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Sunday, June 24, 2018

One tablespoon of olive oil a day is all you need to slash stroke and cancer risk

Eating one tablespoon of olive oil a day could help you live longer, according to experts.
Olive oil, a key component of the health-giving Mediterranean diet, has long been said to be beneficial to health.
Now, medical consultant Dr Sarah Brewer and dietitian Juliette Kellow claim in their new book 'Eat Better Live Longer' that the oil could add years to your life.


In the summer of 1939, on the eve of World War II, the world-famous cantor Gershon Sirota could look back on a glittering career spanning nearly four decades. He had sung before audiences of thousands all over the world, earning huge fees for his concert appearances and even for his synagogue services. But in December 1942, a few months before he perished during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the Ringelblum ghetto archives tell us that he had to turn to a self-help committee for a hand-out, and was given 200 zlotys to buy food for his family.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Costco is selling an avocado that won't spoil before you make guac

Avocados are notorious for spoiling almost immediately after you buy them, and there's nothing more disappointing than cutting into one just to find a shell full of mush. Thankfully it's 2018 and, while we still don't have flying cars, scientists in California have gifted us with avocados that stay ripe for twice as long - and shoppers can find them right at Costco.
Prior to hitting store shelves, each avocado — sold by the Del Rey Avocado Company and treated by Apeel Sciences — is sprayed with a special solution made from fats found in the skins and peels of fruits and vegetables, such as apples and raspberries. This natural substance helps trap moisture inside the fruit and keep it from oxidizing until you cut into it.

Regular avocados stay fresh for three to four days on the shelf and seven to 10 days in the fridge. This new variety reportedly lasts twice as long. Most importantly, they don't come with a hefty price tag. One five-count bag only costs $5 at Costco! Guacamole for days!
Apeel has tested its product on tons of different fruits and vegetables, but decided to roll out avocados first, because, "People have a more visceral reaction to throwing away an avocado than lettuce," CEO James Rogers told BuzzFeed News. The company is hoping their invention will promote more sustainable growing practices, better quality of food, and less food waste.

Reb Reuven Chaim Biller, Z”l, Niftar in Tragic Car Crash

Reb Reuven Chaim was born and raised in Boro Park. His father, ybl”c, Reb Dovid, was one of the original members of Hatzolah.
Sadly, this is not the first time that tragedy has struck the Biller family, as Reb Reuven’s sister, then a young mother, passed away 12 years ago from an illness. During this difficult period, he focused great attention on his grieving parents, helping them to cope with the loss. Those that knew Reb Reuven praised his tremendous kibbud av va’eim.
As a bachur, he studied in the Slonimer Yeshivah in Bnei Brak and formed a close bond to the Slonimer Rebbe and his Chassidus.
He married Shiffy (nee Mayer) tbl”c, and began a career in chinuch. He taught fourth grade for 14 years before becoming a principal in Mosdos Kehilas Yaakov, Pupa in Boro Park.
For the past eight years, Reb Reuven Chaim served as head counselor at Pupa’s summer camp in Swan Lake. Prior to that, he has been a beloved member of the staff of Skverer-Boro Park’s camp. Reb Reuven Chaim was especially well liked by his talmidim and campers who enjoyed his palpable sense of simchas hachaim. To his own children as well, he was remembered as an especially dedicated father who invested great effort in their chinuch.    
Reb Reuven Chaim leaves, ybl”c, his wife and eight children, six of whom are yet unmarried, and the youngest of whom is 4 years old.
Yehi zichro baruch.

Influential Jewish-Conservative Columnist Charles Krauthammer Dead at 68

Parshat Chukat - Shake Yourself Free ... Rise from the Dust ...

by Rabbi Shmuel Knopfler
One of the most profound mysteries of the Bible is the rite of the red heifer, called a Chok (statute) because it belongs to the group of divine decrees which human logic cannot penetrate.

We must be mindful of the fact that all other impurities other than a death impurity find their purification by the defiled individual’s immersing himself or herself in a mikveh, a gathering of freshly running spring water or specially collected life-giving rainwater; in
effect, in all these instances, the defiled individual actually purifies him- or herself!

Only in this rite of the red heifer does the Kohen, representing Hashem Himself, effectuate the purification. It is as though the Torah is teaching that we can save ourselves from many of our weaknesses, we can rise above many of our temptations, but only Hashem can ultimately redeem us from death.

