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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Bluzhever Rebbe Passes On

The Bluzhever Rebbe, HaRav Tzvi Yehuda Spiro succumbed to illness. The Rebbe was battling a disease for the past two years until his Petira on Friday morning. He was 79-years-old.

The Levaya will be at 2:00PM on Erev Shabbos, at the Bluzhever Bais Medrash located at 1431 58th Street.
The Levaya will be going to Eretz Yisroel on Motzei Shabbos for the Kevura.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Satmar Yiddish Newspaper Ignore Supreme Court's decision in reference to gays!

The mouthpieces of the Romanian Satmar Gypsies, the Satmar Yiddish weekly newspapers, totally ignored the decision of the United States Supreme Court vis a vis the definition of marriage. 

This decision legislated by the Supreme Court Justices is against the Torah, ... yet Satmar remains  mute..
Because Satmar ... and I mean both Satmar Rebbes backed all the democrat candidates, that openly  endorsed gay lifestyle..

The "groiseh" Rebbis don't care about  what the Torah says, they care only about how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the candidates will bring to their Mosdos..... so they are staying far away from this topic ... and ignoring the whole issue.

 Let me disabuse you of the notion .... that they left out the story because they didn't want their young readers reading that gays can now get legally married .....because when they had the gay parade in Israel, these gypsies dedicated pages to the story.

But Der Blatt had room on their front page to gloat that Israel is losing money! ... 

"The State of Israel loosing billions of Dollars because of the Gaza War and BDS boycotts"

And now see the disgusting OP-ED in Der Goy against the family that sued the US to have "Jerusalem  Israel" stamped on their child's passport that was born in Yerushalyim! This case went all the way to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court ruled against the family ...
so for this verdict they had enough space to spew their vicious vitriol ... but had no space for the pro-gay verdict that came at the exact same time !

I will loosely translate part of the article so you can read the vicious nature of these Romanian barbarians !

"The religious parties (of the Knesset) are now on the same page with the leaders of the atheists ..
They  push the agenda of the head of the atheists, Netanyahu, more than the other parties who are not religious, .... and are now besides themselves that the US Supreme Court decided that American citizens born in Jerusalem, will continue to have "Jerusalem" stamped on their passports and not "Israel" 
Read and be astounded: 
Hamodia in its article "Habirah Ha'doilekes" screams that Yerushalyim cannot be separated from the Jewish people and from Eretz Yisroel, just like its impossible to separate the head to the rest of the body and survive."
etc etc... yada yada bla bla bla bla 

Then the writer, a piece of vermin, that writes under the pen name A. Li. Konig  writes that Yerushalyim isn't ours ....
 I won't go into the filth that he came up with, to deride the frum parties in the Knesset that are rightfully disgusted with the Supreme Court ruling!

These guys writing for these weeklies are the Scum of the Earth ....

Obama slaps Israel in Face ... Ted Cruz

Republican Presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted the Obama Administration Wednesday for its decision to open a US embassy in Cuba, saying that for the US to “have an embassy in Havana before one in Jerusalem” was a “slap in the face” to Israel, according to the Washington-based political website The Hill.
The administration earlier in the day announced its intention to restore diplomatic relations with its long-time Caribbean nemesis and exchange ambassadors for the first time in over 50 years.
Tel Aviv is currently home to the United States embassy, but the junior senator from the lone-star state has repeatedly called for the embassy to be moved to Jerusalem.
Another Presidential candidate, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, has also called for legislation that would do away with the national security waiver and allow the administration to implement a 1995 law to relocate the embassy to Jerusalem, The Hill added.
Known as the Jerusalem Embassy act, which also calls for the US to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, the legislation has never been implemented due to the perception that it usurps the executive branch’s constitutional authority over foreign policy in favor of Congressional oversight. 
Both Cruz and Rubio are of Cuban dissent and have publicly denounced the communist-ruled Island for its ill treatment of its inhabitants and long-time contentious posture towards the United States.

