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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Shabbos at Wendy's

Maybe instead of going to the Rebbe's Tish ... communities should make community Friday night meals for the elderly ...... maybe ! 


AishKodesh said...


Maybe there can be both, DIN...

Frum but normal said...

Won't you miss seeing the Rebbe eating fish with his hands together with the bones,and then disgustingly spitting out the bones,for some chasidim this is the highlight of their week.
Those of you living in Monsey know which Rebbe we are talking about LOL

Fred E. said...

I'd much rather spend a Shabbos with these fine people who have a true love of their tradition and God than the hypocritical "chassidim" who think of nothing but their self-importance in the sight of their god.

Abe said...

Frum but normal 3:03 PM,

I saw something similar on Animal Planet. It was a Hyena at the river’s edge stalking a large African carp. But the Hyena was more nutritionately efficient than your Monsey Rebbe. The Hyena acquired his daily supplement of calcium by eating the fish and the bones. You should tell that Rebbe to emulate the Hyena. Maybe that extra calcium will help stop the rest of his teeth from falling out.

AishKodesh said...


You guys are really being unfair and untruthful. I am friends with a decent amount of Chassidim and none of them talk about anything like this...


Gut Nacht to you all and your families, my friends.

Yeshiva of Swindle Valley said...

Sima at the bottom is YSV's 2nd grade limudei "kodesh" teacher "Morah Simi"

You wouldn't believe what's sanctioned at disgraceful YSV when someone has protectzia

Using UOJ's capture of the original because the Monsey developers or the like got Lohud to make the article vanish

A countywide investigation into welfare fraud produced the arrests of 43 people accused of stealing more than $318,000 from various public assistance programs since 2004, Rockland authorities said yesterday.

One arrest caused an uproar last week. Shifra Cohen, 24, of Grove Street, Monsey, complained that a Ramapo police officer ordered her to remove her wig for a mug shot and a female officer was not called to fingerprint Cohen when her arrest was processed Thursday. She was arrested by the District Attorney's Office but processed by a Ramapo police officer.

Some Hasidic community leaders complained to Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence about the woman's treatment, even threatening to protest at the police station. The District Attorney's Office also got calls from the community leaders about the arrests.

St. Lawrence said the police officer who processed Cohen's arrest was insensitive to her religious needs, and the supervisor apologized to the Hasidic community. Cohen and her husband, Joseph, 33, of Grove Street were charged with third-degree welfare fraud relating to the alleged theft of $8,485, authorities said.

Some of those arrested

Third-degree welfare fraud

- Sheila Brooks, 42, of 23 Karnell St., Spring Valley: $7,247
- Leon Brooks, 42, of 23 Karnell St., Spring Valley: $7,247
- Joseph Cohen, 33, of 9 Grove St., Monsey: $8,485.79
- Shifra Cohen, 24, of 9 Grove St., Monsey: $8,485.79
- Shaul Fliegman, 32, of 6 Kings Court, Airmont: $18,468.43
- Sheindle Fliegman, 30, of 6 Kings Court, Airmont: $18,468.43
- Yisroel Rosenberg, 31, of 27 Echo Ridge Road, Airmont: $11,430.37
- Sima Rosenberg, 30, of 27 Echo Ridge Road, Airmont: $11,430.37
: $4,137.94

Anonymous said...

Will you join us at Wendy's this coming Shabbat?
After all you are Jewish aren't you?
Jessica Rosenberg

AishKodesh said...


Shalom Aleichem everyone: Today I spoke to a big Posek about being on this blog, and he basically told me to stop coming here.

So I guess I'll real quickly wish everyone here fairwell, and please, please, be careful what you say and how you act. I must. We all must.

I probably will miss you guys a bit, and I would really love if you could keep in contact, either on my blog or via email at

Anyway, I wish you all and your families wonderful lives full of Avodas Hashem and Simcha, which go hand in hand, and a great Rosh Chodesh, Shabbos, Adar, Purim, etc.! Mi shenichnisu b'Adar marbin b'Simcha!

Kol Tuv, my dear friends!

Refoel Berel Hakatan

Anonymous said...

Biggest Simcha of all you're out of here

Anonymous said...

Awwwww I miss the stupid comments from the ignorant fanatic imbecile

Anonymous said...

Ha ha
I used to say bircas asher yatzer after each of his comments. Then wash my hands.