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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Roshei Yeshivah of "Peleg" Terrorists in Court with them to give them support!


jancsibacsi said...

A bunch of shtark meshugeners.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this one rosh heshiva shmuel Deutsch that looks like a hippie with his long hair he is the one that is working on rav shmuel arbach to influence him against all good people rav stinman he's the same one that influenced and worked on hrav shach to come out against chabad rachmana Litzlum.
He is the cause of all the problems that we suffered and was suffering now.he is involved and the cause of every machlokes

Abe said...

Why haven’t the Roshei Yeshiva been arrested for conspiracy?

Anonymous said...


So you're saying we can't trust or believe in rabbis because they're influenced by askanim. so Rav Shach didn't have his own mind/ Hard to buy that. All askanim shoyld be thrown to the wolves sothat we can hear exactly what a particular says, without interpretation and without commentary and the like. The chief rabbis have to take responsibility for something, we're very tired of hearing excuses that he didn't know, he was influenced,. Screw that. The rabbi is responsible and it's his obligation to throw bad apples out and say so publicly and in print. We're tired of the excuses, why is this Deutch not in jail yet?

Anonymous said...

that influenced and worked on hrav shach to come out against chabad ______________%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%_____________________

This is why people are turning off in droves, even if they don't publicly admit it. How many times do we get told to go to rabonim to get advice from business decisions, to marriage, to more mundane questions, and being told that they know and understand everything including medicine and psychology, yet on the hand we're told that they themselves get influenced by tattle tale-ers of different agendas and take their words as holy. You see, it's not him, it's people close to him. Latest update on that, is that we're not dumb anymore , but confused, and packing our bags.

Shulem said...

I think it's very wrong to criticize these Rabbonim. Not a single one of them seems to have a sefer with them; they're just sitting there with their hands folded, making silly faces.

It's not possible that they would be wasting time and being mevutal from Torah, so I am sure that every one of them must know kol haTorah kulah, ba'al peh!

WHat Gaonim!
So please, please don't criticize such giants.

Anonymous said...

so Rav Shach didn't have his own mind/ Hard to buy that.
so how did hrav shach know anything about chabad I am sure he did not read newspaper and listen to the radio and I am sure he did not have any Internet and watsapp because if he would have he would see himself how good and how many good things the rabba has done.the problem is this guy bringing lies about chabad.wake up and smell the grass

Anonymous said...

They don't need to know Kol HaTorah Kulah Baal peh, silly. Maybe they know a couple of masechtos and they're learning that.