Thursday, September 22, 2016

Black Cop Shoots a Black Guy with a Gun and the Blacks Riot????? Top Law Enforcement Official Loretta Lynch tells Rioters "We feel your pain"

The blacks are not rioting because a black cop shot a black guy with a gun ..... nope...
Blacks  are  looting and, burning down  innocent mom & pop stores that worked hard for their money ...not because a black cop shot an armed black guy!

So if they are not rioting because a black cop shot an armed black guy.... why are they rioting and looting ????
 Look at what's going on in Charlotte.  They have a black police chief.  They have a largely African-American city council in Charlotte, and they're running around talking about how white people are the devil.  
These clowns even went in and looted or raided the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
But white people are not involved in this one.  This particular police shooting didn't involve white people. 
The Nation of Islam guy came out yesterday and said everybody needs to start boycotting white businesses.  Well, fine, but they don't have anything to do with this.  There's not a white person involved in this incident. 

And while we're asking questions, where are all the moderate black leaders decrying the rioting and the looting in Charlotte?  
Or is that like asking where are all the moderate Muslim leaders decrying Islamic supremacist terrorism?  Seriously!  Is every African-American leader as radicalized now as Black Lives Matter, or is it such that they're just too intimidated to be moderates in the face of all of this? 

They are rioting and looting because they are frustrated that their black president with their black attorney general let them down and they are worse off now than they were 8 years ago ......

 They've been voting for the same people for 50 years and they  are regressing. They've been voting for the same people for 50 years and you have the same complaints amplified and multiplied.

So what the top Law enforcement lady, Loretta Lynch say to rioters? You ask?
"We feel your pain"
This woman ought to be up there telling every one of these lawbreakers what's gonna happen to them if they don't stop this."  Right? 
 "She's the top law enforcement officer in the country, and instead of acknowledging this and encouraging this and saying she understands this, she ought to be telling these people it's about time to stop it or they're gonna be sent places they don't want to go." 

 It's time to shut this down, instead of running around acting like "we understand," "we feel your pain," and "we really admire" or whatever it is that she's trying to convey here. 


  1. They attacked white people during the riots and the police did nothing.

  2. If I were black and saw that Tulsa video I would freak out and join demonstations.

    Amazing how this racist website is run by Jews. What an embarrassment to your people your Torah and your G-d

  3. 2:25
    You stupid naive fool ....
    Notice, you blind mouse, that they didn't riot in Tulsa, though a white lady cop shot an unarmed black ...
    they rioted in Charlotte where a black cop shot an armed black ...
    You know why idiot?
    Because Tulsa is in Oklahoma ....Republican Territory .... and HELLiry has no chance there....
    They riot in Charlotte ...North Carolina ... which is a swing state .....
    These riots are organized by "Shvartza" Lives Matter ........ and are pushing HELL iry!
    And stop lecturing me about my Torah and my G-D ....
    You naive stupid meshiginar

  4. We are not in fifth grade here so perhaps write as an adult. (caps are stupid)

    Black people have been killed in this country for 400 years. As a Jew you are to care for justice for the downtrodden. Charlotte and much of Black lives matter is hypocritical and does a disservice to valid complaints about racist cops beating up innocent black people.

    I also don't like the way they ignore black on black violence which kills many more blacks than white cops do.

    But that doesn't take away the injustice done to hundreds of thousands of innocent black people who are beaten daily by cops for no reason.

    As a Jew who believes the law and rule of justice is paramount there must be a change in this country.

  5. 3:05
    If you say that there must be change ...then vote for Trump. HELL'iry was in government for 30 and accomplished nada for the black people ...
    there are now worse off than ever ....
    you wrote that if "f I were black and saw that Tulsa video I would freak out and join demonstations."
    well the rewern't "demonstrations" in Tulsa ... they were in Charlotte

    Black in Charlotte and previously in Baltimore burnt down innocent mom & pop stores that the "demonstrations" you would join?
    Dont lecture me on "justice" Jews gave their lives for the civil rights movement and got kicked in the ass ..... Blacks are now the biggist anti-Semites in the US ...
    I grew up with blacks.... i know their mentality very well ...
    you write that "Black people have been killed in this country for 400 years. " Blacks have only been in the US for barely over 200 years, by the way ....
    and guess who brought them here?
    Other blacks