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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Theory that "You are born gay" Debunked in Huge Study ...... No Gay Gene ! .... "Feigalach Turning Over"

The largest study to date on the genetic basis of sexuality has revealed  —that  DNA markers are not reliable enough to predict someone’s sexuality.
The findings, which are published on 29 August in Science and based on the genomes of nearly 500,000 people, shore up the results of earlier, smaller studies and confirm the suspicions of many scientists: while sexual preferences have a genetic component, no single gene has a large effect on sexual behaviours.
“There is no ‘gay gene’,” says lead study author Andrea Ganna, a geneticist at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Talented baker makes incredible cakes that look EXACTLY like different food and drink items

Day Yoimie Snippets .... Kerisos 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,

A great opportunity for the entire family, to share some thoughts on the daf ...  the  family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... 
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

See  previous Daf Yoimie Snippets 

This week's "Daf Yoimie Snippets Sponsored For the Refuah Shliemah of 
צארטל בת אסתר מלכה 

''דף ב' ''מסכת כרתות       
Page 2 Mesectas Kreesois
"Mesactas Kreesois" 

There are certain punishments the Torah did not place in the hands of the Beit Din to administer. 

Rather, the Torah determined certain cases were punishable by karet (a penalty of Divine punishment, cutting off of the soul). 

Masechet Keritot opens with a listing of the offenses for which the penalty is karet, as well as the halachot related to the implementation of the karet punishment — (from the word keritah, “cutting off”).

Rambam posits that there are three types of karet:
“Karet Kal” (mild ‘cutting off’): 
where the offender dies before their time, but retains their place in Olam Haba (World to Come) and still merits techiyat ha’meitim (resurrection of the dead).

“Karet Chamur” (more serious ‘cutting off’): 
where the offender lives a full life, but does not merit Olam Haba.

“Karet HaChamur Be’Yoter” (the most severe ‘cutting off’): 
where the offender’s life is cut short and their soul is excluded from Olam HaBa.

However, the penalties are different for a Chozer B’Teshuvah (person who has repented). 

According to Rambam in Hilchot Teshuvah, even an individual who was banned from Olam Haba, can regain that privilege if they were to do teshuva. The importance of teshuva supersedes all considerations.

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Natanyahu & His Wife Sara Diss the "Vayoel Moshe" and Go To the Kotel to Daven Before Elections

Monday, September 16, 2019

Tens of Thousands Attend "Voting Kinus" With Ger, Belz, R' Chaim Kanievski Defying R' Sternbuch, R' Tuvia Weiss & Satmar

 Tens of thousands of Chareidim came from all over Eretz Yisroel to stick the thumbs into the eyes of the Satmar, R' Sternbuch and R' Tuvia Weiss's SHIT'ah who claim "that voting is prohibited min ha'Torah"

All those attended were handed a 64 page booklet called 
קנאות של אמת
which basically broke down the entire anti-voting SHIT'ah and then concludes that not voting is actually against the Torah and it is a "SHIT'ah Shel Sheker" 

The booklet had quotes from the previous Belzer Rebbe, R' Aaron Rokeach, the previous Sadigera Rebbe, Rav Zalman Sorotzkin, Rav Aron Kotler, Chazon Ish, the Imrei Emes, the Tchabiner Rav, R' Yechezkel Sarna, etc... 
all writing that there is a "Chiyuv" to vote in Israeli Elections....
and that was in the very first Israeli Elections...

Satmar Students In England Learn About 'Women Suffrage" in the 1800's ...... Next Will Be LGBT Studies

Friday, September 13, 2019

Zera Shimshom ..... Ki Teitzei ........

Harav Malach Mocks the Sfardi "Babbas"

The video is in Yiddish, and I don't have the time to translate, but the bottom line he is making "choizik" of those who run to Sfardi Mekubalim

Says; " not everyone can become a "dayan" a Rabbinical Judge but anyone can become a "Babba" all you have to do is dream and tell someone "that you had a dream" " and poof are a babba

I''ts all right to run to Chassidihe  Rebbes and then claim that the Rebbe  performed a miracle but it's not alright for Sfardim to run to their "Babbas" for chizuk and miracles ...
The whole video is dedicated 
to  mock Sfardic customs  .....

