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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chief Rabbi Of Gateshead: ‘Jews Will Have to Leave Britain’ Because of Forced Secular Studies For Yeshivah Students

A  huge problem for all European Jewry and this may spread to the USA!.
In England, Belgium and France, there is a law on the books that makes the study of evolution, and the study of deviant sexual behaviors,  compulsory for all children.
This is even if the Yeshivas do not take funds from the respective governments. 

In the Zionist State of Israel, if a Yeshivah chooses not to accept government funds, they have every right to teach what they want!

But in the Chutz Le'Aartez Schools, it is mandatory for all children to learn these subjects that are basically abhorrent to Torah observant Jews. 

In the US, it is also mandatory, but somehow they get away with it, but not for long!

So what will Jews do now? 
Will they move to the Zionist State?

I believe that they will cave in and teach the subjects rather than to move to Israel!

The Satmar Special Public School in Monroe, years ago took off the mezuzois from the doors and they do not teach Torah subjects to their Special students that attend there.

One of the most prominent Rabbonim in England, HaRav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman is suspect of the leadership of the Ministry of Education in England and said: “Jews will have to leave England before long.”
Rabbi Zimmerman serves as the Chief Rabbi or Av Beis Din of the Jewish community in Gateshead. In his remarks, Rabbi Zimmerman was referring to an issue that is affecting many Charedi communities across Europe in countries where the Education Ministries are forcing students to learn subjects which the communities feel are of the level of transgression where it would be better to die than to transgress (yehareg va’al ya’avor). These topics, which are considered heretical by Charedi communities at large include; the theory of evolution and multiple possibilities of ways in which the world was created.
Rabbi Zimmerman was quoted in the Jewish Chronicle as saying: “The involvement of the government in religious studies is the most serious issue facing the Jewish community in England since the expulsion of the Jews by King Edward the 1st more than 700 years ago. The Jews of England feel that we are in a crisis situation right now.”
Rabbi Zimmerman said that Rabbonim from other parts of the country outside of Gateshead have shown a desire to form a unified front in an attempt to stop this attempt at forcing Charedi children to learn these things.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt that the UK Government will be able to enforce this ruling in all faith schools. Other strong faith schools, especially Muslim and Catholic schools in UK also would oppose it. They might be obliged to teach evolution theory, but it will be done in a perfunctory way, if at all. Whatever, I can't see hordes of chareidim fleeing the country because of this one controversial edict.