And from this perspective, the symbolism of the red heifer ritual begins to make sense. A heifer is the consummate symbol of life, the cow’s mother-milk serving as the universal expression of maternal nurturing of her young; red is likewise the color of blood, and blood
is the life-force, the very nefesh of the living organism.

However, although human beings come in various shapes, sizes, personalities, and powers – they can be as tall and proud as the cedar tree and as mean and humble as the hyssop plant – the angel of death ultimately conquers them all, because the scarlet thread of human sin condemns each of us to the common destiny of mortality.

Following the sacrifice, the personage of purity gathers the ashes of the remains, mixes them with the life-giving waters of the divine and, born-again, purified life emerges even from the surrealistic specter of death itself. Inherent in this symbolism is that historic Israel –
mother nurturer of the continuity of humanity by means of the Abrahamic “compassionate rightness and moral justice” which Israel taught and must continue to teach – is destined to be slaughtered, but will always rise again to life and to the fulfillment of her mission and destiny.

During the Holocaust, Hitler succeeded in destroying six million of us, but as he records in Mein Kampf, he wasn’t waging a war just against six million Jews. He was waging a war against the last Jew, against Judaism itself, against what he called a slave morality of compassionate righteousness and moral justice, of sensitive concern for the weaker vessels, of an Almighty of ultimate power who insists  upon human protection of the powerless. And in that war, Hitler failed!

Yes, we won that war. Alas, the brilliantly alive “red heifer,” a metaphor for the Jewish people, a people who nurture the world with the milk of morality of the Ten Commandments and the milk of human kindness of “You shall love the stranger” and “You shall love your
neighbor like yourself” was, to a large extent, tragically and  inexplicably slaughtered beyond the “human encampment” in Auschwitz and Treblinka.

But Hashem, the “Personage of Purity” Himself, gathered the ashes, Himself mixed them with living waters of rebirth, and Himself transformed those ashes into the fertile soil of the recreated sovereign State of Israel - "Medinat Yisrael."

And the “Personage of Purity” Himself mixed the ashes with the life-giving wellsprings of Torah, our tree of eternal life, and in addition to our national physical being, likewise revived our spiritual being, and Torah centers to an unprecedented and unparalleled degree all over the world!

B'Ahavat HaTorah V'Haaretz

Shabbat Shalom

Shmuel Knopfler

Friday, June 15, 2018

Parshat Korach - The Need for Leadership

by Rabbi Shmuel Knopfler

The thrust of Korach-and-his-men’s dispute with Moshe and Aaron was a challenge for the leadership of the fledgling Jewish nation. While Moshe’s position itself was perhaps beyond debate – the entire nation having witnessed his unique relationship with Hashem during the Revelation at Sinai – his choice of his brother Aaron as Kohen Gadol was, it seems, open to dispute. Was the selection of Aaron truly the will of G-d, or was it a case of proteksia and brotherly-bias?

A test was devised: Korach and his 250 confederates would each bring a pan-full of Ketores as would Aaron. To bring Ketores unbidden, Moshe explained, is punishable by death. Only the true “chosen one” would survive the test. Yet, and Rashi raises this question, weren’t the Korach group inexcusably foolish to accept such a test? After all, even if they were right, only one of them would survive! Why agree to a test which was sure to bring calamity to the vast majority of their assembly?

Parshas Yisro begins (Shemot 18:1), “And Yisro heard…” Rashi asks: What exactly did Yisro, father-in-law of Moshe, hear that caused him to decide to leave the comforts of home and come to join the Jews in the desert? He heard, says Rashi, about the splitting of the Red Sea, and about the war the Jews had fought with Amalek in the desert. The victory over Amalek, while amazing and perhaps even miraculous, was nonetheless a military accomplishment, dwarfed in comparison to the many miracles the Jews experienced during the Exodus and in the desert. What was it about the war with Amalek that ultimately
stimulated Yisro to journey into the desert?

Commentators explain that in fact, Yisro had already come to his own understanding and recognition of Hashem before he came to join Moshe. He had experimented with other forms of religion and pagan worship, and found them empty. Indeed, Yisro was so convinced of his belief in the concept of one G-d that he felt his faith was unshakable. Hearing of the great miracles of the Exodus, especially the splitting of the sea, during which our Sages say “all the waters of the world also split” only served to further strengthen and reinforce his faith. He felt no need for the formality of religion – he would serve G-d on his own.