I sincerely hope that he doesn't dream that one of those "babbahs" that he mocked bites him in his fat behind

The Winner of the DemocRAT Debate Was ........ TRUMP!

And the winner is . . . Donald Trump.
The Democrats’ third presidential debate was a long-winded, platitude-filled disaster where no single candidate could claim a clear victory. Instead, the seven men and three women took turns displaying why they are all probably unelectable.
On issue after issue, the candidates engaged in unclear, confusing, halting policy discussions — 
It got so bad that Julian Castro, one of the seven people on the stage who have as much of a chance of becoming president as I do, thought he’d caught out Joe Biden in a candidacy-ending mistake. 
Hadn’t Biden just said everyone would be forced into Medicare two minutes after saying they could keep their private insurance?
Could Biden not remember what he had said two minutes before?
Castro was playing the senility card against the 76-year-old Biden. 
But the person who was senile in that moment was the 44 year-old Castro, because Biden had not contradicted himself. Castro had misunderstood Biden.
Elizabeth Warren, whose words, sentence by sentence, were perfectly clear but whose meaning was not. In a lengthy attack on Trump’s tariffs, she defended Trump’s tariffs. In another assault on Trump’s Afghanistan policy she basically said everything that Trump has said about Afghanistan. 

As for Bernie Sanders, the only question I have to ask is this: 
Will the $30 trillion cost of his health care plan cover some throat lozenges? 
He spent the entire night needing to clear his throat. It was maddening, though perhaps not as maddening as him screaming at us as though we had just cut him off in traffic.

The nomination voting begins in February, which gives the party nearly five months to get its act together. If Thursday was any indication, five years wouldn’t be enough time.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Are Chareidim Frauds and Fakes ?.... Eida Hachreidis Says It's An "Aveirah" To Vote ... Rav Kanievski, Ger, Agudah Says "It's a Mitzvah"

I don't get it? 
Didn't we all stand at Har Sinai when Hashem gave us the Torah?
What Happened??

According to Rav Tuvia Weiss and Rav Moshe Sternbuch it's an "Issur Do'oriiseh" to vote in the upcoming Zionist elections.....and whoever does vote is condemned to hell..

According to Rav Chaim Kanieveski, Ger, Viznitz, Biala, Mozhzitz, Alexander, and the Agudah ... it's a "Mitzvas Aseh" vote and whoever doesn't vote is condemned to hell ...

Now this is amongst the Chareidim themselves....

Is it any wonder that no one person takes whatever they say seriously? 

Is it any wonder that thousands are leaving the fold?

Is it any wonder that we who want the truth are totally confused??

I would understand that the Gedoilim would say that ... voting or not voting is only their opinion....

But one side says that voting  is equivalent to Avodeh Zarah, Meenis and outright Apikorsas, while the other side says that it is a Mitzvah???

Which is it??

These are not "bal batim" voicing this ... these are our Gedoilei Yisrael ...

They say "don't vote" ...then they are upset that there is Chillul Shabbos! 

Then you have a group of Chassidishe leaders in the US .... Chareidim, mind you... that say that it is prohibited to live in Israel and they actually bring support from Gemmarrah and Rishonim ....unbelievable!!

 There is a Rabbi who is the leading spokesman for the Anti Zionists, a guy who has been accused of sexually molesting women who publishes a book called "The Empty Wagon" that  spews hate against his brothers and sisters who support Zionists, with such hatred,  that would put  Adolf Eichmann to shame  ...and his book is a best seller!! 
He brings support to his bizarre theories from previous Gedoilim....
these theories all proved to be nothing but theories ...they are now totally irrelevant and actually laughable!
And the facts on the holy ground of Israel is obvious, a country that has the majority of the Jews living there, more Torah learning in Israel than anywhere in the entire world ....and people continue to read this trash 
The book is sold openly in Eichlers, Judaica Plus and other "holy" book stores! 

