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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Satmar Attacks Agudah Compares them to "Rabid Dogs" and "Haters of Torah"

Der Goy, the Satmar Yiddish Weekly that represents R' Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, came out with an Op-Ed accusing the Agudah Party in Israel of being "rodfim" and haters of "Jewish Law."
And if that was not enough ..they quote a gemarrah in Mesactas Yoma, comparing the Gedoilim of the Agudah to "Rabid dogs."!

Why? You ask ...... 

You silly goose....!!!!!!!!!

 The Romanian gypsies that call themselves "Satmar" back the old criminal bachelor, Auerbach, who instructed his savages not to register for the draft and then called for protests throughout Israel and instructed his "Bnei Torah" to block traffic.

The Agudah follows the instructions of R' Chaim Kanievsky and R' Shteinman, who ruled that all Yeshivah boys must register for the draft ....and so because they, the Agudah, follow these Gedoilim, the Hungarian barbarians call them "Rodfim" and "Sonei Hadas" which translated means that the Agudah basically "hate Torah"!
And then they called the Gedoilim of the Agudah "Rabid Dogs" for good measure!

According to Der Goy, over 40 boys sit in Israeli prisons for not registering ....

Now I'm going to let you into a secret ....but please don't pass this on ...

The Israeli Zionist Police did not barge into the Yeshivos to lock them up ........... noooooooooo?????!

Is that what you thought? 
If that is what you actually thought ... you were fed horse manure!

The very first Yeshivah boys were arrested because they were driving drunk in Eilat during "Bin Hazmanim" ... Yup! 

They were "bar hopping" ....... and after the local people complained about the drunks, that were throwing up all over the streets and yelling like hyaenas  ....the Israeli Police caught up with the "Gemmarah kep"  and asked them for their IDs' and  discovered that they didn't register for the draft ....

When their buddies, the  parasites, were informed  that the drunks  were arrested .... they started blocking buses and traffic and then they were arrested; they in turn were discovered to have been dodging the draft by not registering...

So you ask again.....
"How did they learn ...that the "bar hoppers" were arrested? According to reports ... they organized protests throughout Israel within minutes!??????

Silly goose! 

Hold on to your seats now ....
They heard the news thru the tumedike app ......"Whatsapp"! 
They.... the holy Yeshivah Bochrim are all on the banned "Whatsapp" and that's how they got news and instructions to  gather to antagonize  other innocent Jews and make them suffer!

The Israelis do not arrest anyone who is registered and desires to learn Torah!

So guys keep emailing me that Satmar is great because they feed the sick, chicken soup!


jancsibacsi said...

Wow fantastic article,this article perfectly describes the mentality of the satmere oiber chuchems they actually think everyone who is not a satmerer is a tottal imbacile,it shows how low theese satnerers sank their tumedike thinking process is mind boggling

Anonymous said...

המבזה תלמיד חכם הרי הוא אפיקורס מורידין ולא מעלים ואין תרופה למכתו
Now first and foremost you POS are the REAL rabid dog and it's your whore-mom who had a horse that fed and filled her.... and that's how your beastiality pig mother whore produced such evil subhuman scumdog pig like you, now that we know that it's forbidden to debate you besides it's irrelevant to waste time with your donkey brain, snake heart and skunk body, again the הלכה is
מורידין ולא מעלים and ארור יולדתך
It's irrelevant if you post it or not either way it's going to catch up with you hopefully sooner than later

Anonymous said...

I agree with the gist of this post, but I must say that Satmar is great because if the chicken soup.
Sitting in Mt. Sinai hospital oif shpilkes because your wife had a baby and being notified that your newborn needs major surgery and finding out 10 minutes later that your wife is paralyzed from the waist down is tough. And then these nice people walk in with a thermos and a bag of warm food and divrei chizuk, it's really welcome.
So, yeah, the chicken soup, makes them great.
(As far as mother and child are concerned, they're both doing great, this story happened close to 16 years ago.)

Unknown said...

Hey, Anonymous, I plotzed laughing. You must be a zoologist! The animals you named are as follows:
But you forgot one animal: Satmar

Have a nice day, Anonymus (#me-too)

Dusiznies said...

Chicken Soup cannot cover for the crimes of the protesters that may have prevented a pregnant lady from getting to the hospital and may have very well caused her to get paralyzed.
I hope your wife and child are doing well ... and I'm sorry that you had to go thru this but these criminals can cause mayhem and death because of their shenanigans .....

AishKodesh said...

#1:03 AM Satmar is not an animal.

But to 9:21, that is sheker mamash and please stop talking like that.

11:51, Wow! Sad but nice story. May Hashem help your wife and child.

Anonymous said...

As long as i made you smile, and btw the list i took from nuchem rosenberg

Anonymous said...

אולי תחזור לחור שלך מתחת לאדמה יא מטורף למה אתה לא יושב בבית כנסת ומתפלל יא מנוהל לך

Anonymous said...

As I said originally, I agree with the gist of your post. Some of these people are plain and simple SELFISH. No protest organized by Torah true judaism would put another person's health at peril. Ever.
(And yes, wifey is tops & daughter is a studious and typical high schooler.)

Anonymous said...

11,51**** Get your point, but explain why at the same time they teach their kids and camp kids to curse other Jjews and call for Israel's demise. Making nice with one hand and stabbing with the other, can you defend that?

Anonymous said...

המבזה תלמיד חכם הרי הוא אפיקורס מורידין ולא מעלים ואין תרופה למכתו
so why is satmar allowed to do same to other rabbonim? They been it for decades so your mom is a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

כנראה שאש הוחזר לבית חולים לחולי רוח לא שומעים ממנו. המסכן הזה מטורף לגמרי

Anonymous said...

Nov, 7 @ 9:22PM:
Nope, I cannot defend the ugly stuff that they do.
My point is just to say that there are a few 'yechidim' from their camp that are nice warm people.

AishKodesh said...

Maybe not just a few...