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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Amazing Collection, New York Early 1900's (In Color)

Notice no fat people.....
All the adults in these pictures are all dead. Even the Children are dead. Shockingly most of these photographs are way more in super HD than some of the crappy cameras we have possible is that.
Even some of the horrible black and white photographs from the apollo missions 60 years later are almost decaying.

Even though the Headline reads "New York," there are some photos from other states for example
1:17 Pennsylvania, 1935
7:17 H. Addison Bowie was in Washington D.C
9:11 the vessel Tashmoo leaving a dock.. That is Detroit,

Just in case some of you guys are wondering about the music in the background:
6 Hungarian Rhapsodies S359/R441: No.2 In D Minor [Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra on 101 Great Orchestral Classics,, Vol 4 - Oct. 28, 1991.]

I decided not to play MBD or Shewky because #1 They weren't born yet, not even their parents were born yet, and #2 I decided that real music would suit those photos ...



DIN,don't be naive these are enhanced photos,notice it's color,even you should know there was no color films in 1900

Colored guy said...

Are you kidding? You must be
You think that DIN doesn’t know that color was added? You moron

hi said...

Just because the people in the pictures dress like Fiddler on the Roof does not mean that they are all Jewish.

Oh, and Rabbi Shneur Kotler's light brown jacket does not look good on fat people. When Fat Donald decides to wear a light-colored jacket, he is going to become the next Twitter phenomenom, as was Obama ymshv"z after that Labor Day event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, found it fascinating. What a different world it was then!