You have Gedoilim who live and take and enjoy  benefits of Israeli Society ....who then turn around and stab their own governments in the back .... No hakoras ha'toiv... 

We stood at Sinai together???? 
I'm beginning to doubt that!

Is it any wonder that we are still in Galus?

ה' יעזור

Monday, September 9, 2019

2,600 year-old seal with biblical name "Adenyahu" discovered

Bulla bearing name of Adenyahu Asher Al Habayit, a senior minister to the king of Judah, found beneath Robinson's Arch at the Western Wall.

A Bulla (seal) bearing a Hebrew name from 2,600 years ago was uncovered from dirt excavated in 2013 beneath Robinson's Arch at the foundations of the Western Wall. 

The seal is inscribed with the name of an individual with the most prominent role in the king's court in the kingdom of Judea. 

The Bulla (seal), which was used to sign documents, bears the Hebrew name and title: "Adenyahu Asher Al Habayit" which literally translates as “Adenyahu by Appointment of the House”- a term used throughout the Bible to describe the most senior minister serving under a kings of Judea or Israel.

The Hypocrisy of the Litvishe Newspaper HAPELES in Israel!

As DIN readers already know,  the "Auerbach Crazies" those against registering for the IDF, are also vehemently against "bechiros" .. voting in the national elections which will take place in Israel next Tuesday.

This crazed lunatics actually publish a weekly newspaper called
I read it for amusement, and read it to practice my Hebrew ....
Yes... they print Ha'Peles in the tumedikah language Hebrew!
 It's also distributed Free ... because they know that no one sane will spend a shekel to read this garbage!

So, lo and behold, I am sitting on my couch in the promised land, in Bet Shemesh, overlooking the rolling hills, with my Iced Coffee .....
and I open it up .... and I'm in shock ....

In fact I quickly turn the page back to the front cover to make sure that the newspaper is in fact Ha'Peles!

It is Ha'Peles .......

So what did you see???

Din you are driving us insane??? What did you see??

I saw.... page after page .........

WHAT!!!? For crying out loud ... What did you see??

I actually saw after making sure I'm fully awake ....and not having a bad dream ....

I'm going to another blog, if you keep me one more second in suspense!!

Ok ok here goes...

I saw page after page, in fact a total of 20 full pages ....
with paid ads from the "Vaad Ha'Bechiros" to vote for different candidates!! 


I wish it was a lie .... but it's the sad truth ...
Ha'Peles like Satmar will do whatever it takes as long as they get the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

This proves and confirms to me that they are fakes frauds and phonies! 
That they do not stand up to their very own principals ...... and took paid ads from the hated "Vaad Ha'Bechiros" ....and for a couple of shekels they sold their contaminated souls to the "devil!"

Anyone Seen Yisroel Dovid Fish? Aida Hachreidis Lookin for Him!

Seems he left town 3 months ago, hasn't been heard from since!

Zalonie Gabbai Gets Screamed at..... "Sheigatz" Because The Holy Rebbe Will Introduce Secular Studies in Satmar Studies

מחאות והפגנות בוויליאמסבורג 
נגד הגבאי של מהרז״ל - 

Williamsburg Chassidim Sick of Being ‘Photographed Like Animals In a Zoo" By Tourists

I really have to laugh, reading this article in the post....
Chassidim living in Chutz Le'aaretz are amazed and upset that goyim find their way of life fascinating and bizarre ......
Chassidim look like they just walked out of a movie set, filmed in the 1700's ...
and are baffled that people out of the community find them to be interesting! ....
They don't want to stared at like monkeys in the zoo! ..

Did you guys ever stop to think why people don't go to the Zoo to see cats and dogs??
They go to see monkeys know why? Because it's a rarity ....
Monkeys usually don't roam the streets ......

So yes.... I'm not comparing Chassidim to monkeys Chas Ve'Shalom, but you guys are a rare entity even in Jewish circles...and people will pay and spend a day to see living things that are rare .....
And you know what ...???
Move the hell out of there and live amongst the six and a half million Jews living in Israel who don't care if you dress as if it's Purim all year round ....!!!! 

Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish residents are fed up with tourists who swarm their insular neighborhoods by the busload — all to gawk at their clothing and customs.
“People snap pictures of you like you’re on some sort of display — like you’re in a zoo,” said Chaim, 42, who lives in Williamsburg’s Satmar community and asked that his last name be withheld. 
“We are people, not animals to be photographed.”
Sightseeing groups venture into Williamsburg and Crown Heights several times a week, some via tour-bus companies InterviajesNY, Tour America and Civitatis. The three offer so-called “contrast” tours of various cultural communities in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and The Bronx — with one touting the “numerous memorials to gang members who were killed in shootouts” in that borough.
The tours — which cost from $40 to $70 — have been going on for years, but locals say that this summer the throngs, and the tensions they cause, have reached a new high.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Zera Shimshon - Shoftim

Zera Shimshon - Shoftim 
(שום תשים עליך מלך( זי ' טו )

You shall certainly appoint a king over yourself (17:15) 

The Zera Shimshon expounds on the reign of Shaul HaMelech and the eventual collapse of his rule when his kingship was taken away from him. 

The Gemara asks (Yoma 22b), why indeed, did the sovereignty of Shaul not last? 

The Gemara answers, because it had no flaw. 

The Gemara explains that whenever a leader is chosen to head the Jewish people, he must have some sort of family or lineage flaw (the wording of the Gemara is - he must have a 'box of vermin' hanging behind him) so that in the event that he becomes full of himself, he can easily be reminded to 'look back'. 

Rashi explains, that since there existed no such flaw in Shaul’s lineage, Hashem knew that the subsequent generations would become haughty over the Jewish people. Therefore, He chose Dovid HaMelech instead who had something in his lineage to be humbled with. 

The Gemara brings another reason why Shaul was punished and lost the kingship. 

It was because he pardoned those who belittled his honor as the passuk says (Shmuel I 10:26), 
“But evil people said, 
‘How can this person save us?!’ They ridiculed him and did not bring him a tribute, and he remained mute”. 

The Zera Shimshon suggests that the two reasons given by the Gemara as to why Shaul HaMelech's kingship did not last do not disagree with each other. 

Rather, both reasons are in fact part of the greater cause that brought Shaul to lose his power. 

The primary reason that Shaul was punished was because he pardoned those he should have punished. 

However, had he had some sort of flaw in his lineage, he could have justified doing so by saying that in standing up for the honor of the kingship he would have only brought it greater shame because people would have pointed out his flawed lineage. 
Now that Shaul had no 'box of vermin' to fear thrown back at him, he should have stood up for his honor. Being that he did not, he was punished and the reins of power were taken away from him. 

The Zera Shimshon understands Shaul’s not having a flaw in his lineage as a plus for Shaul which he should have used to his benefit – this is different than Rashi’s understanding of the Gemara quoted above. 

The Zera Shimshon is still bothered by this Gemara since at first glance, Shaul seems to have done the right thing by not standing up for his honor. 

The Zera Shimshon validates this by the fact that from the pessukim it can been seen that there were those that did not yet accept Shaul as the king. 

Regarding another king, Rechavam, who also found himself in the same situation, not having the approval of the entire populace, the elders counseled him (Melachim I 12:7),

 "If today you become a servant to these people and serve them, respond kindly to them and speak kind words to them, they will be your servants all the days." 

If so, why wasn't Shaul's position of not defending his honor, at a time when he was not yet accepted by everyone, not the right course of action? 

The Zera Shimshon explains that although in the case of Rechavam, the right choice was to start with a softer stand, that was because he was chosen by the Jewish people and he still had to earn their true respect and acceptance.
 Shaul on the other hand, was chosen by Hashem and the Jewish people did not have a choice or say in the matter. 
Therefore, Shaul's failure to stand up for his honor as king was in reality a failure to stand up for the honor of Hashem. It was for this that he was punished. 

