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Friday, February 16, 2018

Crazed "Frumies" Burn Shaitels in Public in Yerushalayim

The burning of Shaitels last night in Jerusalem

Because its not "Tzneezdik"

I am sure that the "burners" are not getting "any" tonight 


Fred E. said...

Brings back those wonderful memories of the book burnings of the early and mid 1930's. Kind of reminds one of those treasured all nighters in Berlin.

What they should do is perhaps donate these wigs that are "unsuitable" for Jewish women (according to their made-up halachas) to gentile hospitals where they could be put to good use for gentile cancer patients who have lost their hair. That would have been a kiddush HaShem. What these sick fanatics are doing and the way they live their lives is a true chillul HaShem and the Jewish people should be ashamed of them....

Anonymous said...

They honour God by doing this? Why not stick bones through their noses and dance round a fire?

Abe said...

Anonymous 5:34 PM,

They do that too, every Lag B’Omer.