Shaul Spitzer the Fabrenter Chusid's Sentence Reversed, New Verdict To Be Determined By County Court

The convicted New Square firebomber Shaul Spitzer will have a chance at being released from prison several years early after an appeals court ordered that he be resentenced in the case.
The Appellate Division ruled Wednesday that Spitzer, who was 18 when he set fire to the home of a dissident member of the Hasidic village in 2011, could have been eligible for youthful offender status when he was sentenced.
The court ordered Spitzer back to court to be resentenced and said the judge must also consider whether he should qualify for youthful offender status. The ruling did not compel the judge to grant the status, but did require the court to address the issue.
Spitzer agreed to a plea bargain that sent his to prison for seven years for the firebombing, which seriously injured a 44-year-old man and gave a rare public view of schisms within the rigidly controlled Skver Hasidic community.
The teenager, who worked as a "hose bucher"  for New Square grand rebbe David Twersky, could have received a sentence of 25 years on an attempted murder charge.
The top sentence for youthful offender for first-degree assault is four years. Spitzer is now in Eastern Eastern New York Correctional Facility in Ulster County, where he is in the fourth year of his seven-year sentence. His earliest release date is 2018.
If he is granted youthful offender status, he could be released immediately.e Appellate Division ...His lawyer, Ken Gribetz, said he was pleased by the court decision but declined to comment further. The appeal was filed by his law partner, Deborah Wolikow Loewenberg.
Rockland District Attorney Thomas Zugibe did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Spitzer set off an incendiary device at the New Square home of Aron Rottenberg, a plumber who was inside the house with this wife and children. Rottenberg suffered third-degree burns over 50 percent of his body and spent months in the hospital recuperating.
Rottenberg had been the target of attacks within the community for months because he chose to pray in a group outside the tiny village, despite an edict from Twersky that all residents pray only within New Square.
At Spitzer's sentencing, Rottenberg said he blamed the rabbinic leadership in the community for creating an atmosphere where violence is permitted to enforce strict social and religious rules.
Spitzer apologized at his sentencing for injuring Rottenberg.

"Brave" Flag Burners run like dogs when confronted by Bikers!

Bikers making sure flag is standing 
Why are Jews always involved with anarchy?
Amanda Meltzer, a Jewish Yente with screwed up values, probably brought up in a house of luxury said this about the US Flag!
 " It represents genocide, imperialism, and oppression!"
Really? Do you even know how to spell "genocide, imperialism and oppression?"

Her group is named "Disarm NYPD"?
Disarm NYPD? Amanda? Who are you  going to run to, when you get raped? You crazy broad!

A protest at Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park Wednesday night exploded into a heated confrontation between rival demonstrators over the burning of an American flag.

Anti-racism and police brutality protesters organized by a group called Disarm NYPD were chased from the park by a group of angry pro-flag supporters after burning a Confederate battle flag and an American flag in the middle of the park.

Witnesses say a pro-flag demonstrator snatched the burning American flag before others chased the anti-flaggers away.

"My nephew is graduating from the Marines in two weeks," said flag supporter Diane Atkins of Bay Ridge. "I'll be damned if somebody burns the flag!"

The flag flak began earlier in the week when Disarm NYPD members announced their plans to burn the flag on Facebook.
The objective was to call attention to police brutality and institutional racism in the wake of the Charleston, S.C. Emanuel AME Church massacre.

Word of the protest spread quickly on social media and on the day of the event, shortly before the protest was scheduled to begin, more than 100 pro flag supporters showed up from across the city, including a group of bikers from the Hallowed Sons of New York motorcycle club.

"I'm here to make sure there's a flag still standing at the end of the day,” said Mark Brummitt, 32, a retired Army vet of 13 years who came to the event with his 29-year-old fiancée Alicia Morante. "All throughout history it's been the last flag on the battlefield that was still standing. Tonight we're going to make sure there's a flag standing."

Once the flag burners saw the crowd waiting for them at their originally planned location, they moved their demonstration to the center of the park.

I feared for the safety of my friends,” one of the flag burners said, declining to give his name. "I work too, so I'm not trying to get fired or nothing. My boss watches the news."

