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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Burglar Breaks Into Airmont Monsey Home In Bathrobe, on Shabbos Morning

Police have released surveillance video of a brazen burglary involving a man in a bathrobe that took place over the weekend in Rockland County.
The Ramapo Police Department has are currently investigating the residential burglary, which happened in the early morning hours on Saturday, Nov. 25 in Airmont.
In the video, a man with a mohawk and beard can be seen squeezing into the home through a kitchen window. The suspect was wearing a grey bathrobe and looked directly into the camera before making his way into the home.
The incident is under investigation by the Ramapo Police Department. Anyone with information or who can identify the suspect has been asked to contact investigators by calling (845) 357-2400.

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Anonymous said...

The poor lad was obviously sleepwalking.