Friday, January 17, 2020

Who is Rabbi Shmuel Neiman From Monsey? .... Rabbanim Are Saying He is Dangerous to the Spirituality of His Students

I found this Video .... and I actually found it very interesting .....

Why did R' Malkiel Kotler, Rosh Yeshiva sign this "Kol Korah?"
Why did R' Zvi Shustal Sign it?
And why did the other Rabbanim sign this?

Anybody know? Is it because he is normal?

Is he threat because he speaks about "love" between husband and wife? 
I took the time to listen to the entire video...and every single thought is from holy sources..... He is also a Rav and a Dayan in Monsey ....
What's going on?

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Anonymous said...

Rabbis Kotler and Schustal and a number of other Rabbonim, issued a statement that they never signed this kol koreh and that their signatures were forged.

Not sure why the producers of the kol koreh went through such great lengths to falsify signatures.

Anonymous said...

Neiman or his supporters gathered a petition asking the rabbonim to be choizer on this. Then they posted another tzettl, which between the two the 2nd one is frankly more suspicious, and not just because it is unsigned. Purporting to be the rabbonim clarifying, the 2nd says they are takka having meetings to discuss Neiman but there was no psak yet, the first tzettl was the product of a hothead with inside information who rushed to attack Neiman without their permission.

He does happened to darshan on a number of topics where it is very easy to stray into territory that would make the rabbonim very unsettled.

And he wrote a sefer on hilchos yichud which seemingly anyone else who did that in the last 30 years was eventually outed as a molester. So let's hope he will not be joining the ranks of Bryks, Tropper & Dovid Weinberger.

Realist said...

And the second “tzetel” has the third Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva Neuman signed!

Anonymous said...

Maybe R' Yisroel Neuman signed a dritter tzettl because the one that I saw had no signatures.

Ver hut zy gefrayked? (Who asked them?) said...

Who asked these self appointed Rabbi's? Who needs their rotten signatures? Because they have fur coats, take enough of our money to buy politicians and secret (modesty) police, they all of a sudden are Daas Torah (the Wisdom of the Torah)?

I don't think so. Does the public have any say on these decisions? No. The public is only good to provide attention and power to these psychopaths. And good to provide money and their kids for all kinds of their sick pleasures.

For anything else, the tzibber (public) better shut up and have no access to information or the internet. Or the secret police will step it.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Shmuel Neiman is very good. Everything he said in this video is right on, mehadrin min hamehadrin (the kosherest of the kosher).

If he's truly sincere and there is no hanky panky going on (unlike one troll here is implying), it doesn't seem anyone has a chance against him.

He is the one who pushed through the eruv (enclosure, see link below) in Monsey NY years ago, with major opposition from most Rabbi's in Monsey, back then. He's the son of Viznitz dayan (judge) in Monsey. Good luck taking him out. He will take them all out.

Anonymous said...

Love is the Air...
Love is everywhere....

Anyone remember this 'EMESeh' Song??

That is how it should be.
On Tznee'ooz oifen.