The event went on as planned. First, the demonstrators set the Confederate battle flag ablaze. As they started to burn the American flag, the pro-flag supporters stormed up a hill, running to confront the flag burners, most of whom ran away.

The charred remains of the flags lay scattered on the concrete beneath the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in the middle of the park.

After the flag burners fled, Long Island flag supporter Lawrence Winberry stood on a mound and declared victory.
"They ran away!” he screamed. “We won! U-S-A! U-S-A!"

The still-angry mob met back at the monument where they argued with the remaining flag burners about what they had done.

Anti-flagger Amanda Meltzer, 24, of Brooklyn, found herself in a shouting match surrounded by pro-flag protesters yelling expletives at her.

Don't f--- with my flag!" shouted one man wearing a military veterans baseball cap. "My brothers are buried under this flag! It doesn't matter what it means to you! If you got a problem with this flag, get the f--- out!"

Amanda appeared to lose her composure and walked away from the crowd.

"They're like an angry mob!" she said emotionally. "They're not critically thinking about what that flag represents! It represents genocide, imperialism, and oppression!"

Winberry and other pro-flaggers ended their display by singing “America the Beautiful” at the base of the monument. When asked whether he thinks the flag supporters had generally violated the anti-flaggers right to free speech, he replied, “You have a point.

“I wasn't coming out here to chase anybody,” he added. “I guess we got caught up in the moment. They have a right to burn the flag, but I have a right to say I don't like it.”

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2,000-Year-Old Mikvah Found Under Family’s Jerusalem Living Room Floor

 Israeli authorities said Wednesday they have identified a rare, well-preserved 2,000-year-old ,Mikva hidden under the floorboards of a home in Jerusalem.
Archaeologists said the discovery in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem neighborhood shines new light on ancient Jewish . But the discovery might be most noteworthy because the couple that owns the home literally kept the treasure hidden under a rug for three years before choosing to come clean.
In an interview, the wife said the family found evidence of the mikveh, or Jewish ritual bath, while renovating their home three years ago. Construction workers were using heavy machinery that sunk through a hole, leading the crew to discover the bath.
She said that she and her husband were unsure of the significance and continued with the planned construction. But they also preserved the discovery, adding a pair of wooden doors in the floor to allow access to the bath and concealing the entrance with a rug.
The couple’s curiosity, however, persisted. Earlier this week, they contacted the Israeli Antiquities Authority and reported their finding. The family asked that their names be withheld to protect their privacy.
Amit Reem, an archaeologist with the authority, estimated the Mikva dates back to the first century B.C., around the time of the Second Jewish Temple. The bath remains largely intact, and includes a staircase leading to what was once a pool. Archaeologists also found pottery and unique stone vessels dating to the same period.
 Reem said the discovery adds to the physical evidence of the Jewish community in the area, which he said has been “sporadic.”
Reem said it is not uncommon for households around Jerusalem to unearth Jewish antiquities under their floorboards, though he did not know how many cases there were. The family does not have to move and will keep the ritual bath preserved with the help of the Antiquities Authority.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rabbi Warns of Civil War in the United States "go to Israel"