 The Zera Shimshon points out that interestingly, Shaul HaMelech's punishment was midda keneged midda, measure for measure. His sin was that he had misplaced mercy on the wicked people and did not stand up to them to defend his honor as king. And he lost his right to be king when he showed too much mercy to the wicked people of Amalek and did not wipe them out entirely. 

 In honor of the Zera Shimshon's 240th Yortzeit, we have published a Sefer, 'Zera Shimshon on the Torah' (almost 400 pages).

Available at by the title above.

The 'Zera Shimshon on the Torah' is a collection of the weekly Divrei Torah that were translated into English over the last few years.

Summaries of the lessons learned from his words are found after most of the Divrei Torah.

This Sefer includes a unprecedented, beautiful biography on the Zera Shimshon as well as a small historical sketch of Torah in Italy. This biography will undoubtedly give the reader a greater appreciation for the Zera Shimshon's Divrei Torah, once they learn more about him.

IDF Celebrates Siyum Ha"shas

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Some Yeshivos Will Not Allow Their Students to go to the Siyum Hashass!

I recently heard that some Roshei Yeshivos will not allow their students to attend the Siyum Hashaas! 

These are the same Roshei Yeshivos that do not give two hoots where their precious Bochrim hang out during Bain Hazmanim...

Let's face it, we are living in a new generation, where bochrim  put in an average of 15 hours a day sitting in Yeshivah ...
A brand  new phenomena introduced to Jews recently, unheard of in the past 2,400 years...

This brand new idea is being pushed by Rebbetzins that head girl Seminaries in Israel and the USA, brainwashing naive wild eyed girls that they should support their husbands for life or at least 10 years ... so they can keep their husbands in business .... 
and give "Kovod Ha'Torah! 

Yes, there were Bochrim that never left the Bais Midrash and became Gedoilei Hador! Absolutely!!!
But what happened with the others??

They worked and had no spare time to be distracted!

How many Bochrim were learning all day, Pre-WW2??
How many Bochrim were learning at one time in the largest Yeshivah in Europe pre-WW2??

Ok ...DIN .... What are you getting at??
Spit it out already .... I have to visit other sites ... Your'e not the only guy with a site ...

Ok .. true .. 

Ok Ok 
The Bochrum today ...... yes the guys with the fancy glasses .....
the guys with the pleated pants, fancy colored socks and now with the 1" brims...

are bored to death ......

There I said it! 

So once in 7 and half years, Askanim  organize a Siyum Ha'shass .... with full attendance of the Gedoilei Yisrael ....
 Giving Bochrim a chance to connect in a major forum with Jews that have completed the entire Shas .... a major accomplishment 
and giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Divrei Bracha and words of inspiration of members of the Meotzei Gedoilei Yisrael ...

and the Roshei Yeshivos won't allow them to attend???

Knock knock anyone home???

The bochrim  are bored to tears ....... give them a break....
and what is the break that are we asking for? 

 Allowing them to go to a gathering, celebrating the completion of the entire Shas??

In Israel the bochrim have many outlets...... 
Like blocking traffic for hours ..... burning down trees in Bet Shemesh, hanging Frum IDF Soldiers in effigy, screaming Shabbos Shabbos and throwing rocks on Shabbos at cars ..... etc etc....

But in the USA .... why not give the kids a break where they can witness the joy of hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world celebrating Torah???

Could it be that the Roshei Yeshiva weren't invited to sit on the thousand seat Rabbinical VIP dais??

We are living in a generation that has multiple distractions..... 
thousands of frum boys and girls from great families are leaving their heritage ... some are overdosing on drugs ....

Instead of encouraging the boys to join in the Emesidikeh Kavod Hatorah ...
We prohibit them from going?????
I don't get it!! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Reb Shlomo Carlebach Was Never Kicked Out Of BMG ......

