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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Rabbis Having a Hard Time Answering How Yitzchok & Rivkah Had Eisav ..They Didn't Have an IPhone and weren't on the Internet!!

Mispalelim (worshipers) are asking their respective rabbis ...."What Happened?"

They have been told at the Asifas that were organized by our "Gedoilei Hador," against the Internet & Smartphones ...that having these "tumidike keilim" will give you evil children....

Everyone will agree that Eisav was the most evil man on earth, yet our Patriarch and Matriarch, Yitzchok and Rivkah gave birth to this Rasha .... and as far as I know they weren't on the internet???

And what is stranger than fiction; Eisav himself had no smartphone, yet he went off the derech?



Chafraud-Depravitch said...

I have a magazine (apparently expensively printed) for this silly event.

Reading it offered my family one of the best laughs we've had recently.

Most noteworthy (so far) was an article by someone named Dov Levi called "Malignancies of the Mind".

As I read my family laughed. But they thought I was simply doing a haredi caricature comedy routine. I told them I was reading the actual text but nobody would believe me until I showed it to them in print. Then they laughed harder:
by Dov Levi
Malignancies of the Mind

"Sounds shocking.

There are realities in this world that are simply shocking. They attack every aspect of humanity: Hunger... War... Disease... Abuse... Internet.

One of the points that makes the last entry on our list so distinctive is that in its own unique way it actually encompasses all the others. Even from a purely secular standpoint - which is not the limited view that we as frum Jews are expected to take - internet has overtaken and updated every form of evil known to mankind."

Even my youngest children realized how silly this kind of extremism is.

Being a BT is like wearing a coat. Thank God it can be removed, cleaned, changed, replaced... whatever it takes to shed the insanity.

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

I blame electricity.
Of course in the time Eisav was born there was lightning... therefore... the culprit is clearly electricity.
It could be that during the night of conception that either Yitzchok or Rivkah took note of lightning in the sky (without saying a bracha). Or even worse, it may have illuminated up their tent, causing an impure thought and the bearing of a rasha.

But it wasn't until the Jew-hating goyim - like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison - pushed their "modern" inventions on us that things really went downhill. Now one can find that stuff in almost every, otherwise wholesome, Jewish home! It was truly the beginning of the end of good times. It didn't take long after that, that batteries (encapsulated evil) became a part of our lives and all the evil things became portable in addition to being our homes; like light bulbs, radios, television, computers, and!

Of course we should have seen it coming when the Greek and Roman goyim invented plumbing, designed to tear us away from our holy mikveh!
But don't get me started on plumbing.

a yid said...

Farsholton zol Ziegler the pink who talks agains rabbi about banning a iphon should you ret in hell and never go out for saying that iphon or internet is not a issue for yiddishkiet

a yid said...

So you are talking agains the rabbis and gadolim shame on you should you never ever go out from hell you should and you will be burned alive and hell and never come out for talking like this against the Torah and rabbis and gedola hador. The most evil talk from a yid or another yid What are you think god wont take action against you and against such comments

Abe said...

How lamentable that Yitzchok and Rivkah conceived a cad as deplorable as Eisav. If it wasn’t a smartphone that was persuasive in Eisav’s evil character, what was it? Maybe , before sex, they shouldn’t have eaten the excessive garlic and onion red bean soup that Yitzchok enjoyed so much. Who knows what may set your child to scurry OTD?
What pressured Korach, Dasan and Aviram to develop a mind malignancy? Maybe it was excess onion and garlic that their parents consumed right before sex?
That’s why I abstain from onions and garlic at least three days before sex. I don’t want my children to go OTD and Chas Vshalom grow up to become another Einstein.

Dusiznies said...

4:45 & 4:50
It is apparent that you guys are on the internet .... so are you guys "OTD"????
It seems that you are religious and yet are on the internet ...