The Riminov Rebbe visited the Florida communities made up of South American immigrants from France, gave an unequivocal command to the Jews to leave and go to Israel, saying that there will be a civil war in the US.
BeHadrei Haredim reported that the Rebbe said: “Leave while you still can. The situation will get worse and it will be difficult to move from state to state. After World War II the survivors came to the great men of Israel and Hasidic leaders and asked why they had not ordered the Jews of Europe to leave and immigrate to Israel or the United States before the war broke out? The truth must be told: they said and how much they said, begging Jews to please flee the burning ground, but part of the evil decree was that they were not listened to.
“Today,” the Riminov Rebbe said, “Listen to me carefully dear Jews, whoever has in his hand to get up and go and go to the Holy Land Israel as soon as possible while it still is possible, this includes leaving large parts of South America and most of Europe.
“Also the US will be a place of danger in the war and it is still too early to say which states within the United States will survive, but many parts will be destroyed and poisoned, even civil war will break out in the United States and states will cut themselves off from the federal government. The US may not be used as a refuge but there will remain here survivors. Eretz Israel will be the safest place to survive the war, although there will also be terrible difficulties there. “
“If I can do it myself I’d get up and go to Israel and to bless the very dirt, but I do not have permission to do so – from heaven it is commanded that in the meantime I should stay here in the US,” he was quoted as saying.
In addition the Rebbe explained, saying, “I am one of the few men in our time who can say that this since it has been published all over the world that my eyes see very far away, like when I found the child Leibi [Kletzky], may his blood be avenged, and three boys in Halhul and dozens more who were missing, where others do not have permission to see and make order, and this was planted in me by God and Divine Providence and when I had to talk to many and give instructions, I do it and the Divine Presence speaks from my throat, and wherever my name goes out to, it is known that those who listen to me shall be safe”.
Associates of the Rebbe emphasized that the call was made to a small handful of worshipers after morning services at the local synagogue.

ISIS is chopping off their heads yet Three US churches consider BDS measures against Israel in upcoming vote

At least three US Churches with millions of congregants amongst them are considering adopting a resolution calling for the boycott, divestment, and sanctions of "companies deemed supportive of Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories," The New York Times reported Tuesday.

By Tuesday evening, delegates from the United Church of Christ gathering at their Cleveland synod had already voted in the affirmative to adopt the resolution, and released a statement congratulating their delegation on the decision. 
The United Church of Christ Palestine-Israel Network (UCC PIN) is pleased to announce that today the plenary of the 30th General Synod taking place in Cleveland passed Resolution #4, calling for boycotts and divestment from companies that profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands. - See more at:
The United Church of Christ Palestine-Israel Network (UCC PIN) is pleased to announce that today the plenary of the 30th General Synod taking place in Cleveland passed Resolution #4, calling for boycotts and divestment from companies that profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands. - See more at:

is pleased to announce that today the plenary of the 30th General Synod taking place in Cleveland passed Resolution #4, calling for boycotts and divestment from companies that profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands. - See more at:
"The United Church of Christ Palestine-Israel Network (UCC PIN) is pleased to announce that today the plenary of the 30th General Synod taking place in Cleveland passed Resolution #4, calling for boycotts and divestment from companies that profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands," according to the press communique. 

In addition, members of the Episcopal Church of Salt Lake City were expected to vote Tuesday evening as well. 

"A resolution at the Mennonites’ meeting in Kansas City, Mo. was scheduled for Wednesday" as well, The Times added.

The Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, also known as BDS, aims to penalize Israel through economic pressure over the Palestinian issue - lobbying companies, governments and organizations to rescind financial agreements or enforce sanctions against the Jewish State.

Israel and its advocates consider BDS a pretext for anti-Semitism and an excuse to delegitimize the Jewish State.

Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld Terror Shooting Victim Succumbs to His Wounds

Malachi Rosenfeld hy"d
One of the victims of last night's terrorist shooting attack in the Binyamin region, north of Jerusalem, has succumbed to his wounds.

Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, a 25-year-old resident of Kochav Hashachar, was among four Israeli civilians wounded by a terrorist gunman outside the village of Shvut Rachel, next to Shiloh.

With great sorrow the Rosenfeld family announce the death of Moshe Malachi Rosenfeld," a statement by his family read, continuing to thank staff at Jerusalem's Shaarei Tzedek hospital for trying to save him.

Malachi Rosenfeld was the most seriously injured of the four victims, and was evacuated to hospital in critical condition by military helicopter

n the hours following the attack his father made a plea for the public to pray for his recovery.

Rosenfeld and his three friends - who were also injured in the attack - were the latest victims of what the IDF now believes to be an organized terrorist cell operating in the Binyamin region.

The cell is believed to be behind a number of previous attacks over the past several days, including the shooting of an ambulance and the murder of hiker Danny Gonen. 

