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Monday, November 6, 2017

Yeshivas Chevron Bochrim Fast After Finding Bugs in Their Lunch

Students of the Chevron Yeshiva will conduct a voluntary fast on Monday for half a day after finding bugs in the lunch that was served on Sunday.
An announcement that was hung in the Yeshiva read: “Due to the serious transgression that took place today in the cafeteria, and in consultation with our Rosh Yeshiva, HaGaon Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Farbstein Shlita, the Bochrim of the Yeshiva are taking upon themselves the fast of Ba”Hab tomorrow on Monday. Those who are interested should accept the fast upon themselves today before sunset.”
The Yeshiva will also be reading the special Krias HaTorah portion set aside for fast days during the morning Tefillah. Students told a reporter from Channel 10 news that during lunch “petitim” were served that contained hard-to-see bugs. “Until the situation was discovered, many had already partaken of the dish,” the students said.


Abe said...

These buchrim are going to atone for a few bugs in their lunch by fasting and davening extra hard so Hashem doesn’t seek vengeance on them for accidentally munching on a bug.
How did they know that there were bugs in their food? Maybe because the food tasted so much better than the usual bad food served in the yeshiva.
I drink bugs everyday in NYC delicious tap water. Those almost invisible crustacean copepods in the unfiltered water adds a nice taste to the boiled kemach yoshon macaroni. Hashem hasn’t delivered retribution on me so I don’t think he’s really that concerned. And I don’t think think those yeshiva buchrim should either. Especially If they register for army service, I’m sure Hashem won’t deliver his wrath on them.

Anonymous said...

They obviously didn't ingest them deliberately. And if they were so tiny, how could they see them easily? Having a good clean up would be of more use than penance by fasting. Have people forgotten the times when bugs, insects, germs and dirt was everywhere, when there were no insecticides, disinfectants, etc to eliminate them easily. Why do modern day rabbis have to impose all these extra stringencies to justify their existence?

Anonymous said...

Nothing primitive about this cult then.

French Bastard from Le Marais said...

I do not like hearrrring dese kinds of storrrries everrrr since dat OU mashgiach blew da whistle dat dee hashgacha was helping me coverrrr up dat derrrrre werrrrre BIG BEATLES in le salad.

Oissvarf! said...

DIN, you have to raise the alarm about the SELFISH BUM Sruly Orzel who mailed all the parents from YSV & other yeshivos where he has access to tell us all to vote for Specht.

Many Monsey yeshivos are in cahoots with the corrupt developers who pay them off, which is no surprise considering how corrupt the yeshivos are besides this. And whatever corruption there is at YSV is with Orzel's tacit approval.

Sruly, are you planning on building some nursing homes where your puppets will abolish zoning restrictions for you? People liked it better when you just leased buildings from Satmar (& got sued for not paying rent).

Yeshiva of Fling Valley said...

What else is new with these roidef kuved, money grubbing zoynas?

Even if the developers wanted you to vote for this lowlife, Yisroel Orzel would endorse him as well - especially because this lowlife is a YSV alumnus.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bugs go on Strike as they find vile anti-Zionist filth eating them!!!