Anonymous said...

to Chafraud,
Benjamin Franklin was no anti-Semite. You've apparently read this infamous canard by Jew haters who falsified his history and made false comments attributed to him. These have been debunked a long time ago, so before you attack , kindly check your sources before you mock others.

Abe said...

You can’t accuse 4:45 and 4:50 of using the internet inappropriately. You can tell that he’s using a filtered smartphone engineered with Satmar benificense . That’s recognizable because you can easily see broken Yiddish translated into broken English.

Anonymous said...

"Franklin's Prophesy" pub. 1934 was a forgery .
“Franklin’s Prophecy” reached American historian Charles A. Beard, best known for his 1913 "An Economic Interpretation of the US Constitution," in September 1934. Beard began a search for the source of “Franklin’s Prophecy,” in the process consulting with other scholars such as John Franklin Jameson, chief of the Manuscripts Divisions of the Library of Congress.

Beard’s conclusions were published six months later, in March 1935. Summing up the results of his investigations, Beard wrote: “All these searches have produced negative results. I cannot find a single original source that gives the slightest justification for believing that the ‘Prophecy’ is anything more than a bare-faced forgery. Not a word have I discovered in Franklin’s letters and papers expressing any such sentiments against the Jews as ascribed to him by the Nazis — American and German.”

Henry Butler Allen, director of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, also weighed in on the imaginariness of “Charles Pinckney’s Diary,” stating: “Historians and librarians have not been able to find it or any record of it having existed.” The responses of Beard, Allen and several others were collected into the pamphlet Benjamin Franklin Vindicated: An Exposure of the Franklin “Prophecy” by American Scholars, in 1938.

A more recent discussion of the emergence and debunking of “Franklin’s Prophecy” is found in Nian-Sheng Huang’s Benjamin Franklin in American Thought and Culture, 1790-1990 (American Philosophical Society, 1994). Huang shows “Franklin’s Prophecy” to be an extreme case of exploiting, vulgarizing and distorting Franklin’s image. The ease with which the “Prophecy” has spread and its staying power (just do an internet search for “Benjamin Franklin and Jews”) demonstrate how successful bigots world-wide have been in misappropriating the American founding father’s good name and fame for their nefarious purposes.

Anonymous said...

Before you attack rabbis, read the latest info about Internet, smartphones and what they do to our children especially, and including adults. Depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, breaking off human contact, isolation, involvement with nonsense and fake or stupid remarks by real and not real people, etc. You mockers can laugh all you want, but these issues are real and becoming more dangerous.

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

Anonymous at 6:34 PM,

"You've apparently read this infamous canard by Jew haters who falsified his history and made false comments attributed to him."

Uhm, no. I was just writing a satirical comment, an absurdity, intended for humor only. I've read nothing about B Franklin being an anti-Semite. And in fact, he's an American forefather that I admire greatly and teach my children to admire. We hold a similar admiration for the great inventor Thomas A Edison as well. My comment wasn't an attack on either of those men. I consider them both brilliant men, blessed by God, who gave humanity a wealth of gifts through their work and inventions.

The schtick about "Jew-hating goyim" was really a parody of the many sermons I heard in a local Chabad house... where there was a constant drumbeat (year after year) of the 'goyim' this and 'goyim' that. Non-Jews were presented to the congregation as a monolithic 'other' who was always out to crush us and destroy our Judaism. So I just picked two of the greatest non-Jews (non-contemporaries at that) I could think of who had offered all of humanity enormous advancement through their work with electricity.

Fact is, I find the pejorative use of the word "goyim" quite disgusting.

I'm sorry you misunderstood my comment. It wasn't intended that way at all.

Dusiznies said...