All three attacks took place in the Binyamin region, north of the capital, and appeared to share the same modus operandi: one or more terrorist gunmen approaching Israeli Jews at close quarters and firing shots at point-blank range.

Earlier on Monday, just hours before the attack, a terrorist stabbed an IDF soldier in Bethlehem in Judea, south of Jerusalem. That incident is not believed to be connected, however.

Chaim Yaakov Zupnick W34 Longtime Williamsburg Hatzolah Member succumbs to illness

R’ Chaim Yaakov was a longtime member of Williamsburg Hatzolah – also known by his Hatzolah Unit number “W34″ – and a well-known Baal Chesed in the Williamsburg community.

He died this morning after an illness.
The Levaya will take place at 4:00PM in front of the Nitra Shul located at 161 Rodney Street

Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag Resigns As Chief Rabbi Of Amsterdam

In the following letter Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag announces his resignation as Chief Rabbi of the Dutch Community citing an inability to maintain all his roles in the United States, Canada, and Amsterdam simultaneously.
In 2012 there was talk that he might be removed from his position in Amsterdam because of comments he made regarding homosexuality. He had already been suspended from his role in the Orthodox community in Amsterdam for co-signing a declaration which described homosexuality as a “curable condition.”
In Amsterdam there is no such thing as free speech!

Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp Killed in Car accident in Crown heights

Rabbi Rapp z"l 
 Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp, 66, a beloved and respected Crown Heights rabbi, has been tragically killed in a car accident.
According to an account from an eyewitness on the street, the driver apparently backed over Rabbi Rapp on Empire Boulevard and Balfour Place. and then attempted to drive forward twice, unaware that someone was trapped under his vehicle. The exact details surrounding the accident is under investigation. 

The driver remained on the scene and was being questioned by Police.
COL Live reports ( that as a young man, Rabbi Rapp was exposed to Chassidus in the course of his studies at Yeshiva Kol Torah in Jerusalem, and later became an integral part of the Chabad movement where he was stationed at JFK International Airport. There, he developed a close relationship with El Al Airlines personnel, and even brought Israeli government officials to a meeting at 770 Eastern Parkway to discuss the establishment of an organization to fight concessions to Arab nations. His love for Israel, her safety, and the Jewish people was widely-known.
Rabbi Rapp was employed as a mashgiach at the Central Tomchei Tmimim Yeshiva at 770, where he is said to have influenced many generations of bochurim.
The rabbi is survived by his wife Fayge and family.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Haredi Boycott of Heter Mechira Fruits is Unsustainable, Part 2

The only logical explanation for the fierceness of Charedi opposition to the heter mechira is that they associate it with Zionism,

Last week I wrote about the history of the heter mechira implemented by the Gedolei Yisrael. I also mentioned that from the beginning of the second generation of renewed settlement in Eretz Yisrael, the defining characteristic of the opponents to the heter was their opposition in one way or another to the new settlements, Yishuv HaChadash, and their emphatic disapproval of the Zionist movement which, in the meantime, had been founded in 5657 (1897) by leaders and activists who were predominantly non-observant.

Without such an explanation it is difficult to understand the reason for their fierce opposition to the heter, since halakhically it is extremely well-founded – much more so than similar heters which all observant Jews rely upon.

In the opinion of an important group of eminent Rishonim (among them Ra’zaRaavadNimukei Yosef,Meiri, and others), there is no obligation to keep shmitta in our times. And even according to those poskim (Jewish law arbiters) who do believe shmitta is obligatory, there is agreement  that the obligation is merely of rabbinic status (except for a few Achronim, whose reasoning is problematic).

In addition to this, there is a genuine doubt as to when shmitta actually occurs: 
According to the opinions of RashiRosh, and Tur, the Sabbatical year was in 5774 (2014);
 according to Raavad it was in 5772 (2012); 
and according to our custom, which follows the opinion of the Geonim – 5775 (2015). 

This safek (doubt) is so significant that Mahari Engel wrote that because of it, shmitta could have been cancelled entirely, because each possible year could be annulled by the two additional possibilities (Otzarot Yosef, Shevi’it, pg.96).

