Wednesday, December 5, 2018

DANGEROUS Rebbetzin Temi Kamenetsky leads a conference call of FRUM ANTI-VAXX LOONIES giving them CHIZUK ??

by Mordechai Ovitz

Yesterday, Rebbetzin Temi Kamenetsky (wife of Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky) led a conference call of frum antivax loonies with the purpose of giving them chizuk to stay strong against reality. Below is a surreptitious recording of the call.

Rebbetzin Kamenetsky said such crazy, evil $%@# that I could not resist transcribing it. "Merck is Amalek!"
" Pharmaceutical companies are run by organized crime and killed a doctor who invented a cure for cancer!"
"Don't debate them (the vaxxers)"

Here's what I transcribed:... (partially Transcribed ..... You must listen to this crazy conversation in total with these crazed Yentas!)

B: Thank you so much for joining us. There's a large group of women here, and we wanted a, are in desperate need of chizuk in this difficult time. Many of us have children that are out of school, many of us have children that may be sent out of school, and we're trying to wrap our heads around what's going on here from a hashkafic perspective, or, like, what Hashem wants from us.

Rebbetzin Kamenetsky: 
Did you ever hear of Amalek? Hashem told to get rid of them because they're not good. They tried to destroy b'nei yisroel. And they're still trying. Merck is a German company, and they produce MMR. Worldwide a lot of terrible things have been happening. Autism is all over the world.
I know personally two babies who died, they were three months old. Right after, two and a half weeks after the shots. But the doctors don't believe it. They're taught, they don't know that they're taught by professors who are apikorsim or representatives of the medical, of the pharmaceutical companies.
This is a test min hashamayim. As everything is a test. We're told al tivtichi b'nedivim b'ben adam sheain lo teshuah. He could be the greatest person, the [unintelligible] the doctors, the lawyers, the Indian chiefs. But you can't trust anyone, any human being. And it says bitchu baShem, we are told we must trust Hashem. These are called "childhood diseases." [unintelligible] Why did He do that? Because everyone admits that it strengthens the immune system, and that's why Hashem gives it to the children. When they get older and get it, they're very, very sick. And some don't get it at all. I read that measles, they're using measles to fight cancer. They realize those who had measles naturally have a much better immune system.

And we just have to daven to Hashem. The only thing we could do is daven, and daven, and daven. It's before moshiach's time, this is part of chevlei moshiach, unfortunately. We're being forced to choose between school or vaccinations. So we could just tell everybody, I'd rather trust Hashem than the doctors. It's mamesh a gezeira, it's a gezeima min hashamiyim. We're being tested. Hashem should have rachmanus, we must daven for rachmanus and at the same time for the geula. Because we can still change [unintelligible] r"l. When you feel the pain in your heart your davening is much stronger. So instead of davening for the schools only, we should ask Hashem to have rachmanus not only on his children, these are Hashem's children, we can't take a chance to harm them, they belong to Hashem. [unintelligible] should take over, He should remove the gezeira from us, and we should all trust Hashem for everything. That's what Hashem wants. If we trust him, he takes over. And we need him to take over. Hashem should have rachmanus on klal yisroel. We should be zocheh to the geulah, now, we need it desperately. Now are there any questions?

A: Yes, thank you so much. I don't know, am I being heard?

Yes, you're being heard clearly.

A: Um, is this conference being recorded?

B: Uh, I don't think so.

I hope not.

A: The Rov spoke already?

B: No, Rebbetzin Kamenetsky spoke to us.

A: Beautiful, thank you so much, it was really, really special to hear.

Rebbetzin Kamenetsky: 
You're welcome. You should trust Hashem. He's going to give you nachas from all your children. Because you're doing, you trust Hashem and you're not vaccinating because there's nothing wrong with Hashem yisboroch. In other words, you're not allowed to trust in adam; we were warned by Dovid HaMelech: don't trust any adam, no matter who he is. That's the point.

A: I just want to share a little. I had, baruch Hashem, my children all had the measles. And my daughter was expecting any day, and we were all in literally a lachatz because we didn't want her to get it. And it's amazing the way, when you trust in Hashem, He comes through always. Sometimes you see, sometimes you don't. But boruch Hashem I want to just publicly make a, thank Hashem. Everybody had the measles. All of my children had it, my son-in-law had it, and my daughter's baby had it, and baruch Hashem she did not have it. She and her baby were saved. It's baruch Hashem three weeks after she had her baby, and her baby is turning three weeks now and everybody's been out of the measles. [crosstalk] And it was just such a hashgacha. So it's just like when you let Hashem into life, He takes care of you.

Rebbetzin: Of course.

A: I'm like always amazed, people that immunize and they're so afraid of still, like, when my children had the measles, the neighbors were all so afraid that they couldn't even stand -- not the children when they had it, when somebody had it in the house, only one person -- they wouldn't play with any of the kids because they were afraid that their children would get it. But their children were immunized, so why were they afraid? I guess they were afraid for the one percent. Then I'm saying, where does Hashem come into the picture then?

