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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

"I walked into the circle of hell" says Frum Female IDF Soldier Trapped by Peleg Savages!

The soldier who pepper-sprayed Peleg protesters opened up and told her side of the story on Tuesday. The soldier was caught on video by a passerby and the video was then uploaded to the internet. According to the soldier, the most important part of the incident wasn’t filmed.
The soldier, Amit Nazri wrote t Israeli media her side of the events that transpired: “Yesterday, at approximately 3:00 p.m., I was traveling to the IDF base where I serve via the Jerusalem light-rail. I headed from the Central Bus Station towards Ammunition Hill. When we arrived at the Damascus Gate (three stops before I need to get off) the driver stopped the train and announced that he could not proceed due to a protest which was taking place in front of the train. He asked all passengers to disembark.
I got off the train together with all the other passengers and began to walk towards the station that I needed. On the way, I was trapped by the protesters. I kept walking and minding my own business, and despite the ‘regular’ shouts of “Shiksa” being hurled my way because I was passing by them and in a uniform, I kept going. Truly, that was a terrible thing for me to do.”
According to Nazri she didn’t react to the comments but to a woman who was surrounded by approximately 40 Charedi men who were not letting her leave the ring that they had formed around her. “The woman was being cursed and spit on from all directions. I didn’t think twice, I simply broke into their circle in an effort to extricate the victim from the assailants. That’s when the real drama began. The second I walked in there, I walked into the circle of hell. This was a circle of human animals. The absurd thing is that they still allow themselves to wear kippot and have the audacity to call themselves Charedim.”
Nazri explained a bit about her own religious background. “It is important for me to make clear that I also keep the Mitzvot. I have a strong faith in the complete Torah and all of its commandments and I encourage those who sit and learn, the Lomdei Torah. But these people? These people were Satan incarnate. They were not lomdei Torah, and not even lomdei na’alaim (shoes). They were animals.


mmz said...

Frum Female IDF Soldier. Talk about an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

Here's an oxymoron_________

Frum Peleg Torah brutal barbarian.
Like that? Want to trade oxymorons?