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Friday, July 25, 2014


Terrorists planned a major slaughter of Jews on Rosh Hashanah R”L. Siyata Dishmaya choreographing the chain of events has prevented this from occurring.

NRG correspondent Ariel Kahane, quoting senior security sources reports that 200 terrorists planned to make their way via tens of tunnels to six Western Negev communities and slaughter and kidnap the populations of those communities.

The tunnels that were built by Hamas in Gaza were not random, but they were set up for a multi-pronged terrorist attack in which they planned to slaughter and abduct entire communities. This was to take place on Rosh Hashanah 5775 R”L.

The attack was prevented as a result of Hamas’ continued rocket fire, followed by the terrorist leaders refusing to accept a ceasefire, thereby compelling the ground forces operation in Gaza.

The terrorists planned to bring dozens of hostages to Gaza via the vast tunnel network. Had the attack taken place, hundreds of people would likely have been killed R”L and many more injured.

It should be pointed out that while many are told the IDF was blind to the tunnels, this is not so and tunnels were destroyed from 2005-2008, after the Disengagement until Operation Cast Lead. Then Southern District Commander Major-General Yoav Gallant wanted to enter Gaza to address the tunnel situation but he was prevented from doing so by then Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Former IDF Major-General Yitzchak Yisrael, a noted expert on the matter told Channel 10 News on erev Shabbos that the IDF has been working for years on addressing the tunnel issue and he is optimistic that in a year to two the development of the solution will be complete. He adds the low tech matter of tunnels poses a problem to countries around the world and they date back to Vietnam and the Korean War, and the US like Israel does not have a definitive solution to this day.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


The Los Angeles Times leads Thursday with a story entitled: "Gaza's dilemma: Deadly war or suffocating Israeli embargo." 

According to the story, Palestinians in Gaza are left with no choice but to wage war, because if they do not fire rockets at Israeli civilians, they must accept an Israeli [sic] "embargo." The article omits the obvious point that if Hamas would stop trying to kill Israelis, neither the embargo nor the war itself would be necessary.

The authors, Alexandra Zavis and Batsheva Sobelman, both Jews, accept that Hamas started the war--and even suggest that most Palestinians in Gaza support it, though there is nothing beyond anecdotal evidence to prove that claim. They also describe Hamas's smuggling tunnels to Egypt--which have been used to import deadly weapons--in positive terms, lamenting their supposed closure: "Residents are left to struggle just to get by."
Nowhere--not once--in the entire article do Zavis or Sobelman note the terror tunnels that Hamas has spent the past several years building to attack Israel, diverting humanitarian aid and building materials for that purpose. Nowhere do they mention the fact that Hamas is using Palestinians as human shields, or that Israel has offered many ceasefires, or that the rockets fired from Gaza are intended to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible.
The article presents "war" or "embargo" as a false choice for Palestinians, utterly ignoring the fact that Gazans could choose peace instead of either of those options. The Jewish authors faithfully report the skepticism of Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal towards a ceasefire, as if he is a reliable source and his reservations are justified. 
In sum, the article is nothing short of pro-terror propaganda, in other words, presented to readers as front-page news.
Image: Newseum

Letter to Ami Editor

I am printing this so that the typical Jew should know, that I am not making this up. Frum Jews are writing  hate and misinformation at this critical time, and these letters are being printed in English Magazines that the typical frum housewife buys....
This is the garbage that you have in your house.
This was printed in the Satmar Propaganda Magazine, Ami
My response below,  maybe "the derby" will also comment to answer this lying letter.
Double Click on Image to read
To M.E. London
Look around your city, is that what you want in Israel? You want Israel to be ruled by ISIS?
You write:
"Well, even avoiding the debate whether the actual idea of a state in Israel is in accordance with "religious Judaism" something that most gedolim and tzaddikim in the last generations(including the Chofetz Chaim, Rav Elchanan Wasserman, and more) believed it is not.'
Those Gedolim lived before the State was established. What are you talking about?
Rav Wasserman was murdered by the Nazis in 1941, and his son Rav Simcha actually established a Yeshiva in the Zionist State  Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon in Jerusalem
The Chofetz Chaim was niftar in 1933, 14 years before the State was established. The Chofetz Chaim actually wanted very much to make Aliyah to the then Palestine, he never spoke either for or against the State.
You write:
"the State of Israel has in no way any sort of link to religious Judaism"
This would be news to  Rav Shach who started his own party, Degel Hatorah, and news to Rav Ovadia Yosef who founded Shas, and the Aguda and Mizrachi who have seats in the Knesset.

How about all the Torah being learned presently in the State of Israel? Is that nothing? 
Its the Zionist government that are the largest supporters of Torah to this very day?
Ask the Roshei Yeshivas who received milllions and millions of shekels every single year....

You write:
" A huge percent of the millions of chilonim currently living in Israel, living a life without Torah and mitzvos, had grandparents or great-grandparents who were Yidden with mesiras nefesh on the tiniest halacha in shulchan Aruch.."

How about the millions of chilonim living in England and the USA, who had "had grandparents or great-grandparents who were Yidden with mesiras nefesh on the tiniest halacha in shulchan Aruch.."?

More coming soon, got to eat supper first!

Letter to the Editor of Satmar Newspaper, Der Blatt

This week's Letters to the editor of the Satmar Yiddish Newspaper, Der Blatt, features the following letter. 

Keep in mind that this letter was written, while Jewish boys are fighting the enemies of the Jewish people in Gaza!