After hearing, however, of Amalek’s attack on Israel, Yisro’s was shaken. How is it possible, he asked himself, that Amalek could be so foolish as to start up with a nation that had witnessed such miracles?
That he did so forced Yisro to realize and acknowledge that even the most self-evident truths can be disputed and discarded. Perhaps, he wondered, my belief too will one day begin to waver. Whereas he had once been convinced that his faith was immune to corruption, Yisro now concluded that in order to remain strong in one’s convictions one must have a leader – someone who could guide him to the path of truth, and alert him if he began to stray. This prompted Yisro’s journey into the desert to join Moshe.

Upon closer examination, it seems that perhaps Korach’s challenge was not simply a lobby for leadership – it was a challenge of the very concept of authority. “For this entire assembly – all of them are holy – so why do you presume to elevate yourselves above the congregation of Hashem?!” We, the Children of Israel, are not an unsophisticated bunch of simpletons, who will blindly follow your dictatorial leadership like sheep to the slaughter. Each of us is more than capable of making our own decisions, and forging our own paths, thank-you very much. To them, Moshe’s contention that only one of
their offerings would be accepted was just further proof of his short-sighted authoritarian viewpoint. Who’s to say that only one person could offer Ketores before G-d? Why couldn’t everyone offer his very own, personalized Ketores? Needless to say, they were wrong, and suffered the consequences.

The unwillingness to accept leadership and authority is a major reason for the state of decay in which we find ourselves today. The open-minded hyper-cynical value system that permeates democratic society has presented us with a generation that no longer respects its elders, teachers, or parents. Little wonder. While it would be nice to delude ourselves into believing that the pinnacle of moral decency and enlightenment will be reached when each person is free to make his own choices and formulate his own value system, the state of chaos and corruption in which we find ourselves today belies such a notion. While in our schools and yeshivot students do not yet come equipped with the latest weaponry, and in our homes children do not yet threaten to turn their parents over to the police for a well deserved spanking, the lack of acceptance of authority and leadership is nonetheless pronounced and undebatable. May the Almighty protect us.

The Talmud says (Avot 1:6), “Make for yourselves a teacher.” The attack of Amalek and the uprising of Korach are proof enough that a generation without accepted leadership is destined to turn into a de-generation.

Shabbat Shalom

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dus Iz Nies On Vacation Until Further Notice

The DIN blogger has decided to take a break ....
it's all good.....
May the Ribono Shel Olam protect us all and bring peace in Israel and amongst us all

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Parshat Shelach ... Chet HaMeraglim ... Sin of the Spies

Rabbi Shmuel Knopfler

The main theme of our Parsha is obviously the sin of the Meraglim (spies).

To understand this, we must understand the puzzling sin of the Meraglim. The Meraglim were surely “The heads of Bnei Yisra’el”, as the Torah says. The people listed here are those distinguished from the rest of the nation, because of their special status and standing in Torah – two of the most famous among them serving as examples for
this fact: 

Kalev ben Y’funeh, and Yehoshua bin Nun.

It is a collection of great individuals, who we would describe as “G’dolei ha’Dor – The Giants of the Generation.”

How did it happen that those Gedolim made this huge error? Why didn’t those spiritual leaders want to enter Eretz Yisrael? After witnessing all of the miraculous redemption from Egypt, after Pharaoh, “the king of the world”, was defeated, the least that one would expect of those leaders
would be for them to believe in the power of Hashem and to trust Him to fulfill His promise of Eretz Yisrael!?

The spies were indeed Gedolim. They had very good intentions. They were very comfortable with the spiritual life in the desert. Having heavenly bread – manna, each and every day, revealing the Shechina clearly, following the fire and the cloud pillars, those are benefits, which are not easy to give up. The spies were sure that for Am Yisrael, which was totally immersed in a spiritual environment at the
time, entering Eretz Yisrael would be a disaster.

Surely, they believed that they would defeat the enemies in Eretz Yisrael with the help of Hashem, but for that there is a need to establish an army. Also, there is a necessity to establish political and economical systems, as well as expectations to settle Eretz Yisrael – the land that is flowing milk and honey. If Am Yisrael will have to deal with all those tasks- who will sit and study Torah? We will lose our spiritual level!!! 