Indeed, when analyzing the heter mechira, it actually tends to be in the category of a chumra (an obligation that exceeds the bare requirement of halakha) compared to what is customary in similar cases of sha’at dachak (times of distress).

The only explanation for the fierce Haredi opposition to the heter is that the machloket (controversy) against the Zionist movement ‘kilkala et shurat ha’din’ (defied the rules of proper debate), to the point where they ignored all the substantiated sources for the heter, while mustering all the possible chumra arguments.

The Heter in the Third Generation

In the third generation of the new settlement in Eretz Yisrael, the Chief Rabbis, Rabbi Herzog and the Rishon L’Tzion Rabbi Uziel, along with the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Frank, and most of the city and community rabbis in the country, implemented the heter mechira.

In contrast, the opponents were led by the Chazon Ish, who immigrated to Israel in the year 5693 (1933). It should be noted that unlike the rest of the opponents of the heter, the Chazon Ish demonstrated responsibility and concern for the religious farmers, went out of his way to guide them, and even introduced extreme kulot (leniencies) in the laws of shmitta so they could manage without the heter mechira. However, like the other machmirim, he was opposed the Zionist movement as well. It must also be pointed out that in his opposition to the heter, regrettably, he escalated the dispute to a grave level.

The Argument about the Validity of the Heter from the Prohibition of “Lo Techanem

One of the central claims of the Chazon Ish is that, since it is forbidden to sell land to a non-Jew in Eretz Yisrael because of the prohibition “lo techanem” (‘do not give them any consideration’, which may be rendered ‘do not give them a resting place in the land’), when farmers appoint rabbis as agents to sell the land, the rabbis become ‘shlichim l’davar aveira’ (agents for a prohibition), and as such, their actions are invalid because their shlichut is void, for we have a principle that "ain shaliach l’davar aveira” (there is no agency for prohibitions) (Chazon Ish, Shevi’it 24:4).

Naturally, the rabbis in favor of the heter had a convincing answer, for the prohibition of "lo techanem" is designed to strengthen Israel’s presence in the land, as the verse says: "When God your Lord brings you to the land you are entering, so that you can occupy it, He will uproot many nations before you…When God your Lord places them at your disposal and you defeat them, you must utterly destroy them, not making any treaty with them or giving them any consideration”(Deuteronomy 7:1-2). 

If so, when selling the land is for a limited time and intended to strengthen Jewish settlement in Eretz Yisrael, there is absolutely no prohibition (Yeshu’ot Malko, Y.D. 55; Aderet; Avnei Nezer, Y.D. 458).

Moreover, even if the mechira was unnecessary for strengthening the settlement of the land, the Rishonim explained that l’chatchila (from the outset), the prohibition of "lo techanem" only applies to a permanent sale, or at the very least when the non-Jew intends to act as the ba’al ha’bayit (owner) for a certain amount of time; but when the sale is for a limited amount of time and the non-Jew has no intention of acting as the ba’al ha’bayit, there is no prohibition of "lo techanem" (Ramban, and Chinuch 339, and so can be understood from the Rambam, Laws of Avoda Zara, 10:3-4).

The Challenging Argument against the Chazon Ish

Thus, in the opinion of the Gedolei poskim (eminent Jewish law arbiters), the rabbis conducting the mechira are fulfilling a mitzvah by assisting farmers settling the land. This being the case, even those who disagree with them cannot claim they are sinners – just as Sephardic Jews who follow the rulings of the Shulchan Aruch and refrain from warming-up soup on Shabbat cannot claim that Yemenite Jews who follow the Rambam and do warm-up soup, are sinners.

The claim of the Chazon Ish, therefore, is a huge insult to the Gedolei rabbanim (eminent rabbis) of Eretz Yisrael. Not only did he disagree with them – though they were the local rabbinic authorities and greater than him in wisdom, public responsibility, and understanding of the situation – he went even further, claiming that their opinion counts for nothing, and anyone following them was considered as having sinned.