Not only that, [sputters] herd immunity is a false thing that they're spreading. Because you can only have herd immunity if everyone has measles naturally. Not with vaccination, there's no such thing as herd immunity. They're even using v'nishmartem meod es nafshoseichem to say that this is hishtadlus, take the vaccination [laughs]. It's sheker, it has to do with money. Because they make, Amalekim make billions a year, it's coming up to trillions, and they spend millions to bribe the politicians. [unintelligible] A baal teshuva from Russia said this is just what the communists do. That's what they do [laughs]. Democracy is not what Hashem provided. Because politicians can be bribed. So Hashem should bless all of you to have nachas from the children, healthy children, [unintelligible]

B: Amen. Any other questions?

A: I don't know if I'm still on, but I just wanted to add one more thing. That, umm, it's interesting, we should remember that the pharmaceutical is the ones that are sponsoring the colleges. Just like we have big nadvonim that sponsor the yeshivas, l'havdil they are sponsoring the colleges and they are the ones that have the say on the curriculum. So they are providing the doctors, you know, what they want them to believe.

I'm so glad you brought that up. Because I read a review, a book is out, proving that organized crime is in the pharmaceutical business. And they actually kill doctors that, umm. Not only that, but there was a doctor Bradstreet (?) that was coming out with a cure for cancer and they shot him with a bullethole in the liver (?) [unintelligible] [laughs]. So we're up to the greatest kinds of evil. Hashem wants our tears. He wants to bring moshiach.

There's another truth, that the source of this trouble that we have now, is from the sitra achra, which is the [unintelligible] of course, but because it brings sina between adam lachaveiro. Sinas chinam. That's what destroyed the beis hamikdash. How do you call another Jew a rotzeach? Is it a Jew that's being? [long, unintelligible]

A: Amen, Can I ask another question?

Yes, go ahead.

C: Can you hear me? I just wanted to say something about the measles, this fear, it reminds me of the tochacha where Hashem says we'll be running away and no one will be chasing us. Just for general information, the measles is not dangerous for a pregnant woman. They make it sound like it is, there's no evidence. There was a study done in New York City when measles was going around, they compared pregnant women who got the measles with pregnant women who did not get the measles. And the only thing they found was that some of the women who had the measles had their babies early. And therefore low birth weight babies. There were no birth defects, and the miscarriage rate was not higher in the women who got the measles. People who say just the opposite, and they say birth defects, they're probably thinking of the German measles and not just regular measles. So it's not anything to be afraid of.

A: As a matter of fact, I don't know if I'm still on, but if I am, after the baby was born, we went to see a doctor and we had to find a natural doctor, somebody who was a little more open-minded. And we boruch Hashem found one, I'm going to just say her name here because she was such a special shliach. Her name is Sandra Sadler. We live in Monsey, so she's in Haverstraw. It could take a little while to get there, but it was worth the trip. And it was cute the way she would tell my daughter that is she would have gotten the measles before, that would have been great. Because then she would have given over the antibodies to the baby. So she was totally not, like, frantic or anything. She would get a lot of heat that the Dept of Health was knocking on our door and whatever. They wanted to catch my daughter and put her into the hospital and isolate her, and not let her be with her baby, and not let her nurse her baby. And they were going to put the baby on formula right away, and everything else. And boruch Hashemno boruch Hashem, it was very exciting, we were all, the house was full. Everybody had the measles, everyone was in their beds. And when I saw two [unintelligible], I said oif-geknockte hoishanos, when they came to the door, like these two scrawny old ladies that didn't have better what to do, with green masks on their faces I knew it was the Health Dept. And we called everybody to the window and we had a nice show. And of course we didn't open the door. And boruch Hashem it was a break in the monotony of measles.

But then when I met this doctor it was just a breath of fresh air when she told me that it would have been better for her to have the measles before. It wouldn't have been a problem at all. She was, like, totally not concerned and she is a great pediatrician.

I want to add to that. I just found out now that my daughter, she was already married and was pregnant, and she got the measles. Because unfortunately they stopped people from getting it when they're young. So she got it when was pregnant in Eretz Yisroel. She said she felt so sick she thought she was dying r"l. But she gave birth to a very beautiful baby boy, he's learning now in Lakewood. The child was not harmed at all. He was not harmed at all. Don't believe what doctors say, because a lot of the time what they say is what they're taught. Has to do with money. So trust only Hashem. We're told, Hashem told us just trust Me, not adam. And if you go that way you're safe. He takes care. 

B: A lot of people are asking me I think a very good question. And maybe it's a little bit of a chutzpa to ask, but people want to know, they feel like there's a lot of rabbonim and a lot of respectable rabbonim that are saying that we have to do it. And they're feeling like why are the rabbonim that are against this whole thing, why are they not saying anything. Like, where are they? 

They can't, they can't. If you've ever tried to convince somebody who vaccinates (?) to listen to the other side, they wouldn't hear. They would not hear. [unintelligible] They can't start a machlokes [unintelligible]

C: Someone says very nicely that we shouldn't stoop down to the level of people who are calling us names. We shouldn't be masser on them, and we shouldn't say negative things about them. We have to be above all that. Very, very difficult. And what the rebbetzin said about [unintelligible]. We have an offer out to someone in [unintelligible] was offered to debate with any doctor or any person about whether vaccines are good or not good. He's willing to pay a few thousand dollars to get a doctor who is willing to talk about why, try to convince us to vaccinate and he's gotten no takers. Because they can't talk, they can't talk, they can't talk because they don't have what to say. They know they don't have what to say. So therefore they just laugh at it. 

