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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Police Arrest Woman For Videotaping Them From Her Front Yard

A woman was arrested for videotaping police from her front yard in Rochester, New York.
The woman, who is unidentified at this point, was recording a traffic stop where police had a man handcuffed on May 12th. The video was uploaded to Blip TV today.
The cops noticed her recording and started hassling her with absurd notions.
“I don’t feel safe with you standing behind me, so I’m going to ask you to go into your house,” the cop said.
“You seem very anti-police … due to what you said to me before you started taping me.”
It is not clear what she said before she started recording, but if she said anything threatening, they would have arrested her at that moment.
She ended up getting handcuffed and taken away after she refused to walk into her house, even though she was clearly on her own property.
A friend or relative ended up taking the camera and we see her being led away.
Neighbors who witnessed the interaction confirmed she had done nothing wrong.
Meanwhile, the man they had originally handcuffed was released.
UPDATE: The woman's name is Emily Good. She was charged with obstructing government administration. I'm looking forward to her lawsuit.

UPDATE II: The cop's name is Mario Masic.

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