Therefore, the spies decided to do Hashem a “favor” – let’s stay here in the Galut where we can serve you much better than from Eretz Yisrael – it is for the sake of the Torah!!!

The root of this sin was the lack of ability to integrate heaven and earth. The Torah of Eretz Yisrael is the Torah that provides us with the skills to spiritually uplift matters which are mundane. 

In Eretz Yisrael the Avoda (labor) is integral part of Torah fulfillment. The letter and the spirit of the Torah cannot be achieved at its optimal level without the Avoda component. Hashem prefers for us to elevate the bread that comes from the ground – המוציא לחם מן הארץ – to our eating heavenly bread – the manna.

Thus it was so important to receive the new Mitzvot right after the sin. Hashem wanted to comfort Bnei Yisrael for losing the heavenly virtues, and therefore provided them with substitutes. The Hafrashat Chalah enables as to take earthly bread and transform it into a heavenly one. The Nesachim are the substitute for the heavenly well, and the Tzitzit is the compensation for the heavenly clouds of glory (ענני הכבוד). The ultimate way of Avodat Hashem is indeed to live in a
heavenly manner but while been grounded and attached to earth – by thevirtue of Eretz Yisrael, the land of Torah V’Avodah.

As it says in the Torah ...וְכִי-תָבֹאוּ אֶל-הָאָרֶץ, וּנְטַעְתֶּם ...
when you enter Eretz Yisrael you should immediately plant for a full synergy between Gashmiyut & Ruchaniyut.
That is the quintessence of our mission.

B'Ahavat HaTorah V'Haaretz

Shabbat Shalom

Satmar Rebbe Barks Against Israel in Nassau Collisium

Councilman Chaim Deutsch proposes Separate Hours For Men and Women on Beach

A Brooklyn lawmaker is renting a government-owned beach to host two gender-segregated swim days this summer for his Jewish and Muslim constituents.
But since the beach would normally be closed those two days, City Councilman Chaim Deutsch says he’s hopeful of avoiding a fight over the separation of church and state at tax-funded facilities.
“I have a lot of Orthodox Jewish and Muslim constituents in my district who have never been able to go to the beach before,” the Brooklyn Democrat told The Post on Wednesday.
“They’ve never been able to smell the beach, to walk in the sand. Everyone should be able to enjoy the beach.”
Deutsch said he is raising private funds to cover the cost of taking over the beach for two days at Kingsborough Community College, which sits next to popular Manhattan Beach in south Brooklyn.
Under his plan, June 29 would be set aside for men and boys from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., while July 27 would be reserved for women and girls during those hours.
The beach would normally be closed on both Fridays, since the college doesn’t have summer classes that day.
Deutsch said men and women of all faiths would be welcome on their respective days.
He said he did not ask the city’s Human Rights Commission for guidance, but doesn’t expect any issues, and couldn’t say how a transgender individual would be treated.
When told of Deutsch’s plan, commission spokesman Seth Hoy said in a statement, “The NYC Commission on Human Rights does not speculate on potential violations of the NYC Human Rights Law.”
But the New York Civil Liberties Union blasted the separate swims as discriminatory.
“What chutzpah. People don’t have the right to impose gender discrimination on a city beach simply because it’s mandated by their religion,” said Donna Lieberman, NYCLU executive director.
“It is one thing for the city to provide reasonable accommodation for religious practice, and quite another to limit the public access of everybody else.”
Deutsch is paying $400 per day to cover the cost of lifeguards and other staff, a college spokesman said. “We want to be neighborly. This was a request made by the councilman . . . he’s been very supportive to us,” said Anthony Andrews. He said he was “unaware” if the college had ever rented its beach for a public or private event before.

Israeli Police Finally Remove Chareidi Protesters From Rt 38 Construction Site in Bet Shemesh

As you guys know, I made Aliyah about 7 weeks ago and live in Bet Shemesh, so I can give you the scoop so to speak.....

Bet Shemesh is a city growing very fast, and there is constant construction to make room for thousands of Israelis that need homes....

Bet Shemesh is the perfect place, its 25 minutes from Yerusalayim, great transportation, has large malls, many Yeshivos, and has plans for a Hospital in the very near future..
And there are many different neighborhoods so that every one can find their place ...

