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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Satmar Raising Money for Zionist Frum Soldiers Who Were Victimized by Crazy Auerbach Protesters !

So now Satmar will raise money for Zionists ?????
Yes ..... there is a G-D and He has a great sense of humor!!
Ha ha ha ha !!!

The Ramle Magistrate Court ruled to award 650,000 shekels in compensatory payment to a chareidi IDF officer, Yehuda Glickman, who serves today as a captain in the reserves. In the past he was the deputy head of the Bnei Yeshivos Unit and he was targeted in the ‘Chardak’ campaign run by the Auerbach Peleg branch and the Eida Chareidis.
Journalist Akiva Weiss reported on Reshet Bet News on Monday morning 24 Cheshvan that askanim affiliated with Satmar who live in the USA and London will be paying the court issued fine in place of three Peleg members ordered by the court to pay.
The court ordered Yonah Martzbach and Shlomo Fein to pay 200,000 shekels each and Yechiel Blau to pay the additional 100,000 shekels. They are also responsible to pay court and legal fees amounting to another 95,000 shekels while Glickman must pay 15,625 in legal fees.
In its ruling, the court made mention of the Peleg pamphlet that was distributed to encourage chareidim to refuse to serve in the IDF. “After the publication of the book ‘Hunters’, a wave resulted, which was expressed in accompanying publications, harassment and telephone harassment, which caused the plaintiff great suffering.
“It is not for nothing that our predecessors have said that loshon hora kills and viewed severely those who used it against its friend,” wrote the judge. At this stage, the judge quoted in his ruling a number of citations from Jewish sources denouncing loshon hara.

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