In an interview conducted with the president of Lakewood’s BMG, Rabbi Aharon Kotler, a myth and legend that has been well-entrenched in the chareidi world about famous Jewish composer and singer, Shlomo Carlebach Z”L being expelled from the Lakewood Yeshiva, was shattered. 
After the supposed expulsion, Shlomo Carlebach is said to have then immediately composed the song, “Lulaei Torascha” while sitting on the steps outside the yeshiva. 
Kotler, who is named after his grandfather, HaGaon HaRav Aharon Kotler ZT”L, who founded the Yeshiva, stressed that in fact “Shlomo Carlebach was never kicked out of Lakewood. Rav Aharon loved him. He was, as we all know, exceptionally musically inclined… I can imagine that at some point in his life, his musical interests and drive exceeded his desire to learn in yeshiva.”
In the interview, Rabbi Kotler reveals the special connection that existed between his grandfather and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and also explains the difference in norms between the yeshiva world in the United States and the yeshiva world in Israel. 
“He played guitar in my parents’ Sheva Brochos. They made a kumzitz. They closed the lights in the room, he sat on the floor. I do not know how studious he was. I was not there back then… 
Also, one of the important things to remember is that Lakewood is not a life system. Neither is kollel a life system for everybody, and certainly in Rav Aharon’s days, people were in yeshiva for a number of years and then they eventually left. That was the norm. 
So, I have never checked the enrollment records of Shlomo Carlebach, whether he stayed longer than the norm or shorter than the norm, but he certainly was not kicked out of Lakewood.”
The interview with Rabbi Kotler was conducted by Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt, assistant Rabbi of Park East Synagogue in Manhattan and as a part of the “Kikar Global” a project of Kikar Shabbos News.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

You think you have it bad? Rabbi Marries Off His 10th Daughter

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gurevitch proudly stood for a group photo with his 10 sons-in-law after marrying off his youngest daughter last week.
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gurevitch, Director of Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim in Brunoy, France, celebrated the marriage of his youngest daughter last week.
Before Shabbos Sheva Brachos, it was a good opportunity to stand for a group photo with his 10 sons in law.
From left to right:
Rabbi Eliyahu Chaikin – Bridgetown, Barbados
Rabbi Avrohom Mann – Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Hershy Drukman – S. Maur, France
Rabbi Yisroel Noach Lipskier – Queens, NY
Rabbi Levi Notik – Chicago, Illinois
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gurevitch – Brunoy, France
Rabbi Shmuel Nemenov – Villeurbanne, France
Rabbi Shmuel Marazow – New York
Rabbi Mendel Jacobson – New York
Rabbi Shmuel Raskin – Holon, Israel
Rabbi Chaim Greisman – Stockholm, Sweden

Monday, September 2, 2019

Rabbi Kook's Greatness: for his Yahrzeit on 3 Elul by Rav Shmuel Knopfler z"l

Only rarely is the world privileged to see a man of such greatness as the icon of religious Zionism, 
HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook.

In Memoriam

by Rabbi Shmuel Knopfler z"l
Written last year ....2018 

HaRav Kook ... His Personality

There have been scores of Torah giants in recent generations, but the stature of none compares to that of Rabbi Avraham Isaac HaCohen Kook, zt”l (1865 -1935). His genius was astounding - there was no field of Torah study that he had not mastered. His recall was astonishing – great scholars related that no matter what Torah subject they
discussed with him it would appear as if he had just recently learned the issue in depth.

Not only was he versed, sharp, and innovative in the arenas of Talmud and Halakha, he was at home in all areas of Jewish thought: Bible, Midrash, philosophy, and mysticism. On top of all this, he was unmatched in piety and righteousness, and his entire existence was dedicated to the service of the Creator.

Rabbi Kook was a mighty figure who fought for truth and was willing to put himself on the line for the sake of Torah justice.

It is not uncommon for extreme brilliance to result in strange
character traits, but Rabbi Kook was friendly and pleasant, so much so that all who knew him were captivated by his warm character. He was intellectual and emotional, sharp and poetic. He possessed a rich inner life, while at the same time was very active spiritually and publicly on behalf of the Torah, the nation, and the land.

That all of these talents could reside together harmoniously in one soul is itself remarkable.

The Respect of His Contemporaries

Rav Kook with Rabbi Sonnenfeld