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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Charedi rabbis Instill Hate Against IDF by banning the dressing up as IDF soldiers during Purim

Instead of doing their jobs to spread love for other Jews, Chareidei Rabbonim decided to use the festival of Purim to use their influence to poison and instill blatant hatred against their fellow Jews in uniform ...
This was predicted by the Talmud over 2,000 years ago, when the Chazal foresaw that the leaders of Klall Yisroel during the times of Moshiach will be like "the faces of dogs!"

This time added to the gang of Litvishe Gedoilim, Sfardie Gedoilim signed the edict.....
Remember this when the Sfardie Rabbis in their fancy frocks come schnoor in your schuls.

As the Purim holiday approaches, a group of 35 leading Sephardic haredi rabbis penned a letter expressing their opposition to the popular custom of dressing up as IDF soldiers.
The rabbis wrote that dressing up as soldiers would be improper "at a time when the government is trying to seduce and intimidate the youth," into serving in the army, and alleged that the costumes would legitimize IDF service in the haredi community.

The rabbis wrote that instead of IDF soldiers, "children should be encouraged to dress up like rabbis and righteous people in order to emulate them."
"These costumes have a great influence on the souls of our children and their aspirations and we need to educate them to stay away from this ugliness," added the letter, which was signed by senior rabbis in some of the most prominent Sephardic yeshivas, including Rabbi Shalom Cohen, who heads the Shas party's Council of Torah Sages.
The letter marks the first time that senior rabbis of the Sephardic haredi stream have issued a ban on such costumes. While rabbis from the Lithuanian-haredi stream have been issuing such letters annually since 2013, the Sephardic rabbis are considered more moderate in their attitude towards IDF service.


AishKodesh said...


Shalom Aleichem everyone: Today I spoke to a big Posek about being on this blog, and he basically told me to stop coming here.

So I guess I'll real quickly wish everyone here fairwell, and please, please, be careful what you say and how you act. I must. We all must.

I probably will miss you guys a bit, and I would really love if you could keep in contact, either on my blog or via email at

Anyway, I wish you all and your families wonderful lives full of Avodas Hashem and Simcha, which go hand in hand, and a great Rosh Chodesh, Shabbos, Adar, Purim, etc.! Mi shenichnisu b'Adar marbin b'Simcha!

Kol Tuv, my dear friends!

Refoel Berel Hakatan

Avi Stochel said...


Kerfuful said...

This was predicted.....are you saying that you know what is going on in shamayim? How do you know if this is the generation of mashiach?
Of course you take the negative route and give a negative pshit.
The Ben ish chai on Ben yehoyada says this gemara means that just like a dog is faithful to his master, the face of the generation, i.e. the gedolei hador, will be totally faithful to Hashem, ayin sham.

Dusiznies said...

My Pshat is directly from Rashi, ayin sham

alexander shekhtman said...

They boys in that picture are so adorable! G-d bless them for coming to school dressed like that.