Saturday, March 3, 2012

"I'm Sitting in the Gates of Hell" Perry Reich about her Chassidic Background! Video!

"I was raised in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family," says Pearl, as she describes some of the customs of her faith. "A married woman has to cover her hair. I was expected to wear a skirt down to mid-calf, a shirt covering the collar bone."
Dr. Phil Show Friday March 2, 2012
We had the opportunity to watch the entire segment of Dr. Phil, and we found Perry Reich to be angry, not genuine, a blatant liar, and bizarre. At times during the show she had incoherent outbursts! We believe she came on the show to further her "modeling" career and was not at all interested in retaining custody of her children. In fact, what she she didn't mention was that the court appointed psychologist was one of her own choosing and that psychologist recommended that the father have full custody. She signed the arbitration agreement as an adult, and no one coerced her to sign it.
Her "modeling" career will go nowhere, no agency needs a 30 year old. Most models who are 30 and above started their careers at 18 years old.
News report:
The mother of four says her dream is to become a successful model and actress, and she aspires to be a criminal lawyer. "The ultra-Orthodox Jewish community would not allow me to model or act in any way —- my kids would be thrown out of school. I would be completely isolated," she shares.

To pursue her dreams, Pearl left the only way of life she knew, but it hasn't been easy. "Five years ago when I decided to leave the marriage, my husband declared me a bitch and a whore. That is the worst thing that a Jewish religious woman can be labeled," she says. "Once we leave a religious marriage, the rabbis force the women to go to rabbinical court. At this point, my husband is trying to portray me as an unstable mom and a promiscuous woman, because he’s trying to take the kids away from me. They are fabricated stories so my kids are on the verge of not having a mom." She adds that her husband will not give her a divorce unless he gets custody of their four children. "He wants me deleted from his life and from my kids’ lives," she explains. "I’m about to lose custody of my children. My greatest fear is knowing that my kids are on the verge of being deprived of a healthy home.
"Not to be able to leave something, and not to be able to have your personal happiness — that is a cult, and that’s what I’m facing right now," she continues. "I am extremely resentful. I am extremely pained. I am sitting in the gates of hell." 

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