I will translate the letter loosely :

What to ask (from G-d, I guess) in these days

In Honor of "Der Blatt"
Of course it goes without saying that we should all share in the pain of our Jewish brothers, who reside in the Holy Land, and to pray to G-D that no Jew should, G-D forbid, be harmed either with their soul, body or property.
But we should also remember to pray to G-D that the Zionist state should be destroyed.
To prove my point, The Mishkolzer Rav, the author of the sefer Yageil Yaakov, Z"L, said that the acronym of Tammuz is
Umalchus Zadon Mehirah Taeiker (the evil government should be eradicated soon)
A worthwhile prayer during these days and in this month.

Israel doesn't need the IDF because the Frum are praying to protect it, says Shas Rabbi

How come Moshe Rabeinu, Yehoshua, Shaul Hamelech, Dovid Hamelech, Shlomo Hamelech, the Chashmonim  and even Rebbe Akiva all required armies?
But this old man says, we don't need the IDF!
Why are people following this fanatic? Why don't they drive him to an old age home and serve him some herbal tea?

The foremost religious arbiter in the ultra-Orthodox Sephardic Shas movement raised eyebrows on Wednesday when during a special prayer held at Jerusalem’s Western Wall for IDF soldiers, he remarked that “Israel doesn’t need an army.”

The comments by Rabbi Shalom Cohen, the man who succeeded the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef as spiritual leader of Shas, drew rebukes from secular Israelis as IDF soldiers continue to operate in the Gaza Strip on the 17th day of Operation Protective Edge.

“Do you think that the people of Israel need an army?” Cohen asked during his sermon. “It is God almighty who fights for Israel.”

When stunned worshipers asked the rabbi to offer a blessing for IDF troops, he replied, “Do you think you are fighting? I am fighting for you. We screamed out to God: ‘Save us without inflicting anymore sorrow on the people of Israel’.”

The head of Hiddush, an organization that champions religious freedom and equality, lambasted the rabbi for the comments.

“If the country doesn’t need an army, then there’s no doubt that the yeshivas and Torah students don’t need budgets from the treasury,” Uri Regev, the director-general of Hiddush, said. “From now on, they can put their faith in the Lord when it comes to asking for money to fund their education systems. We will help the ultra-Orthodox in saying earnest prayers for money to start growing on trees.”

“At the end of the day, most of us believe that we do need an army, but we are quite uncertain as to whether we need Shas,” Regev said

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

R' Kahane's letter to Chedvas Seminary telling them to "Shut Up" about Meisels

Loshon Hara Rabbi Kahane

This letter is so wrong on many levels:
1) He tells his naive students  that "loshon hara without toeles is assur."
No "toeles?" Why don't you send your daughter to have coffee with him at 4:00AM?
2) "assur?" How about "mitzva l'farseim?"
3) "assur?" Is feeling up your students muttar? 

He further writes " even l'toeles the halacha is that it’s asur to believe it."
Excuse meeeeeeeeeee! "asur to believe it" ? 
So if you are prohibited from believing the students, then those students are a bunch of liars?
How come students from 3 different Seminaries  are telling similar stories, and some of them don't know each other?
This Kahane guy must resign, no other way!

Parents, have pity on your children, they will be tainted forever going to this seminary with Kahane over there!
From: Meir Kahane <>
Date: July 17, 2014 at 7:03:09 PM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
From: Meir Kahane <>
Date: July 17, 2014 at 7:03:09 PM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Dear Chedvas Graduates amus'h,
I am inspired to write you a letter. It was just recently that I was reminiscing about your year. When the three kdoshim were missing, I recalled our mission a few years ago to save Gilad Shalit. I recalled the the dedication with which you worked and the determination. I recalled that you were brave enough to fight a yetzer hara that so many fell prey to. When most girls were wearing skirts above their knees you made a kinnus to teach the world that it’s assur. While the kdoshim were missing, I kept asking myself, where is my army? We saved Gilad, we can save them as well. I have no doubt my army was doing their part. This time, Hashem said no.
But the death of three kdoshim led to war. When things started getting worse the nagging thought kept coming back. Is my army doing its job? While the rest of the world is relying on the IDF, I personally was relying on a different army- you, my Chedvas graduates.
The thought crossed my mind more than once over the past couple of weeks "can we do another kinnus?" Can we do one now to save us from the war? But scattered all over the world, it seemed quite impractical.
Hakadosh Baruch Hu has his ways. And he sent us a nisayon of colossal proportions. It’s as if Hakadosh Baruch is telling us that Klal Yisroel needs major zchuyos, gigantic zchuyos. You be the ones to do it.
All of us know that loshon hara without toeles is assur. At this stage of the very unfortunate situation our school finds itself in, there is no toeles in discussing the situation and its details. And even l'toeles the halacha is that it’s asur to believe it. My Chedvas students. Much of the world is talking about it and much of the world believes it. Do you hear Hashem speaking to us? Hashem is saying Chedvas you be the ones to stay quiet. Hashem is giving us another chance for a kinnus. He’s telling us that he listened to us last time, and wants to listen again. But this time the kinnus will not be on a stage, with signs all over Yerushalayim and a video. It will personal, and quiet, and extremely hard. My students, if we stay strong we can and will change the world.
I never thought we'd have a chance to do this again. Hashem believes in us, so let’s believe in ourselves. Let’s make chizuk projects to be michazek each other, let’s make buddy systems to see if we're staying in check. I'm ready for volunteers to come up with a mehalach. I have a sinking feeling we’re going to bring Mashiach.
Sources tell us that before Mashiach there will be a big nisayon that will be very hard to pass. Those who do will merit Mashiach. Those who don't...
I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas on how to initiate this program. I'm happy to make it worldwide.
With tefilos that Hashem should bring everyone back to His Torah, I remain,
Rabbi Kahane

Meisels defenders now claiming "Loshon Harah" to talk against the pervert

DIN met with the parents of  3 girls that attended the seminaries, this week, and all said  that Meisels was inappropriate. They are very upset about the letter that Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote to parents, and the separate letter he sent to students saying in effect that it is "Loshon Harah" to talk about this menuval! 
R' Meir Kahane defender of the pervert!

