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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Little Leah Mezzi Killed by School Bus in Kiryas Yoel

Details have been released along with the identification of a 6-year-old who was struck and killed by a school bus in the village of Kiryas Joel in the town of Monroe in Orange County.
The girl was hit around 11:15 a.m. Friday by the bus near Acres Road, New York State Police said.
After the bus stopped to let several children off, Leah Mezzi of Brooklyn exited the bus and proceeded to a south sidewalk and abruptly changed directions and began to cross the street in front of the bus, state police said.
The bus driver did not see her change directions and she was subsequently struck by the front bumper and was pronounced deceased at the scene, according to police.
An investigation of the accident is continuing.

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Kerry Cassidy said...

In 1976 my baby sister was seven and killed by her school bus. I was glad to see that they have trauma counselors right away. I would like to offer her family the greatest of condolences, the most of love that I have to offer, because sometimes grief is a long long curvy road. I hope that if there is a heaven she and my sister meet.