There is Bet Shemesh itself, then there is Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef that caters to everyone...Yeshivash ... Chassidish, Sfardim, Mizrachists etc

Remat Bet Shemesh Bais is where the fanatics live ....
This group of fanatics  are so extreme that a lot of them were thrown out even from  Meah Shearim! 

Have you heard about any protests in their neighborhood????
Naaaaaa! You won't hear about any protests in their neighborhood, Why????
Because there aren't any!!!!!!

Do you think that aren't any bones buried in any part of Remat Bet Shemesh Bais?????
Oh ....  you think that when the Chashmoniem fought in Bet Shemesh ... they said to one another .... lets not bury any Jews in Ramat Bet Shemesh Bais .... because 2,500 years later the fanatics will live there.

When Shimshon Hagibor who is buried in Bet Shemesh with his father Manoach .... fought the Philistines .... you think that when some of his army got killed they said ...
"Hey Shimshon" You can't bury Jews in Ramat Bet Shemesh Bais ... the fanatics will live there..... bury them in Alef, or Gimmel..
the Mizrachists will live there!!!

So why isn't there any protests there????

Because by in large, the developers are Chareidim and the developers of Ramat Bet Shemesh Bais are from the extremists themselves who pay off the loudmouths and so there is never any protests in the areas where the extremists live ...

They are now building a road, Route 38 that will lead to a new area called Ramat Bet Shemesh Daled....

The ones building the roads is the Bet Shemesh municipality ....
get it???? so there isn't any developers getting the bribes to shut them up...

That is basically the politics in a nut shell ...... the leaders of these protests are all fakers and fraudsters ...
Israel is over 4,000 thousand years old and wherever you will dig you will find bones ....

If you took all this seriously ... you wouldn't be able to build anywhere!

I remember as a teenager, there was a corner in Meah Shearim that was "muchzik" as an old cemetery and every Shabbos they would protest at that corner and never allowed any developers to develop that corner .....
In 1973 I visited that area and guess what's on that corner????
Guess again.......
Are we going to play this game again? 
Tell me now...... I'm sitting on shpilkas....
Ok Ok ..... give me a chance to catch my breath ....
Sit down now .... and put down that hot coffee ....

Satmar Bais Medrish ...... Ha ha 
I'm not kidding..... there is a Satmar Bais Medrish in the exact place where it was "muchzik" as a cemetery .....

Monday, June 4, 2018

Conservative Summer Camp Joins Satmar Anti-Israel Summer Camps to Brainwash Campers Against Israel

On August 19, 2016 we posted a video depicting a Satmar summer camp, in which the Satmar administration indoctrinated the children to hate Israel and the people living in the State of Israel.

Well, it seems that the Conservative Jewish Movement thought it was a great idea and so they will now follow the Satmar Rebbe's SHIT'ah to vilify their brothers and sisters who live in the holy land!

By Deborah Gastfreund Schuss
Parents, your long list of worries over sending your kids to summer camp has expanded in unexpected ways. This season, at least some counselors will be working Jewish campgrounds with the insidious mission of grooming your children to become anti-Israel ambassadors.  

IfNotNow, a group formed in 2014, held a counselor-training program Sunday in Boston to “learn how to teach about the occupation.”  Publicized on social media and aimed at counselors across the U.S., the effort was described as “bigger than one camp or one counselor changing one summer’s curriculum — if we want to see real transformation in our community, we need to build a movement.”

To understand the true nature of this offensive, one needs to look no further than the organization’s stated principles. Among them: “We do not take a unified stance on BDS, Zionism or the question of statehood.” 

BDS is the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement.

Take a Ride On Mass Transit In NYC In 1929

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid : Ahmadinejad was right, Israel shouldn't exist

MSNBC host who sparked controversy earlier this year after blog posts she wrote more than a decade ago were unearthed came under renewed criticism over the weekend after it was revealed that she had expressed support for statements by an Iranian leader denouncing the establishment of the State of Israel.

Joy-Ann Reid, host MSNBC’s AM Joy program, first came under scrutiny in November 2017, after it was revealed that blog posts she had written almost a decade before had accused then-Florida Governor Charlie Crist of being a homosexual.

Earlier this year, other controversial articles posted to Reid’s blog came to light, including one which photo-shopped Arizona Senator John McCain into an image of the 2007 Virginia Tech campus shooting. The post was titled “Bagdad John strikes again”.