Listen smarty pants and listen good.......
We live in 2017 and the internet and the smartphone are here to stay .....the Rabbis crazy and bizarre asifas are not only naive but out right stupidity ......and they themselves are making a mockery of Torah and themselves ...denigrating the respect that anyone will ever have for Gedoilei Hador ...because our youth are a lot smarter than the yesteryear in the shtetels ...... they smell the hypocrisy of their R"Y who honor the rich....who honor doctors, lawyers all of whom went to college that they prohibit their students from attending ...
they honor politicians and vote them in block votes... politicians that stand against everything the Torah stands for ..... all for the Almighty dollar ....
Your ignorant comment that
"read the latest info about Internet, smartphones and what they do to our children especially, and including adults. Depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, breaking off human contact, isolation, involvement with nonsense and fake or stupid remarks by real and not real people, etc. "
is so crazy that it baffles the mind of any sane person ....

We had all that, way before the internet ...there wasn't "depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, breaking off human contact, isolation, involvement with nonsense" .... before the internet???
We just are more aware now because of the internet and so now with the internet we can deal with it ...
The Rabbis instead of making dumb and meaningless asifas, should concentrate on why they are going off and why they are into drugs .... and its because they find no meaning in life ... no meaning in religion ...
so next time think before you shoot your stupid mouth off .....
Why don't you open some Tshuvois from the Noda Be'Yehuda, or the Chasam Sofer and you will see that they are dealing with similar problems ....nothing has changed ...what has changed is that it is o longer a secret!

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

Anonymous 7:11 PM,

I was unaware of the 'prophesy' and it's debunking.
Thank you for the history lesson. I appreciate that, and mean it sincerely.


Anonymous at 8:07 PM,

"Depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, breaking off human contact, isolation, involvement with nonsense and fake or stupid remarks by real and not real people, etc."

All of which existed LONG before the Internet. And rabbis are, for the most part, WORTHLESS at alleviating these ills of society. And sometimes they make matters worse.

But just out of curiosity, can I blame our local Chabad rabbis' alcoholism on Internet usage? They are very big on Internet self-promotion, and often pack the latest model (donor paid) smartphone.
Perhaps that's why they're shicker!

Anonymous said...

How are you connected to this website? Through unicorns and rainbows?

jancsibacsi said...

Anyone who thinks that the toreh is the answer to all their ills is a mindless moron,a human has to decide and no one else what is good for him no rabbi or anyone else can anyone who feels that he has to preach his way of life to others is nothing but a gigantic fool

Dusiznies said...

more to my rant on your stupid comment
I'll tell you why kids go off ....

Kids see leaders of klall yisroel taking their brothers in secular court waiting for some goy Judge to tell them who the real Rabbi is

Kids see two leaders who are brother-in-laws in secular court and the goy judge has to tell them to resolve it in Bais Din

Kids see Yeshivah Bochrim in Ponovitz killing each other . ..... yes killing each others .... never forget that one bocher got killed when another bocher threw a shtender at his head ... which was nicely covered up

Kids see a big Talmud Chochim a Rosh Yeshivah from a respected yeshivah upset that he wasn't crowned "Gadol Hador" after the passing of Rav Shach, he was upset that they named Rav Shteinman and so he split off, started his own group and ordered his naive bochrim to disrupt traffic all over Israel

Kids see how frum people throw rocks and shame frum IDF soldiers in uniform and the Gedoilei Hador say nothing ...

Kids see askanim sitting in jail because they raped and abused otheres

Kids see that the Rabbis shun and discard the victims and defend the pedophiles, abusers and rapists

I wonder if there are any chilonim out there saying "Yes, that is where I belong ...yes, that is how I want my children to grow up ....

Kids are not going off because of the internet ... they are going off because they do not see any true Torah leaders anymore ...

Chafraud-Depravitch said...


"I wonder if there are any chilonim out there saying "Yes, that is where I belong ...yes, that is how I want my children to grow up ...."

Likely not. But there are former BT's out here asking:
How did I not research?
How did I get in this mess?
How do I explain to the family that we made a mistake?
How do we unlearn it, get out of it?
How do we recover financially from all of the religious expense?
How do we maintain love of God, Torah, and wholesome family values while recognizing that too many religious "authorities" are frauds and much of what we believed is complete nonsense and lies?
How did I not realize that many in (ultra) Orthodox Judaism are much the same, and even worse, than the secular world I came from?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the not-quite-duped could be like Alice in Wonderland, when the Queen said 'Off with her head!'