The Harsh Consequences

Unfortunately, as a result of such severe and harsh positions against the Gedolei rabbanim, rabbis from the Charedi community have been afraid to clarify major issues appropriately for three generations. They fear that if they express an opinion that does not comply with the machmirim and the fanatics who support them, all of their opinions will be disqualified, and they will be denunciated and driven out of the Charedi camp, as instigators and accomplices to sinful acts.

In this way, Charedi society has deviated from the path of Torah in a number of issues, to the point where many of them have become used to degrading Gedolei rabbanim, such as Maran HaRav Kook and his students, despite the fact that in private, many of their Gedolei rabbanim are opposed to it.

In a similar fashion, many of them have done away with the mitzvah of yishuv ha’aretz (settling the Land),  which our Sages said is equal to all the mitzvot, and many of them dare to publicly deny the great mitzvah the soldiers fulfill by defending the people and the country. 

They have even invented new prohibitions against secular studies and Sherut Leumi (national service), and various other chumrot deviating from the letter of Jewish law.  Regarding all of these issues there are several Charedi rabbis who oppose in private, but they do not clarify their views openly due to the risk of being attacked by the ba’alei machloket (‘masters of dissension’).

Limud Zechut

Nevertheless, with regard to the Chazon Ish, there is room for a bit of limud zechut (benefit of the doubt), for he was extremely tenacious in nature, and everything he derived from his studies he wrote, paying no heed to those greater than himself. 

Additionally, the Chazon Ish displayed particular honor to Rav Kook, by addressing him as "his honor, Maran, shlita".

A similar type of limud zechut can be made for the Ridbaz, one of the fiercest opponents of the heter, who was fervent and impassioned by nature, and compelled by the Torah that boiled within him, and often expressed regret that he had humiliated Rav Kook. For example, when a certain rabbi began considering himself to be the Rabbi of Jaffa, while undermining the authority Rav Kook, the Ridbaz wrote that it was an act of villainy, "because it is ludicrous to think that a wingless fly can wage war against the Great Eagle, whose name is famous in the entire world..."

However, it is difficult to give benefit of the doubt to all those Charedi rabbis who are of equable character, but nevertheless negated the opinion of the Gedolei rabbanim entirely. And certainly, limud zechut cannot be given to those who went even further, and added obscenities and humiliated the rabbis in favor of the heter, who were greater Torah scholars and more righteous than they were.

Those Who Boycott Heter Fruits

The continuation of their sin is expressed in their boycott the fruits grown under the framework of the heter mechira. For in addition to their position being based on the sin of contempt for Torah scholars of the most severe level, it also runs contrary to the fundamental rules of halakha, for as we know, a dispute exists whether it is permissible to eat fruits that were grown and saved in a prohibited manner in the shmitta year. 

According to most poskim, fruits grown by means of work prohibited in the shmitta year are permitted to be eaten (R”Sh, Ramban, Rashba). The same holds true for shmitta fruits that were saved in a prohibited manner and not made hefker (abandoned) – according to most poskim, they are permitted to be eaten (Rambam). 

And although there are poskim who disagree and prohibit the fruit, since the opinion of the majority of poskim is to be maykel (lenient), and additionally, shmitta in our times is of rabbinic status – the halakha goes according to the lenient opinion, kal v’chomer (all the more so) when there are opinions that there is no obligation at all to keep shmitta nowadays, and there is also a doubt about when the shmitta year actually occurs.

Thus, the machmirim pasken contrary to the rules of halakhakal v’chomer when the farmers are not working in a prohibited manner, but rather, according to the rulings of the leading rabbis; therefore there is no room whatsoever to claim that the fruits are forbidden because they were grown b’issur (in a prohibited manner).

Crops of the Field

Indeed, some poskim argue that concerning crops grown in the field there is a special prohibition, because our Sages decreed that sifichim (grasses and vegetables that grew on their own accord in the Sabbatical year), are forbidden to be eaten, kal v’chomer is it forbidden to eat vegetables that were grown b’issur.  

