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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Famed Guitarist Yossi Piamenta In Critical Condition Updated!

Famed Jewish guitarist and singer Yossi Piamenta is in critical condition, and family members are asking all to please be Mispallel for him. Yossi was diagnosed a year ago with a dreaded illness, which has R”L taken a turn for the worse the past few days. 

Yossi has been Misameach thousands upon thousands of Chasanim and Kallah’s at weddings in the past 35 years. His music has touched many of us, and many of his songs are played at weddings every night.
Never the one to say no, Yossi would always drop all he was doing and run to hospital or private home to cheer up those suffering from illness and disease. May his amazing acts of chesed he did quietly for so many years serve as Zechus for his Refuah Shelaima.
Please be Mispallel for Yosef ben Genia.

Musician Yosi Piamenta, one of the most beloved and veteran voices in the Jewish music scene, woke from a medically induced coma this past Friday night.
Piamenta, who is battling cancer, underwent surgery at Tel HaShomer Hospital in Israel on Thursday from which he had not woken by Friday morning. Prayers were said for him around the world.
Over the course of Friday night - the exact time was not provided- Piamenta woke to the joy of his family.
Speaking on Sunday with the Israeli COL website, the musician credited the many prayers on his behalf.
“After I woke up from the surgery, I heard that so many people from so many places were saying Tehillim and praying for me,” he said in a phone conversation.
“I simply don’t know how to thank all the people, that without me knowing and without me being there to thank them, are praying for me,” he said. “There is no question that the prayers helped my recovery and helped my healing. It is clear to me that all the blessings and prayers help me directly.”
Piamenta added, “I am grateful to everyone and wish blessings to each one who prayed for me. May Hashem repay them with all they need and fulfill their heart’s wishes for good.”
Piamenta, a guitar virtuoso, is known for his duos with his violinist brother Avi Piamenta. Playing rock and roll tunes, often infused with heavy rock licks and extended guitar solos, all while keeping true to his faith, has inspired many over the years.
His brother, Avi Piamenta, told COLlive that Yosi awoke late Friday night, and continued to gain strength as the day continued. “He will be staying in the hospital next few days to recuperate, and the doctors will determine when he will be released based on his condition,” he said.
The public is asked to continue praying for Yosef ben Genia for a full recovery.

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