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Thursday, January 19, 2017


An act of utter irresponsibility occurred on CNN last night on Wolf Blitzer’s show — an act of total derangement, irresponsibility, and danger. To me, what CNN did last night disqualifies them from discussions of journalism, from giving them serious consideration and credibility. 

CNN slammed for encouraging violence with bizarre report

CNN has been criticized for airing a report which revealed that an Obama appointee would become president if Donald Trump was killed during an attack on the inauguration tomorrow.
Entitled Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office, the report admits that there is no specific threat targeting the inauguration, but goes on to speculate about “who would be in charge if an attack hit the incoming president….just as the transfer of power is underway”.
An individual named the “designated presidential successor” will not attend the inauguration as a security precaution, “but it won’t be a Trump cabinet secretary….it will be an Obama appointee,” reports CNN.
The report emphasizes that “a president from the prior administration” will take power if there is an attack due to the fact that none of Trump’s cabinet secretaries have been confirmed yet.
According to CNN, the designated presidential successor is likely to be Tom Shannon, the Under Secretary For Political Affairs, and an Obama appointee.
The report teases the potential for an attack on the inauguration by asserting it would create “chaos” and “high theater,” before airing clips from ABC’s Designated Survivor show in which Kiefer Sutherland plays an obscure cabinet secretary who is “unexpectedly thrust into the presidency after an attack at the capitol during a State of the Union address.”
Given the huge number of death threats leveled at Trump – including one family friend of Hillary Clinton who was arrested after he threatened to assassinate Trump at the inauguration – is CNN irresponsible in drawing attention to this issue?
Respondents to the video on YouTube, which was heavily thumbed down, slammed CNN for almost encouraging a violent attack against Trump.
“Totally not suggesting anything here, huh CNN?” commented one.
“So leftist terrorists know who they need to take out, so that dems can stay in power? This is irresponsible journalism,” added another.
“I flagged this video as dangerous to the president elect, and that it might foment violence,” wrote another.
The charges are not without precedent. After Thomas DiMassimo tried to rush the stage to violently confront Trump during an event in Ohio last year,CNN gave him a platform to denounce Trump as a “bully”.


Zev Steinhardt said...

I highly doubt that to be true.

President Obama's term ends at noon on Friday. At that point, Donald Trump becomes President. He is President whether or not he actually takes the oath (although he may be precluded from excersing the powers of the Presidency until he does).

In any event, if Donald Trump were to die at any point prior to taking office, then Mike Pence would automatically become President. And, were both unable to take office, then the next person in line, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would become President.

If there were no one at all in the line of succession, then the House would elect a new Speaker who would automatically become President.

Zev Steinhardt

Anonymous said...

to zev,
you fell into vile CNN trap. They're not interested in law of succession, only that Trump never becomes president and that the radical Obama should stay in office, just like all lefties. Either corrupt criminal Hillary of America hating Obama should serve. The left doesn't give a damn about laws, they're power hungry despots, they all love Castro and Kim Il Jung and Chavez, except Putin.

Anonymous said...

You are missing some details here. What CNN actually said, or rather wishes for, is the one narrow legal scenario where Obumbum could appoint a Democrat crony as President. Only if Trump along with his entire cabinet is killed by terrorists at the inauguration BEFORE the actual swearing in. Wall St Journal columnist Seth Lipsky wrote about this and savaged CNN that they are such shameless sickos. CNN just hired by the way the daughter of Obumbum pit bull Valerie Jarrett to provide non-stop bashing of Trump's Attorney General J. Sessions.

I hope Trump is not allowing security to be controlled by the Democrats. Obumbum might pull the ultimate Muslim act of becoming a Shahid with lax security where terrorists can infiltrate.

DIN gets results said...

The Daniel Small arrested by the FBI as one of the crooks in the Platinum ponzi scam along with Huberfeld & the bums from Young Israel New Rochelle, is eidim by Abe Foxman, the outgoing head of the ADL Kapos who suck up to Obama & help him flood America with Arab terrorist "refugees" as long as they make plenty of money on it. Let's find out if Foxman himself was messing around with Platinum.