Here is a letter from Rabbi Yair Hoffman:

The Seminary Scandal and Halacha

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman
By now, many people are aware of the very unfortunate scandal in some of the religious seminaries for women in Israel.
The seminaries involved included Pninim, Binas Bais Yaakov, Chedvas Bais Yaakov and Kesser Chaya. There seems to be e-mail evidence, phone text evidence, and testimony from young ladies that gravely inappropriate things have been happening over several years by Rabbi M., who has run these four seminaries. It also seems that when victims did come forward to staff members within the seminaries, no steps were taken to rectify the situation. An independent investigation conducted by this author with multiple sources has shown that there is serious substance to what has been alleged.

Some of the students did consult with their Rabbis at home as to what had transpired. One such Rabbi stated that the threshold of “Raglayim l’Davar” delineated by Rav Elyashiv zatzal in his January, 2004 ruling to Rav Feivel Cohen, has certainly been passed in this case. Ultimately, the issue was investigated by the Chicago Beis Din.

After its interviews and investigations, the Chicago Beis Din made up of Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst, Rabbi Zev Cohen and Rabbi Gedalya Schwartz, issued its ruling on July 10th. On July 12th , they sent a letter to the various high schools that send their students to seminaries in Israel and recommended that the students not attend those seminaries. This was in light of the fact that the Beis Din deemed that the environment posed risk.

The matter, however, did not end there.

The case was then taken up with Rav Mendel Shafran’s Beis Din in Bnei Brak, Israel. Initially, the Beis Din was misidentified as an official Torah UMesorah Beis Din. This is not accurate, however, as Torah uMesorah has no jurisdiction or affiliation with post high school seminaries in Israel. Regardless, this distinguished Beis Din did ensure that the offending party was no longer involved in the education of the seminaries, and declared that the seminary environments were now safe.

The Chicago Beis Din still had some serious reservations about how the matter was being handled.
Generally speaking, when an untoward situation exists, it is necessary to completely “clean house” and ensure that there is absolutely no control or influence of an offending party over students or staff. This would include even being in charge of the building facilities, educational programming, and financial responsibility. It is also necessary to make sure that any new owner not be tied to the offending party in any manner or form. These criterion were not met to the degree that the Chicago Beis felt necessary.

Regardless, a call placed by this author to Rabbi Fuerst in Chicago revealed that as of Thursday, July 17th ,the Chicago Beis-Din stands fully by its statement of July,12, 2014.

The Rabbonim of the Beis Din have spent more than three months conducting intensive investigations both here in the United States as well as in Eretz Yisroel. In fact, it held multiple hearings in four different locations. The Rabbonim also interviewed multiple complainants, and numerous other witnesses. They both consulted with mental health professionals and reviewed many documents. These documents included e-mails and text messages. They also heard testimony, including admissions of critical facts, by the defendant.

The Chicago Beis Din is certainly aware of the letters written by the Beis Din in Eretz Yisroel, stating that these schools are currently safe environments for our children. They believe, however, that under the current conditions, the environment is not yet fully safe.

I have further been assured that if and when the conditions do change, the Chicago Beis Din will inform the public.

The initial letter of the Special Chicago Beis Din has prompted the Hebrew Theological College to suspend its affiliation with these seminaries. This is crucial because FAFSA funding is dependent upon recognition by an American institution that is accredited by an agency affiliated with the Department of Education. Other institutions may soon follow suit.

A guidance counselor associated with a New York based Bais Yaakov estimated that these seminaries can stand to lose up to 40% of their funding if the Chicago Beis Din’s requirements are not met, and can possibly even close. “Many of the other girls who have attended these seminaries have grown remarkably there because of the wonderful staff, and it would be a shame if they lost any girls, or if they were to close on account of this terrible development,” remarked the guidance counselor

In the past, we as a Torah community have not been very good at effectively preventing such abuse within our ranks.
There is no question that there are halachic authorities that sanction the past methods of minimal and quiet intervention where we handle all such matters internally. However, experience has shown that this either doesn’t work anymore, or never even worked in the first place.

There are numerous Mitzvos involved in taking decisive action to ensure that future victims are protected. The verse in Parshas Ki Taytzai (Dvarim 22:2) discusses the Mitzvah of Hashavas Aveida – returning an object with the words, “Vahashaivoso lo – and you shall return it to him.” The Gemorah in Sanhedrin (73a) includes within its understanding of these words the obligation of returning “his own life to him as well.” For example, if thieves are threatening to pounce upon him, there is an obligation of “Vahashaivoso lo.” The psychological repercussions that victims develop often causes them to, r”l, ideate suicide and also to abandon Judaism. This can be confirmed with experts in the field.

Lo Saamod Al Dam Rayacha
There is a negative Mitzvah of not standing idly by your brother’s blood as well. This is mentioned both in Shulchan Aruch (CM 426:1) and in the Rambam.

Lo Suchal l’hisalaym
There is yet another negative commandment associated with the positive commandment of Hashavas Aveida, and that is the verse in Dvarim (22:3), “You cannot shut your eyes to it.” This verse comes directly after the Mitzvah of Hashavas Aveidah. The Netziv (HeEmek Sheailah) refers to this Mitzvah as well. We as a community cannot shut our eyes to this type of activity anymore.

