Friday, May 31, 2013

Child Rapist Rabbi Grynhaus arrested in Israel

"Groiser" Rabbi Grynhaus

Update! Israel has denied Grynhaus citizenship and will deport the "chazir."
Authorities have confirmed that Todros Grynhaus, a suspected sex offender wanted for jumping bail in Salford, UK, has been arrested by Israeli police.
The ( is reporting that Greater Manchester Police, who had been seeking the 48 year-old Grynhaus since he jumped bail two weeks ago, confirmed that the man they believe to be Grynhuas has been arrested in Jerusalem where he was allegedly living under a false identity.
Grynhaus, the son of a very influential Rabbi who is in charge of the department of ultra-Orthodox Judaism in London that certifies kosher food, was charged in December with six counts of indecent assault and one count of sexual assault against three minors, all under 15.
Grynhaus entered a ‘not guilty’ plea at his December hearing. Bail conditions stipulated that he surrender his passport and report to the Salford police station every Wednesday—a condition that was relaxed in order to allow him to visit his family in London.
Multiple unconfirmed reports said that Grynhaus then fled the UK using the passport of another hasid, given to him by a wealthy member of Britain’s hared community.
There will now be a process to ensure Grynhaus’ return to the UK, but police said it was too early to say whether extradition will be requested under the current bilateral agreement between Israel and the UK.

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