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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chareidiem Like Arabs Vandalize the Graves of the Fallen Soldiers on Har Hazeisim


Hey Mr. Lubinsky ...... there? 
Where are  you and your organization" that is  supposed to protect Har Hazisim?   
well ... you got your job cut out for you now!   Forget the Arabs, we got enemies within .... look out for the guys that wear the tzizis out!

Police on Independence Day morning responded to a vandalism attack in the military section of Har HaZeisim. It appears extremist chareidim set wreaths that was placed on kevarim on fire.
The vandals fled the area when police arrived.


Anonymous said...

Fled the the chicken-shit cowards that they are. Desecrating a grave is unforgivable - then they call the IDF NAzis. Black hatted mamzerim

Anonymous said...

A grave of a dog is forgivable and someone who's fighting against Hashem is a dog

Sam Kay said...

Those who desecrated the graves should be transferred to Gaza immediately ...

Anonymous said...

to anonymous commenter #2 - you are truly #2, one huge piece of shit.
the fact that you can call any jew a dog shows that you are not a jew.
Any soldier, no matter how irreligious is more jew than you or any satmar dickhead chasid will ever be. Just keep following whatever those 2 tuches holes Zalmi and Aaron preach.

Sam Kay said...

וּבִעַרְתָּ הָרָע, מִקִּרְבֶּךָ.