V’Chai Achicha Imach
The Sheiltos (Sheilta #37), based upon the Gemorah in Bava Metziah 62a, understands these words to indicate an obligation to save others with you. The Netziv in his He’Emek She’ailah understands it as a full-fledged obligation according to all opinions. He writes that he must exert every effort to save his friend’s life – until it becomes Pikuach Nefesh for himself. Thus, even when faced with intense pressure, it is our communal obligation to stop this type of activity within our midst.

V’Ahavta l’Rayacha Kamocha
The Ramban, Toras haAdam Shaar HaSakana (p42-43) understands the verse of “And love thy neighbor as yourself” as a directive to save him from danger as well. Although he discusses the issue of medical danger, it is clear that this is an example, and it would apply to danger from activities of molestation as well. Even without the Ramban, however, it is clear that defending and protecting someone from danger is a fulfillment of this Mitzvah.
Our Ineffectiveness
The repercussions of our ineffectiveness have led to four very unfortunate situations. It has led to untold suffering on the part of the victims themselves and on the part of other students who have attended these seminaries and now are at a loss because their spiritual guide has fallen. It has also led to a situation where the public has lost much of their trust in their teachers and Rabbis. And finally, it has led to untold suffering and embarrassment for the families of the perpetrators themselves.

The efforts of the Chicago Beis Din, however, with the haskama of leading Gedolim, represent a sea-change in how we are dealing with these types of scandals internally. The Beis Din has handled the situation with a strength and sensitivity that, unfortunately, in the past has been rarely seen.
The growth we have witnessed in how these matters are handled involves a greater sensitivity to the needs of the victims in terms of both closure as well as counseling and a firm commitment to ensure that the situation not repeat itself again. This can only happen if we adopt the idea that “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.”
Which approach is most ideal when dealing with such a horrific topic? Do we follow the lead of the Chicago Beis Din where we need to completely “clean house?” Perhaps the field of Kashrus may be instructive here. In kashrus, when an owner is caught selling tarfus, changing the management is not adequate. Recent events have born that out. Shouldn’t our children be treated with at least as much dignity as our meat?

The author can be reached at

Bloomberg defies Obama's crippling sanctions on Israel and flies to Israel!

Majority of Americans Back Israel in Gaza War

57% of Americans Back Israel in Gaza War

Similar Figure Supported Jewish State in Previous Conflict

A majority of Americans back Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip, according to a poll.

The CNN poll conducted from Friday to Sunday – just as Israel was launching its ground operation in the conflict, which started July 8 – found that 57 percent of Americans see Israel’s actions as justified, with 12 percent among those respondents saying Israel is not using enough force.

CNN noted that the same percentage, 57 percent, believed Israel was justified in its use of force during the previous conflict with Hamas in Gaza in 2012, and 63 percent thought it was justified during the 2008-2009 Cast Lead conflict.

 Democrats and people under 35 were split down the middle on Israel’s actions, divisions that were apparently made up for by stronger support among Republicans and older people as compared to previous polls.
The telephone poll of 1,012 Americans had a margin of error of three percentage points.

Tens of thousands attend funeral of Los Angeles Lone Soldier Max Steinberg, who was killed in Gaza

'Tell my mom I love her': Heartbreaking last words of American 'lone soldier' killed fighting in the Gaza Strip as 30,000 mourners attend his funeral in Jerusalem

Tens of thousands of mourners paid their final respects to Sgt. Max Steinberg, the slain IDF soldier who was laid to rest on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Steinberg, the Los Angeles native who immigrated to Israel and enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces as a lone soldier, was among the 13 soldiers killed in the Gaza Strip on Sunday. Twenty-nine Israeli troops have been killed since the army launched its ground incursion into Gaza last week.

IDF employs the anti-tank rocket, defense system

The commander of the 401st Armored Corps Brigade Colonel Saar Tzur reports the Windbreaker anti-tank rocket defense system permits his tanks to advance in Gaza without fear of rocket attacks....

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

IDF Funerals in Photo Part 2

The flag covered coffin of Israeli soldier Bayhesain Kshaun, 39, who was killed on July 21, is carried during his funeral in the southern town of Netivot July 22, 2014. Israel pounded targets across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, saying no ceasefire was near as top U.S. and U.N. diplomats pursued talks on halting fighting that has claimed more than 600 lives. With the conflict entering its third week, the Palestinian death toll rose to 603, including nearly 100 children and many other civilians, Gaza health officials said. Israel's casualties also mounted, with the military announcing the deaths of two more soldiers, bringing the number of army fatalities to 27 - almost three times as many as were killed in the last ground invasion of Gaza, in a 2008-2009 war. (Credit: REUTERS|)

Elyaniv and Elipaz Kasahun, children of killed Israeli soldier Sergeant Major Baynesain Kasahun, weeping during the military funeral ceremony in the cemetery at the southern city of Netivot in Israel , 22 July 2014. According to the Israel Defense Forces 27 Israeli soldiers have been killed and hundreds wounded since the ground invasion into Gaza (Credit: EPA)

Israeli Soldier carries the daughter of Israeli soldier Baynesain Kasahun during the military funeral ceremony in the cemetery at the southern city of Netivot, Israe 22 July 2014. According to the Israel Defense Forces 27 Israeli soldiers dead and hundreds wounded since the ground invasion into Gaza (Credit: EPA)

Israeli soldiers embrace and comfort Galit Kasahun, (white tee shirt) the wife of Israeli soldier Baynesain Kasahun during the military funeral ceremony in the cemetery at the southern city of Netivot , Israe 22 July 2014. According to the Israel Defense Forces 27 Israeli soldiers have been killed and hundreds wounded since the ground invasion into Gaza (Credit: EPA)