'Who cares for you?' said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) 'You're nothing but a pack of cards!'

Anonymous said...

1. To cease from using the internet is very difficult, as it is built into our culture. Therefore, the best way to help klal yisrael should not be to say how bad the internet is, but rather to build up the person himself, to make him have self worth and confidence, to make him feel like the holy neshama that he is, which would help him rise above the need for pornography, time wasters such as games and tons of YouTube clips, etc.

This is where these rabanim are probably erring. Rav moshe Weinberger is of this opinion, to build up rather than make a person feel bad.

That being said,
2.there are different shorashim, of tumah, roots of tumah.
One is gaavah, one is mitzrayim, etc etc, the point being that roots of tumah can be a midah, or it can be from a nation, or place, etc. This is based off the be'er moshe.

At different points in time,there have been different manifestations of the same roots of tumah.
Back by the time of the Avos, there was a DIFFERENT source of tumah, which now, as any sane person should agree, is different. They didn't have the same things back then as we do now, so obviously we have different tumah issues.

And the internet? It has access to anything and everything that a person may want to indulge in. (By the wayYou get a boost of dopamine every time you use your phone, computer, what have you, which is a little bit of extraneous gashmiyusdik pleasure.

Now, regarding esav, I believe the be'er moshe says that avraham had yishmael on purpose, that he had bad children with keturah, on purpose, to remove the evil that was in him somewhat, (as everyone has ra mixed in them in some form)to get it out of his lineage, so Yitzhak and future children would not have that aspect of evil in them. This called mitaso sheleima. A complete bed.

Yitzhak did the same thing. He had two children, esav first to remove the evil from Yitzhak essence, and then yaakov came out pure, an ish yam.

Does this answer why esav was born without the internet?

Ps dis, I know you believe that we are not meant to hold back, that we are meant to enjoy whatever Hashem gives us, but the tumah on the internet is not meant to be indulged in.

Please note: I use the internet, and am aware of the issues and potential dangers, and it is a struggle. Nonetheless, this does not make me a hypocrite, as all I am doing is validating what the rabanim have said, but I will not go preaching these ideas in the streets.

The internet is dangerous, fact. It has broken many marriages and relationships.

It must be used with extreme caution.

Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

It's extremely dangerous - so are knives, cars, electricity, fire, anaesthesia, etc etc. This is the 21st century, and the youngsters of today from even the most strict haredi families will inevitably be influenced by it in all its guises, and also be obliged to learn to use it adequately if they want to survive, communicate, build a career, earn money etc. The world has changed forever, and there's no going back to a mythical golden age.

Golden Age.

AishKodesh said...

I don't see why they couldn't have had a kid like Eisav... Everyone has Bechirah Chofshis! Eisav decided to do what he decided to do, although the Gemara says that he perhaps had more potential than Yaakov Avinu! But he didn't use it...

To 4:10 PM, you have a very Torah-true view on the internet. Indeed, a very similar problem was adressed by the Mussar Giant, Rav Itzele Peterburger zt"l (recorded in Sparks of Mussar): It was suggested that the Bochurim should perhaps board in the Beis Midrash, so that they would not be open to outside influence and come to read goyishe books or newspapers.

Rav Itzele replied that that was a good idea, but more importantly, they should be educated in Mussar. Without Mussar, said Rav Itzele zt"l, you could lock them up in the Aron Kodesh and they could light a candle and read anything...

Anonymous said...

How inspiring coming from a secular jew like you

AishKodesh said...

Baruch Hashem, I am Frum and have been my entire life. Not secular.

Anonymous said...


Self appointed messiah

AishKodesh said...

Maybe I am too much of the first four, but not a self appointed Mashiach, C"V...