvya Weiss himself when they learned that he visited Kfar Chabad since Lubavitchers are "Zionist"

Anonymous said...

I think if you tone down your rhetoric and become more civilized you will have more influence. The way you write and curse makes you sound worse than the Zollies you constantly degrade. Just one Romanian's opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think you should reveal your identity. You come across like a coward otherwise. Harry Maryles doesn't hide his name. Nor should any upstanding critic of the community. I have a feeling you lead a double life and are a member of the Satmar community that you maniacally criticize.

Dusiznies said...

You are right!

Anonymous said...

First they let the cat out of the bag by vilifying and cursing the IDF, then you guys above name a few who now protest the hooliganism. Where are the rest?
Too many have spoken and written ( in some publications which I don't read anymore) about "shmad" "tumah", blah blah, shouting borderline violent rhetoric because of the new efforts to draft chareidim and urging them to learn a trade, for crying out loud. R' Lipman & others agree with this program but the paranoid leaders who're afraid to lose their customers curse and curse.... No wonder this happened...
My friend's son who learns in either Brisk or Mir, I forget which, tells me that the rosh yeshiva there curses and blasts the Zionist government at every shalosh seuda... So what do you expect?
When this rabbi of "HaPetzel" says the things he does and hundreds of shuckling young robots do what he says, what do you expect? Why should anybody else give their blood for these fanatical hordes??
Just because the government, INCLUDING FRUM , have spoken out against the current unsustainable system of unemployment, lack of education, and SOME KIND of military service, they're attacked...
These rabbis brought about this climate of vandalism and violence against even daati IDF... It's a disgrace...
This anti government feeling has spread to the USA, most notably in Chareidi neighborhoods....
The Sakmarians from Brooklyn in the 50s,60s, 70s, taught them how to burn, smash, assault anybody with whom they disagree..
The IDF defends the dupas, tuchesses and corny rear-ends of the frum every second.. If you can't at least show hakoras hatov, then get the heck out and move to Yemen and Saudi Arabia...


Anonymous said...

Hey 8:09...
I agree that DIN should reveal his ID... On condition that you do the same, including a recent photo... Some of us would like to see the fanatical defenders of violence who themselves don't learn Torah, but spend their time on blogs while their "kollel" wives are working & shopping..
Deal ??????????????????????

Heck, I'll even reveal my ID..