The flag covered coffin of Israeli soldier Bayhesain Kshaun, 39, who was killed on July 21, is carried during his funeral in the southern town of Netivot July 22, 2014. Israel pounded targets across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, saying no ceasefire was near as top U.S. and U.N. diplomats pursued talks on halting fighting that has claimed more than 600 lives. With the conflict entering its third week, the Palestinian death toll rose to 603, including nearly 100 children and many other civilians, Gaza health officials said. Israel's casualties also mounted, with the military announcing the deaths of two more soldiers, bringing the number of army fatalities to 27 - almost three times as many as were killed in the last ground invasion of Gaza, in a 2008-2009 war. (Credit: REUTERS|)

Israeli soldiers embrace and comfort Galit Kasahun, the wife of Israeli soldier Baynesain Kasahun during the military funeral ceremony in the cemetery at the southern city of Netivot , Israe 22 July 2014. According to the Israel Defense Forces 27 Israeli soldiers have been killed and hundreds wounded since the ground invasion into Gaza (Credit: EPA)

A Time for National Soul-Searchng

by Rabbi Eliezer Melamid

The days during the three weeks between the 17th of Tammuz and Tisha B’Av are days of soul-searching, in which the Jewish nation is required to correct the sins that led to the churban (destruction). This is especially true in light of the government’s weakness in dealing with Hamas.
In truth, the two fundamental sins that occurred on the 17th of Tammuz still require correction. Today, the continuation of the Sin of the Golden Calf which led to the breaking of the Tablets of the Law is the delusional vision of “peace”. And the continuation of the placing of an idol in the Holy Temple which led to its destruction is currently the religion of democracy, which holds that granting equal rights to all is the supreme value, upon whose altar the lives of people and nations should be sacrificed.
The coupling of these two mistaken beliefs is what leads the Israeli left to support the establishment of a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister is also corrupted by this concept, and as long as he does not renounce it, he will not be able to achieve victory over Hamas.
Who is being Logical?
There are leftists who arrogantly claim that their position is the rational one, whereas the right-wing position is based on religion and faith, and thus, irrational and impractical.
However, thus far Jewish history has proved that the Torah’s position was the most logical, but alas, due to our sins we did not act according to the Torah’s instructions, and were exiled from our Land.
In modern times as well, we did not act according to the Torah. When the gates of the Land of Israel were opened, many Jews failed to fulfill the Torah mitzvah of immigrating to Israel and remained in exile; their fate was the Holocaust, Communist decrees, and assimilation. On the other hand, the majority of the secular Zionist leadership did not follow the Torah, and relinquished Transjordan and Judea and Samaria. And with regard to the Arab citizens of the country, they did not attempt to deal with them in line with the principles of the laws of ger toshav (resident alien).
According to these principles, non-Jews who fulfill the Seven Noahide laws and recognize Israel’s sovereignty over its land can live together with us in dignity. And as for those who do not, we must try to remove from the country in internationally accepted ways, as could have been done immediately after the Six Day War. Today as well, we can moderately encourage migration to other countries.

Questions for a Rational Leftist (with the hope there is such a thing)

If there are leftists who are willing to contemplate the future rationally, they are invited to address a few questions I will present in a number of areas:

Morality or Rights

Do you support the establishment of a Palestinian state because, in your opinion, you believe that all Arabs should be given equal, democratic rights,and because you want their lives to be as good as possible (employment, individual freedom, religious and national expression)?
In other words, if you knew that in a Palestinian state within a few years a secular dictator the likes of Saddam Hussein would arise, or a religious ruler like Khomeini or an oganization like Hamas - who would suppress the people and violate their individual rights, would you still support the establishment of a Palestinian state?
If in such a situation you would not support the establishment of a Palestinian state, what would be your position if you knew that the chances of dictatorial regime taking power in such a state were fifty percent?
To illustrate this point, a similar question can be asked: 
Western countries imposed various types of boycotts on South Africa to force her to grant equal rights to the black population. 
Twenty years ago, the white regime in South Africa succumbed and gave the blacks equal rights; consequently, they came to power and overturned the previous administration. 
During those twenty years, the average life expectancy in South Africa fell approximately fifteen years, from 64.5 years, to 49.5 (with the decrease among the blacks even greater).
If the Western countries knew in advance about the expected heavy price in human life and their well-being, would they have pressured South Africa to immediately grant equal rights to the blacks even then? Perhaps they might have sought to implement an extended, gradual process leading to the granting of equal rights, even though doing so temporarily violates the sanctity of the principle of equality?

National Rights

You claim that all people have the right to self-determination, including the right to national sovereignty, and for that reason, the establishment of a Palestinian state is just and moral.
Apart from the basic question of how a nation is defined – for, by any objective criterion, Israeli Arabs do not deserve to be considered a nation – it is necessary to clarify: Who has the right to self-determination – all Arabs in the Middle East, or all Arabs residing between the Jordan and Mediterranean Sea? Or perhaps a distinction should be made between the Arabs of ’48, and the Arabs of ’67?
If you support the establishment of a Palestinian state for the ’67 Arabs (residents of Judea and Samaria), will they have the right to demand unification with the Arabs of the Middle East on the basis of their national rights? And will the Arabs of the Middle East have the moral right to gain control over the Palestinian state, as part of an Islamic or Arabic caliphate?
Also, does empowerment give the Arabs of the Galilee the privilege to demand national rights, or to merge with the Palestinian state? If not – what is the moral justification for preventing them?
Surely, a leftist would answer that Arab residents have the prerogative to decide what their national rights will be, and since they are presently demanding a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, this is what the State of Israel is obligated to grant them. However, the fundamental question is crucial, because chances are if given a state in Judea and Samaria, after a year or two they will claim their national rights also apply to Arabs in the Galilee and the Triangle, and some Arabs will argue that national rights includes all Middle East Arabs.