B: Right. So I know a doctor who [gets cut off]

I just want to say something here that's very important. You must listen carefully. This is a bigger test than you think. Because we're not allowed to look at another Jew, and certainly not allowed to call him anything, because there are all Hashem's children. So we're being tested. We should use the middah of rachmanos and not try to get back at them. The middah of rachmanos. They don't know. [unintelligible] two babies that died that I know personally. So we're not, this is Hashem is testing us here. Don't say, don't argue, don't say anything. Use your middah of rachmanos. It's a rachmanos. They don't know. And in America [laughs] people are so brainwashed they think the doctors are like gods. So we have to have rachmanos. This is what Hashem wants. He uses rachmanos and we use [unintelligible]. You're right, you can't say anything, and you can't debate because [gets cut off]

C: Maybe it's a good idea for people who want to ask a rov, they should ask, like, everything that you ask, if you want the yoreh deah question you ask somebody who is very, you know, learned on that. Rabbonim are also, they have their specialties that they, you know, learnt through very thoroughly. So when you ask such a question you might want to ask a rov that has done a lot of research and really did both sides and, you know, he's probably the most qualified to answer such a question.

Right. What you're saying is very important. And you know what? [long, unintelligible] So what should they do? They should not pasken. 

You do your own research. But people want to know that there's a [unintelligible]. We have to be dan lekaf zechus all bnei yisroel. We say before, on yom kippur, on the night of yom kippur, ki bchol h'am beshgagah. Forgive us, Hashem, the whole nation is doing it beshgagah. I don't know how you say it in English.

A: Accidentaly.
B: By mistake.
C: Not knowingly.

Not on purpose, not on purpose. But be very careful, don't make sinas chinam [unintelligible]. You have to say I'm trusting Hashem and not the doctors. That's the only answer you can give. Just give that answer: I'm trusting Hashem, I don't trust the doctors. They can't fault you for that. I mean what can they say? You must trust the doctors? Is it my hishtadlus? [unintelligible] So the answer is that the Chazon Ish [unintelligible] says it, but a lot of other gedolim. They say the greatest hishtadlus is tefilla. I never thought it was hishtadlus but tefilla is hishtadlus, and it's the greatest hishtadlus a person can do. Just keep that in mind. 

B: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All have nachas from your children and Hashem should have nachas from all of us. 

B: Amen. I wanna just, before we hang up, I wanna just give over the conversation when I initially, when I called Reb Shmuel, I just want to tell you, I'm sure everybody could ask their own shailos. But he gave me tremendous chizuk, because I said to Reb Shmuel: am I supposed to be prepared to have my children out of school? He said, yes. I said, well I'm afraid. And he said, what are you afraid of? That your kids are going to turn the house upside-down? I said, no that's not what I'm afraid of. I'm afraid of that they won't get into schools, and they won't get into camps, and they won't be able to get shidduchim, and nobody is going to want to play with them, and they won't have any friends. It's a crazy world now. And he said, Reb Shmuel said, it is a crazy world, but the world is going to be normal one day. And I said, did the rosh yeshiva just say that the world is going to be normal one day? And he said, yes.

To me that was very [laughs], that made me feel much better. It should give everybody a lot of chizuk. Hard to imagine. Very, very hard to imagine, but [gets cut off]

I know, but moshiach is just around the corner. And we have to daven we should be zocheh. Take care and Hashem should have nachas from all the children.

B: Great. Amen. Thank you very, very much. 

You're very welcome. Kol tuv.


  1. Thank you for posting this.

    Most people still have no idea how Philly yeshiva is a dangerous cult who since the 1960s have produced an army of automated zombies who angrily spout all kinds of kefira to protect their gurus Kaminetzky & Svei from even the slightest criticism when well warranted.

    When Kaminetzky was finally outed for profiting from the kashering of mamzerim, the zombie army, many of them now sporting white beards, fired off a jointly signed letter attacking all the greatest poskim in the world including the ones hitting the century mark in age.

    They are crazed & I wouldn't put violence past them either. If not for Yated's Lipschutz engineering a cover up of the mamzerus scandal, Kaminetzky & his son (along with Memphis Greenblatt) would be in cherem. And the reaction I could realistically imagine is stranger than fiction - picture the zombie army outside Jerusalem in "World War Z"

    If you speak to the real yeshivishe crowd you will learn that Philly & the other cult personality yeshiva Long Beach, have been a laughing stock in Brisk & Lakewood since at least the 1980s. Try counting how many from these yeshivos have been accepted by Rav AJ Soloveitchik into Brisk and you will not get very far. He figured out early on what a sick mindset they usually have.

  2. Barukh Hashem! Toda rabba for transcribing it. This is a perfect example of a tzaddikah that isn't pollitically correct and only wants kavod shamaim. May the writer merit to do teshuva someday. Amen