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Friday, February 16, 2018

Gerer Fanatic Violently Kicks Bus Seat of Girl because she has a Smartphone .....Passengers Screaming at him!!

Gerer "Shoiteh" The Girl Assaulter


Frum but normal said...

These mentally deranged sexually repressed criminally insane evil monsters including their so called Rebbe,need to be locked up in an insane asylum.
Do you know that last year these murderous bastards caught one of their Bochurim in their Yeshiva with a smart phone,and the kid admitted he was watching porno,these insane ROTZCHIM sent the poor kid to one of their doctors and had him castrated without his knowledge.
I know this sounds unbelievable,just google the story and you will find it,it was documented in a video by Israeli TV.
in any other normal country this murderous Rebbe would be rotting in jail for the rest of his miserable life

Abe said...

F but Normal 2:23 PM,

Castrated him? This sounds unbelievable. Can you supply us with a link.
But this smartphone incident is very disturbing for another reason? What happens when these inbreds, because of refusal to use birth control, become the dominant political force ? That is as equal an existential threat as Iran.


here is one of the links,

Abe said...

Frum but Normal 7:44 AM,

Thanks for the link.
Incredible! Just incredible! Who would have believed that Ger/Gur utilizes the same extreme medical tortures as the Russians government to suppress nonconformist thought? The Russians incarcerate political opposition in mental hospitals and forcefully treat dissidents with powerful psychotropic drugs. It is mind-boggling that Ger has degenerated to similar abominations. What a sick and twisted society chareidism has morphed into. One sect is more twisted than the other.