Rights in Terms of Demography

As a leftist, you most certainly assume and believe that there are two and a half million Arabs living in Judea and Samaria. What would be your position if you discovered there are only a million and a half, as various distinguished researchers from the right claim? Would you still believe they are entitled to a state? And what would you say if they number only a million (and perhaps we can achieve this by encouraging voluntary migration)?
To put it differently: How many Arabs must there be to entitle them to demand a state? And another important question: In your opinion, how many people (settlers) can be expelled justifiably in order to grant a state to a million and a quarter Arabs?
Another question: If it turns out that the demographic process is not as the left customarily believes it to be, but rather, the number of Arabs in Israel will not grow significantly in the future, while the Jewish population does grow quite rapidly (thanks to a high birthrate and and aliyah), so that within a generation the Jewish population, including those who identify with us, will number over 75% between the Mediterranean and the Jordan (including the Gaza Strip) – would you change your mind?
If you are a rational person, would you not agree that there is a further need to check the numerical data and the demographic process more thoroughly and accurately, and not to rely on conventional demographic beliefs which over the years were repeatedly discovered to mistaken?


As a rational leftist, what do you think is the danger that if a Palestinian state is established, it will merge with other enemy countries and initiate a war against Israel? If you knew that the prospect this will happen within twenty years is greater than fifty percent, would you still support the establishment of a Palestinian state?
What do you think the probability is that from within the area of a Palestinian state, rockets will be fired on all Israeli cities, like what has happened in recent years in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip? If the danger is greater than fifty percent, would you still support the establishment of a Palestinian state? If so, at what level of risk would you oppose its establishment?

The Security and Demographic Aspect

As a rational leftist, what do you think the chances are that a Palestinian state will absorb four to six million additional Arabs, funded by UNRWA and other Arab countries?
What do you think the chances are that a Palestinian state, with eight million citizens in Judea and Samaria, will continue to demand from the State of Israel compensation for its (third and fourth generation) "refugees", and the "right" of return? In your opinion, what are the chances that marches of tens of thousands of starving women and children will climb the fences of the State of Israel? Do you think there will be a way to stop them without committing mass murder?
What are the chances that this will lead to a cruel and prolonged war, at high and low degrees of intensity? Can the results of such a war be better than our present situation?

The Instruction of the Torah is the Logical Position

It seems that after outlining these questions, it is possible to see how the Torah’s position rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel, is moral and logical.
I will summarize:
Regarding the question of morality, since the overwhelming odds are that the individual rights and quality of life of the Arabs will be adversely affected, as happened in Gaza – there is no moral justification to demand the establishment of a Palestinian state for them.
With regard to the question of national rights, the reasonable difficulty of defining Israeli Arabs as a nation obligates a return to the basic position that there is no “Palestinian people”, but rather, the Arabs living in Israel are part of the Arab nation that resides in the Middle East, and thus, they have no right to demand a separate state for themselves in portions of the Land of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people.
Concerning the demographic aspect in point of fact, there is a positive growth trend of the Jewish nation in Israel – since the establishment of the State, for sixty-six years, we grew tenfold. The predictors of gloom about Arab population growth compared to that of the Jews, always proved wrong and misleading. The Arab birthrate is declining. It turns out that the demographic threat is not critical, and we should reduce it by adopting a policy that will enhance the growth of the Jewish people in Israel, prevent Arab immigration into the Land of Israel, and if possible, even encourage emigration of those who alienate themselves from the Jewish state.
From a security perspective, the establishment of a Palestinian state is liable to endanger the existence of the State of Israel, since the chances of each one of the risks mentioned is over fifty percent. And no international guarantee will help prevent this risk, just as the U.S. and European countries failed to stabilize the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and the rest of the Arab countries.

The Challenge before Us

In light of all this, we are charged with a twofold challenge:
1) to strengthen the consciousness of Torat Eretz Yisrael, from which comes the instruction of coping realistically with the difficult complications facing us. 2) In practical terms, to join the settlements in Judea and Samaria; this is the most effective way of fortifying the State of Israel, both spiritually and physically.
This article appears in the ‘Besheva’ newspaper, and was translated from Hebrew.

Obama "sanctions" Israel! Refusing to allow flights to Tel Aviv! El Al Will Fly!

Flights in and out of Ukraine, Russia and Kuala Lumpur, no problem!
USA helping Hamas by these "Sanctions"!
Israel, now all alone!

Question: How is Kerry going to fly to the Middle East?

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz is quoted saying “There is no reason why the US should cancel flights, thereby handing a prize to terrorists”.