All this would be true if the farmers planted the seeds without a heter, but since they planted the seeds according to the instruction of rabbis, there is no prohibition to eat the vegetables. And even those who disagree with the heter must concur with this, since the entire gezeira (decree) of sifichim is a rabbinic prohibition in order to prevent an issur, and therefore, when farmers act according to the directives of rabbis - there is no room to prohibit the crops.

Other Claims

Some argue that just as it is forbidden to buy fruit from those who are suspected of working in the Sabbatical year, in order not to l’sayea l’dvar aveira (assist a transgression), it is likewise forbidden to buy fruits grown under the framework of the heter mechira

However, since the farmers work according to a heter of the rabbis, there is no transgression in their actions whatsoever. And those who claim it is forbidden to assist them completely annul the words of the rabbis who permit it, and transgress the severe prohibition of bizuy Talmedei Chachamim (contempt of Torah scholars), and asi’at machloket (causing a dispute).

The Sin of the Boycotters

Thus, those who believe that it is forbidden to eat fruits grown in the framework of the heter mechira, lump one sevara (speculation) onto another l’chumra (to be stringent), in contradiction to the rules of halakha.

 In addition, they undermine the honor of the Gedolei Yisrael who implemented the heter in accordance with the opinion of the majority of poskim, so as to assist the holy Jews returning to their Land.

This argument is not directed towards those who have studied the issue and concluded that it was inappropriate to employ the heter mechira, and therefore, prefer avoiding eating fruits grown under the heter – on the condition they do so as a personal minhag chassidut (a desire to fulfill the mitzvah according to all opinions),
 but instruct the public at large that according to the letter of the law, it is permitted to eat fruits grown under the heter (as explained in Ma’adenei Eretz Shevi’it, 159:2).

This argument is directed against those who claim that heter fruits are entirely forbidden to be eaten, and that a person should not eat at the home of someone who relies on the heter, nor should he trust hechsher’s that rely on the heter mechira, and should even boycott public or family events because of this. 

Such people transgress the sin of bizuy Gedolei Yisrael (contempt for eminent Torah scholars), and raise their hand against the sanctity of Klal Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael, and anyone who lends a hand to this boycott, is partner to their sin.

This article appears in the ‘Besheva’ newspaper, and was translated from Hebrew.

Mariah Carey Visits the Kotel Ignoring the Satmar Ban

Mariah Carey put a kvittel in the wall, something both Satmar Brothers never ever did, or even have a desire to....
So here we have a shiksah with no connection to yiddishkeit that had an intense desire to be near the Bais Hamikdash .... but the Satmar Chachumim do not yearn and have absolutely no desire to visit the Kotel!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Oren takes out the self hating Jew Liar Indyk on CNN

The biggest  Self hating Jewish Liar, Martin "liar" Indyk  debated Michael Oren, former Ambassador to the United States on CNN .... Oren recently wrote a book exposing the anti-Israel US administration...
Here see a clip .... Oren taking out Indyk when he parrots the White House talking points.

Obama caves in – No Inspection of Iran's Nuke Facilities

Iranian FM Javad Zarif (R) at press conference announcing nuclear deal

The P5+1 countries led by the United States under Barack Obama have caved in to Iranian demands and will not insist on inspections of nuclear installations as part of a deal on Iran;s nuclear weapons program, Channel 1 reported Sunday.

The channel's Arab affairs correspondent reported that the June 30 – Tuesday night – deadline for the talks has been set back to an unspecified date but that the negotiations are good natured and the feeling is that the deal is nearly done.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was expected to fly to Tehran Sunday night for consultations on a final bargaining position.

Zarif’s departure followed a weekend of talks with foreign ministers from the UK, France, Germany and Russia who joined the talks over the weekend before returning to their capitals. The lead western negotiator, the US secretary of state, John Kerry, is expected to remain in Europe to await Zarif’s return.

Iran officials suggested Zarif would only be away for 24 hours, but that would leave only a day to meet the 30 June deadline. Western officials said they were expecting to stay for at least a couple of days past that target date.