In other posts, Reid endorsed conspiracy theories regarding the 2001 9/11 terror attacks, including a movie which suggested the attacks were in fact part of a conspiracy by the US government.

Reid initially denied writing the controversial posts, suggesting that her blog may have been hacked. Reid later admitted, however, that experts hired to investigate the posts were unable to find any evidence that the blog had been hacked, and that the posts had been written by anyone other than herself.

Bnei Brak Guy who torched his tefillin asks for forgiveness

A young Bnei Brak man who left religion and made a series of very public demonstrations against the faith he was raised in has released a new video asking forgiveness for his past behavior and declaring his desire to return to religious observance.

Daniel Amram, 22, was raised in a haredi-religious family in the central Israeli city of Bnei Brak.

Earlier this year, however, Amram, who had left the haredi world, made a series of provocative videos and public demonstrations against Orthodox Judaism.

Amram first gained notoriety when he filmed himself burning the pair of tefillin (phylacteries) he was given by his parents as a child. Phylacteries, which contain portions of the Torah written on parchment, are traditionally worn by Jewish men during morning prayers.

“The rabbis are using religious symbols and objects to force religion on people in Israel,” Amram said while recording himself destroying the tefillin.

In other incidents, Amram tore up a Hebrew Bible in protest of what he called “religious coercion” in the name of Judaism, and carried an immodest poster down a street in the predominantly haredi city of Bnei Brak.

17-year-old Tzivia Zelinsky Killed In Car Accident in Toms River near Lakewood

The incident happened at around 5:30AM on Route 23A in Katterskill Falls in Greene County NY.
Another three victims were transported to Albany Medical Center. Their exact conditions are unknown.

Satmar Bigshot Attends Israeli Day Parade Then Goes to Coliseum To Bash Israel

Top Photo See Top Satmar "Askan" At Israeli Day Parade
Bottom Photo See Him Entering Coliseum Escorting R'

I cannot for the life of me understand how a Jew gets up from his couch in his comfortable home in Chutz Le'aretz, and takes a chartered bus to a rented arena to bash his own brothers and sisters that are rushing their babies, toddlers and wives to bomb shelters, in front of the entire goyishe world??

Only someone from "zera ameliek" would do something like this....
Only someone with no empathy in his entire DNA could do something like this.....
On one hand serving chicken soup for the sick in hospitals and then stabbing the country that is the home for more than half of the world's Jewish population, in the back, on Parshas Shlach no less.

What demons do the leaders of this archaic irrelevant movement possess?

One of these barbarians, apparently wants to have it both ways. He wants to be with all the pretty girls at the Israeli day Parade and then on the very same day he goes to the Coliseum with the rest of the smelly terrorists to give homage to the self-hating Jews!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Fake Fraudulent Mekubel Yechiel Michel Pearlstein

Why is it that in these somewhat advanced and contemporary times we  allow the idea of seeking matrimonial matches for our children — shidduchim — to be equated with pleas for recovery from an illness, improved health, and the ability to earn an income?
Everything in our lives emanates, in one form or another, from the One Above. At the same time, as created beings, we have been invested with something extraordinarily unique — the ability to make free and independent decisions — as a gift from G-d. According to our sages, it is the will of Hashem that we use our Divine wisdom to channel our energies in good, right, and productive directions.
The odd thing about shidduchim is that in this generation — let us say over the last two decades — the effort to marry off our children has become a dreaded facet of life that has been comfortably couched in the term “crisis.” And those who have emerged as leaders of our worldwide Torah communities seem relatively at peace with the idea that a shidduch crisis is plaguing our community.
Ask a frum person today and you will be told that the three central preoccupations in most families are health, the ability to make a living, and shidduchim. I will step out on a limb here and say that, these days, after maintaining one’s health, making matches for the children might be in the second position, with parnassah taking the No. 3 spot, but the placement of these priorities is fungible.

Watch Arabs under-fives dressed as heavily-armed jihadis as they storm an Israeli building with mock assault rifles at Gaza nursery school graduation

Today, Satmar will be hosting a anti-Jewish event in the Nassau Colosseum, that will be attended by thousands of Rumanian Ledeigeirs! Satmar leaders will be barking Nazi-like slogans to incite the masses against the Jews living in Israel. 

Like the Nazi, Joseph Goebels, Reich Minister of Propaganda, Satmar speakers will repeat the lies that the State of Israel drafts Yeshivah students. 