Israeli airline El Al said it would not cancel any flights as air travel to Israel from all American carriers and several European ones came to a halt on Tuesday after the Federal Aviation Authority banned US airlines from traveling to and from Ben Gurion Airport for 24 hours.
"There is no chance we will stop operations," an El Al spokesman told the Post.
n labor disputes with the government, El Al has argued that it is the only airline the country can rely on to continue flying during tough security times, and that Israel should foot more of the bill for its security needs. During the 1991 Gulf war, every airline but El Al suspended service to Israel.
The FAA's decision followed the successful firing of a Hamasrocket into a house in Yehud, near Ben Gurion Airport, earlier in the day.
"The FAA immediately notified US carriers when the agency learned of the rocket strike and informed them that the agency was finalizing a [Notice to Airmen]" prohibiting the flights, an FAA statement read.
American aviation companies Delta, United said they were suspending flights to Israel "indefinitely," US Airways reportedly only suspended flights for the night.
Soon after the FAA decision, Lufthansa announced a 36-hour suspension that included subsidiaries Germanwings, Austrian Airlines and Swiss, and Air France announced its own indefinite suspension.
"As soon as the FAA gives such an order to US carriers, in most cases it's a domino effect, and most European carriers will be forced to suspend their flights," said an industry source.
Delta diverted flight 468 from JFK, which was already en route to Tel Aviv with 273 passengers and 17 crew members, to Paris-Charles de Gaulle "after reports of a rocket or associated debris near the airport in Tel Aviv," and said that it was working to re-accommodate its customers.
The European Aviation Safety Agency issued a "strong recommendation" that airlines should avoid Tel Aviv, joining action by US authorities as conflict continued on the Gaza Strip.
Earlier in the conflict, Korean airlines suspended operations for a week.
Transportation Minister Israel Katz called on American aviation companies to return to normal functioning, stressing that Ben-Gurion airport was safe from for take-offs and landings, and that there was no security concern for passenger planes.
"There is no reason for the American companies to stop their flight and give a prize to terror," he said.
Hamas has explicitly targeted the airport in hopes of stopping or slowing air traffic. Earlier in the conflict, it lobbed a handful of rockets in the direction of the airport, suspending traffic there for nine minutes.
"The armed wing of the Hamas movement has decided to respond to the Israeli aggression, and we warn you against carrying out flights to Ben-Gurion airport, which will be one of our targets today because it also hosts a military air base," a statement by the group said at the time.
In an interview with Channel 2, Katz added that he believed the decision was an automatic reaction to the rocket landing, and hoped to convince them to reinstate flights on Wednesday.
In recent weeks, Ben Gurion Airport has rerouted flights landing and takeoff paths to the north in order to boost security in the face of rockets from the South.
Though the Iron Dome missile defense system has managed to shoot down about 90% of rockets headed toward populated or strategic areas, the FAA’s decision was likely fueled by the recent downing of a Malaysian plan in Ukraine, likely by pro-Russian rebels.
Should the suspension continue, it could have a significant impact on Israel’s economy.
Tourism accounts for about 5% of Israel's exports and about 1.5-2% of GDP. Incoming tourism has already declined as a result of the rocket fire from Gaza, with organized groups canceling at a rate of about 30% July and August.
Yet the cancellation of flights, should it continue for a significant period of time, could have a greater impact on the economy. A May report by the Bank of Israel found that business travel to Israel tends to be more resilient than leisure tourism in the face of security problems.
Without ways to get into the country, however, business travelers, who have historically accounted for 12-20% of travelers to Israel, will also be kept behind. Worse, the precedent of flights canceled due to security may deter them from future business dealings.
On the other hand, the economic effects of a one-day suspension would be negligible, according to Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce Uriel Lynn.
"Is it affecting Israel's business now? No. It's 24 hours. It's not a big deal. We have telecommunications infrastructure that helps us get business done," Lynn told the Post.
The chances of a longer suspension seemed unlikely, he added, given Hamas’s inability to strike at the airport up until now. America’s political stance on terrorism and alliance with Israel, Lynn offered, would likely affect the FAA’s decision.
"The moment they forbid flights to Israel, they strengthen Hamas, who say, ‘Great, we're succeeding in isolating Israel, we're fulfilling our goals.' I don't think the FAA want to do that," he said.
On Monday, the US State Department issued a travel warning recommending "that US citizens consider the deferral of non-essential travel to Israel and the West Bank," but noted that "Ben Gurion Airport is currently open and commercial flights are operating normally, although delays and cancellations can occur." MK Dov Lipman (Yesh Atid) said that US demands for a ceasefire contradict its canceling flights and issuing travel warnings.
"If we are being asked to hold our fire, we must have already succeeded in restoring peace and quiet. If it is unsafe for flights and US citizens to come to Israel, then we clearly have more fighting to do to protect ourselves from Hamas. Some clarifications and explaining is certainly in order," Lipman stated.
MK Danny Danon (Likud) pointed out that many airlines from countries that are less friendly to Israel than the US did not cancel flights.
"I hope this decision will be changed and will not help Hamas' psychological warfare," Danon said.

400 People Take Off From JFK To Immigrate To Israel

Despite an ongoing and bloody conflict, hundreds of families left the United States to immigrate to Israel on Monday afternoon.
Nearly 400 people from across the United States and Canada gathered Monday for a farewell ceremony at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Before boarding the charter flight Monday, the group was briefed on security measures and what steps to take when air raid sirens sound to warn of incoming rockets.
“This is a celebration — a celebration of our people’s resilience, perseverance and determination,” said Israeli Consul General Ido Aharoni.

It was difficult for some people to part with their loved ones.
“I’m nervous. I’m really excited for them, because I know it’s really where they belong, but it’s hard,” one woman said. “It’s hard to let them go.”

The group included 100 children who were immigrating with their parents.


Video of Hamas Cowards Escaping in Ambulance!

The IDF released video images on Tuesday of what the military said were Gaza terrorists leaving a home and boarding an ambulance.
The video, taken from an aerial surveillance platform, contains the recordings of Air Force officials monitoring the situation.
“Two are leaving the home and going into an alley, in the direction of where you carried it [unknown] out,” says one intelligence scout.
“And now they are boarding and ambulance,” he adds.”
“Another one just entered. And he’s even dressed in white,” a voice says over the communications network. “It’s the driver.”

Monday, July 21, 2014

Twisted Minds of Jews who write on Vosizneias!

Below is a comment from a frum Jew writing to Vosizneias
Unfortunately this is the way the Yeshivishi and the Satmar oilem actually think!
That Israel  puts "the entire global Jewish population in danger" with "this Gaza operation."

They totally ignore the fact that rockets have been raining down on Israel constantly for over 10 year.

