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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chareidie Savages In Beit Shemesh Scream "NAZI" At Charedi Soldier on Holocaust Day

Time to stop these animals!
This is the fruits of the anti-Jewish Satmar/Brisk SHIT'ah!

Read some of the comments posted YWN:
First read "Geula's" crazy sick perverted comment!
geula says:
This chayal (although I completely disagree with protesting and insulting one) was very well aware what neighborhood he was in… He knew when he walked in there that he is going to get that. Big chances are that he walked in their to spite them… if thats the case then you get what you pay for.

Now read from "LBJ" the Chuchem from the Ma Nishtana
lbj says:
Tzioni Haganah Leyisrael represents kefirah.

Read an answer to LBJ from "Chardalnik"
Chardalnik says:
LBJ – please read Sefer Devarim, Sefer Shmuel, Sefer Yehoshua again and also Rambams laws of Melachim. You might find that you are the one who is Cofer!!! Also read again books by Rabbi Avigdor Miller about how we need the army and how in Sefer Shmuel certain tribes are admonished for not training and arming themselves
The reason Hashem had to use the Secular Zionists to bring us back to Eretz Yisral is because we didnt heed the signs. The Vilna Gaon and the Chasam Sofer (amongst others) tried to get us back but again we didnt listen. Where is Vilna, Voloshin and Brisk today? Zionism is changing within itself and secular zionism is dying. Religious Zionism is thriving Baruch Hashem

From Dotty:
dotty says:
I am a jewish charedi yeshivish woman and all I can say is that I’m absolutely disgusted. If you don’t want to join the army then get a petur and don’t join how dare you call someone a nazi for being in the army. Where are these chuldrens mothers and fathers. I hope they are very ashamed of the chilul Hashem they made. There children have no middos at all. Have you ever taught your children who nazis are???? If you wanna call an boy in the idf and nazi then you should not live in Israel and be protected by them day and night. In fact they should be receiving so much respect from all of yisroel

Read from "aArmedJew"
ArmedJew says:
Our zaidi Avraham, Rebbe Akiva and his tens of thousands of talmidim, and the Chofetz Chaim all just tore kriyah at this bizayon. Those weren’t yidden yelling. Those weren’t the sounds of baalei bayshanus, rachmanus and chasadus…. those beings were klippos mamesh.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the most disgusting vile comment...toras moshe.

Anonymous said...

They also get this hatred from that rag "HaPetzel", run by you know who, whose goons were recently arrested for extortion from businesses..

Hey, geulah baby......
Take your own advice, and next time don't walk in dangerous neighborhoods so you won't be gang raped again... As you write,
" get what you pay for...."

Yancy Paprikas, for Derby.... Unbelievable...!!!

Anonymous said...

Stop dragging Brisk into everthing. No comparison of their behavior to Satmar's just because they both don't recognize a secular state.

Hey, you are from Forshay so because Chaim Rottenberg is involved with Moses Stern then you must be too.

Similar logic

Didier S said...

Didier S said...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 1:49. Stop bringing Brisk into everything.