Watch the video above and see little Arab friends of the Satmar Chassidus and friends of  Reform Jews stage a mock murder of a Jewish soldier. 

Just last week Reform Rabbis said kaddish for the Gazans...
and in this weeks Der Yid, and Der Blatt, Satmar Yiddish weeklies, in their editorials, chastised the Jewish State for defending themselves against the Gazan intrusion into Israel!

I would love to see what Satmar would do, if thousands of Goyim would decide to invade Monroe and claim that they lived there before the Satmars and now want to take back their land.... I would like to see how that would go over.

Disturbing footage has emerged of children at nursery school in Gaza dressing up as jihadis and storming an Israeli building.

The children, who are no older than five-years-old, are seen carrying fake rifles, handguns and gas masks.

The young children then take a child dressed in Orthodox Jewish clothing hostage, before pretending to kill an Israeli soldier during the performance at the Al-Hoda nursery.

Their end-of-term production also includes smoke going off in a cardboard building as the young boys children carry out an invasion, placing a sign down which read 'Israel has fallen' in Hebrew and Arabic on the back of a soldier. 

The soldier is then 'shot' as they leave the stage with the 'hostage' over the shoulder of the children - all while proud parents film the event on their phones.

An address by the dead Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leader Yasser Arafat
Footage from the ceremony, held on May 13, was made available by the Middle East Media Research Institute. 

The footage was posted on the pre-school's YouTube account and included Hebrew lyrics threatening Israelis with missiles and terror attacks. They also mock Israeli soldier Oron Shaul, whose body has been held by Hamas since 2014. 

Omar Fora, the head of the nursery association and a leader of the Islamic Jihad, delivered an address, and Islamic cleric Taher Al-Lulu attacked Saudi Arabia for 'standing behind Israel and America'.

Sheikh Khadr Habib, an Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, delivered a speech during the ceremony, and said that the children send a 'message of love' to the world and that their message to the Israelis is: 'We are not terrorists, don't force us to kill you.' 

Last year the children performed a similar mock attack against Israeli forces for their end of term play. 
And in 2016, children demonstrated the planting of anti-tank mines, the killing and kidnapping of enemy soldiers and the launching of mortars.

Satmar Zalonim Tear Down Posters For Today's Aronim Meraglim Asifa and Spit At Rav Shternbuch

Last year the Zalonim gypsies made an Asifah against the Jews that live in Israel, in the Barclay's Center. Now that the Aronim are making their own anti-Jew asifah, the Zalonim are furious at the Aronim , because  they believe that they have the authentic bizarre SHIT'ah of the founder of Satmar, R' Yoel Teitelbaum.

To bolster their position, the Aronim solicited the old feeble R' Moshe Sternbuch, to come to the anti-Jewish Nazi type rally in the Nassau Coliseum. 

The Zalonim were busy all last week  tearing  down all the Aronim ads for the rally (see above video) and kicked R' Sternbuch in the proverbial ass for good measure!

The feud amongst the Satmar brothers, is basically about which one  has more fanatical hate against the Jews living in Israel.
 This insane feud proves that the entire Satmar education is bankrupt, rotten and morally corrupt. 
But to keep it going, they make Nuremberg Nazi  Style rallies, to broadcast to the goyim, that they are the authentic Jews.

Laughable if it wasn't so tragic.

Jews residing in Israel, which now constitute the majority of the Jewish world population, are being hit by a barrage of missiles by enemies trying to wipe them out, and instead of making a Yom Tefilah, what do the "Vasseh Shtrimp" gypsies do? 

They speak Loshon Hara against the majority of Jews......
and when do they do it?
On Parshas Shelach.....the segment where the Torah describes how a bunch of "Gedoilei Yisroel" (see Rashi) wanting to remain in the midbar, decided to destroy the dreams and hopes of the Jewish people.

It wasn't enough to recruit their own "Gedoilei Yisroel" but instead the Aronim decided to shlep an old broken English speaking Poisek, who actually resides and benefits from the State of Israel, to advocate for their own hate.

Many years ago during the Iran/Iraq war, a reporter asked the then Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, which side he favors in the long drawn out war, ..... Menachem Begin responded, "I wish them both success"

To the feuding Satmar Rabbis I have a message to you both...
I wish you both success!
Streets of Williamsburg littered with Posters Cursing Rav Sternbuch