He writes: "Jews who follow Toras Moshe MiSinai are against the state of Israel "
I got news for you: I follow "Toras Moshe MiSinai" and am 100% totally for the State of Israel, as every thinking frum Jew should be.

Then to make nice, he writes "Neturei Karta (that) do hugging and kissing with Arabs is disgusting and despicable "
Tell me Mr. Maven, what's the difference between you and Neturei Karta?
I guess nothing, except you won't kiss those who kill our babies in pizza shops"

Maven Says
Nebach nebach 25 young Jewish lives cut short.
Off course there is no victory when Jews die and there is no victory when so many young Arab children are being killed. Even if Hamas is using them as human shields still killing women and children fuels anti semitism as never before.

Israel,with this Gaza operation is putting the entire global Jewish population in danger. Arabs worldwide are furious, angry in a rage at Jews all over the world.
Observant Jews must find a way letting the world know what Israel does is not the view of worldwide Jewry.The state of Israel does not represent all Jews.Jews who follow Toras Moshe MiSinai are against the state of Israel because Jews are not allowed to have their own Medina before the coming of Moshiach .

At the same time it must be said that what a very tiny minority of Jews who call themselves Neturei Karta do hugging and kissing with Arabs is disgusting and despicable

IDF blow up Sudanese weapons arsenal headed for Hamas

Arsenal reportedly held long range missiles for Hamas; Sudanese officials deny Israeli strike weeks after Sudan's president met with Mashaal in Qatar.

An Israel Air Force jet

Sources in Khartoum claimed on Monday that Israeli forces struck a weapons arsenal which held long range missiles for Hamas.

The Arabic-language UK-based newspaper Al-Arab reported that the government in Sudan is not confirming the incident in order to cover up relations with the terrorist organization in Gaza. Such ties could entangle the country's president Omar al-Bashir with an accusation of supporting terrorism from the US and Western nations.

The attack came only hours after Israel accused the Sudanese government of storing long range missiles for Hamas.

Eye witnesses claimed to have seen a "huge explosion" and billows of smoke before ambulances and firefighters arrived at the scene. Six people were allegedly wounded in the attack.

Sudanese security forces stated that the huge explosion in a weapons arsenal was the result of a fire that broke out and took place on Friday morning in the al-Jili neighborhood of the capital.

The Sudanese Army Spokesman Khaled Sa'ad denied all connections in the incident to an attack by foreign forces.

Two weeks before the alleged Israeli strike, Sudan's President al-Bashir was seen meeting with Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal in Qatar. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

UN Chief discovers his mouth, calls IDF offense in Shejaiya "Atrocious Actions"

Kock' im' Moon, the UN Chief who recently gave back rockets to Hamas, that were found in the UN School in Gaza, has the Chutzpah to call the IDF operation in the murderous city of Shejaiya an "atrocious action"! 
This city is the hotbed of all Hamas activities against Israel, it's the city where most of the rockets hurled at Israel come from.
This guy doesn't say one word to ISIS that is presently threatening to annihilate  all Christians in Mosul Iraq!
UN General Kock im' UHN

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urges Israel to “exercise maximum restraint” and spare civilian lives in its campaign in Gaza, where the reported Palestinian death toll on Sunday alone passed 100.
He also condemns the “atrocious action” of Israel in Shejaiya, near Gaza City, where a blistering assault that started at dawn killed 62 people and wounded at least 250.
The United Nations chief makes his remarks in Doha, Qatar at the start of a regional trip aimed at pushing for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.
“While I was en route to Doha, dozens more civilians, including children had been killed in Israeli military strikes in Shejaiya. I condemn this atrocious action,” he tells a news conference.
“Israel must exercise maximum restraint and do far more to protect civilians,” he says, adding that it also “must respect the humanitarian law” as it presses ahead with a deadly offensive that began on July 8.
“Too many innocent people are dying…(and) living in constant fear” in the narrow coastal strip controlled by Hamas, he says.
“Gaza is an open wound. We must stop the bleeding now,” says Ban, adding that beyond a ceasefire the “root causes of the conflict” must be addressed.

Two IDF Soldiers from U.S. Among The 13 Israelis Who Fell In Gaza

(R-L) Max Steinberg and Sean Carmeli

Two U.S. citizens were among the 13 Israeli soldiers of the Golani brigade who were killed since Saturday night fighting in Gaza during heavy combat with Hamas terrorists in Gaza.
Sean Carmeli with dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship of South Padre Island, Texas and Max Steinberg of Los Angeles, California.
The two were part of a team of seven Israeli soldiers, who were all killed when an explosive device reportedly detonated on their armored vehicle according to the official IDF blog. In the second incident, terrorists opened fire at two IDF soldiers in the northern Gaza Strip, killing one soldier while the second returned fire. Later, two IDF soldiers were killed in an attack by a terrorist squad in northern Gaza and three IDF soldiers lost their lives trapped in a burning building.
More information about Sean Carmeli and Max Steinberg was given by The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center, an organization that assists lone soldiers throughout their IDF Service. Founded by a group of former lone soldiers who came to Israel on their own to serve in the IDF, the center is named after Michael Levin, an Israeli paratrooper originally from Pennsylvania who was killed in the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

According to the center’s post, Sean Carmeli was a returning citizen who came from a small town in Texas. “Everything may be bigger in Texas, but the beaches and parties could not distract a native-son from returning home to defend and protect his people…” the center posted on its Facebook page in honor of Carmeli’s memory.
Steinberg came “from a proud Zionist home” in LA and “did everything he could to stand up and fight for what was right,” the post continued.
“They made the ultimate sacrifice, in an attempt to rid the world of one of the most evil, unimaginable and horrible organizations to ever exist,” the post concluded.