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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bears take over Monsey!

Families who took to Viola Park in Monsey to enjoy a spring afternoon were greeted by a stunning site in the tall trees in the area:  four black bears.
As news of the bears spread on social media, crowds gathered at the park with well over one hundred men, women and children walking all the way up to the tree, taking pictures of the bears until Ramapo police arrived on scene to tape off the area with the help of volunteers from Chaveirim.
“The park is being closed ,” Dispatcher Cahill of the Ramapo told VIN News.  “Hopefully once the people leave the bears will be comfortable enough to come down and disperse.”
Ramapo Police have already contacted the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and will seek further guidance if the bears refuse to come down from the trees.


Goldilocks said...

All these chassidishe are on "social media"?

It was also incredibly stupid & dangerous of the original group of kids who chased the bears. Mama bears are notorious for making mince meat of anyone who appears threatening to the cubs.

Anonymous said...

the bear in front of the police car looks really scary :) (Hi Mendy)