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Friday, November 10, 2017

Watch as a Visnitz Chassan dances around his future wife while she stands like a "Klotz" ...


Thinking Yid said...

It's really hard to believe this is real. But the fact that it is, makes it so hard to watch. It's painful to imagine what the poor girl is going through.

Abe said...

If there were a caption to read under the video, it would say : BUYER’S REMORSE

Anonymous said...

She doesn't look very happy. Why have such a ritual where the bride feels she is on public display to be 'admired' by male chauvinists?

Anonymous said...

Imagine this poor childs future life.
A sperm receptacle and child production factory.
A homemaker, cook and cleaner
Going to her 'spare' time
all to support the lazy bastard he owns her.

She must feel really lucky to be 'chosen' and to be 'torah true'

Anonymous said...

If this isn't child abuse-i don't know what is,what an ugly and despicable spectacle this is.
imagine the irony,a week later when she will be taking the frum bus she'll be told to sit in the back because they don't want chas veshalom men should see her,and here a night before her wedding this poor kid is on full display in front of hundreds of leeches and perverts,what a bunch of ignorant savages,
no wonder the VILNA GAON saw fit to put these bozos into CHEREM


Anonymous said...

With an ass like that, no wonder that all came running to watch

Anonymous said...

Really ugly comments. In thos families the mitzva tanz is a time were the bride prayes for a good and healthy life. It's unbelievable that people who probably don't know this life from close contact judge her. Why is everything that kate Middleton has to do not poor and sad?? This girl is now a part of a royal family probably getting all she wants.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't wear a gown by the Mitzvah Tantz?
If it's not by the wedding, then what event is this video from?

Anonymous said...

9:43 AM
By certain chasidim they do a mitzvah tanz a night before the wedding too,
this was a Vishnitz wedding
In Skverr they also have a mitzvah tanz a night before,but there the chasan and kallah don't see each other they are in separate rooms and each holding on to a long gartel.
absolute insanity to the extreme

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

3:50 AM,

"This girl is now a part of a royal family probably getting all she wants."

Indeed, we can see her "tears of happiness" as she set down her leash.

And thanks to the high standard of tznius, all of the male audience get to hang on to their dollar bills.

Mendel said...

Someone please clarify, she’s not wearing a long whit dress, she has no vaile and it looks like no wig or any sort of head covering,

Was this a wedding ??

Anonymous said...

They're so frum they don't see each other even after the wedding They use artificial insemination because you cannot be with a member of the opposite sex