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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Meir Wexler missing!

On Monday morning, Rabbi Meir Wexler left home, and hasn’t been heard from since.
His family believes that Rabbi Wexler is traveling outside of Florida.
Our hope is that this bulletin will be seen by hotels, motels, rest stops, gas stations and grocery stores along the I-75 corridor north of the Florida/ Georgia state line.
Rabbi Wexler’s License plate is BGVA02 (zero two).
The Wexler family has asked that we respect their privacy and not reach out to them directly. They have also requested to share this flyer far and wide through social media. The family’s hope is that Rabbi Wexler will be recognized thanks to the community’s sharing of this flyer.
Please keep him (Meir Hillel Ben Raizel Esther) and his family are in our prayers, thoughts and hearts. May we hear good news soon.+

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Dan said...

Rabbi Wexler has been found B"H