Friday, March 29, 2013

Frum Jewish girl sings Nicki Minaj song for her friend’s wedding in Yiidish and English

rikki rose
An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman, Riki Rose, made a song for her friend in honor of her wedding, which was held on October 25th. Rose’s friend Chavy, married Yitzchok Lebowitz.

The song is a parody from the famous song “Starships” by Nicki Minaj. Rose’s song has some Yiddish and some English lyrics.

It is very surprising that an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman risked her reputation by uploading her song to the internet, since in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, Jewish men are not supposed to listen to a singing woman. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish people are also not allowed to listen to non-Jewish music.

If a rabbi in the community will find out of this video that Rose uploaded to the internet, she might be ostracized from the community.

Nonetheless it is fascinating to watch as a young Ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman authored her own lyrics and perfectly carry the tune to a non-Jewish song. It makes great entertainment for all of us. 



    Wonderful - I think that is great!!!! Keep up the good work !

  2. This song is like over a year old.

  3. Actually there are Orthodox Rabbis that hold that recorded female voices are fine for men to listen to (it's considered a musical instrument), just not ok acapella in person. As for listening to non-Jewish music, there is a famous Orthodox male artist who did a parody of this song a while back in English and Yiddish, so she could easily claim she was copying that.

  4. Extremely talented

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  6. Rikkis my friend and yitzchak is my brother:-) its an excellent song