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Monday, February 12, 2018

Schumer’s Jab At Orthodox Jews Is ‘Hypocritical Chutzpah’ Hikind!

NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) called Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s recent criticism of the Orthodox Jews the height of political hypocrisy. At a meeting between Jewish organizational officials and Democratic senators, Schumer blamed Orthodox Jews for not doing more to call out President Trump on what the Senator felt was Trump’s failure to confront hate in the United States.
“Singling out Orthodox Jews was distasteful, shameful and arrogant,” said Hikind, a fellow Democrat. “This statement of Senator Schumer’s was nothing less than his playing to his progressive liberal base. If the Senator was genuinely concerned about confronting hate and anti-Semitism, he wouldn’t have given President Obama a pass when the Obama administration did everything possible to marginalize Israel. Where was Schumer when Linda Sarsour showed support for terrorists and undermined the existence of Israel? Or when Black Lives Matter adopted anti-Israel platforms? Has the Senator held press conferences confronting the racist BDS movement, which seeks to isolate and starve innocent Israelis? The best candidate who Senator Schumer saw fit to lead the DNC was Keith Ellison, a friend of Louis Farakhan who called Hitler ‘a great man.’
“The Orthodox community does not need to be lectured by Senator Schumer. Let the good Senator work on alleviating anti-Israel animus within segments of the Democratic party. Because, as we all know, anti-Israel rhetoric and ‘anti-Zionism’ is simply the 21st century version of anti-Semitism.”


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Abe said...

Shush! Quiet ! This is is Lashon Hora against Schumer the Yid.
Kindly limit your criticism to venues where no one will hear or see it.

Herman Segal said...

Unfortunately, a phony & hypocritical piece of manure like Schumer needs to be called out publicly.