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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Moshe Stern "der chusid shoiteh" Bringing everyone down with him

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Stern ripped off Citigroup for some 125 million dollars and was facing 455 years in prison, so he started singing like a canary and brought down the entire chassidishi community including Zev Brenner! 
So now that he is talking, he will only face 100 years in prison!

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Anonymous said...

And you wonder why the Tshuva movement is dead in areas where the "frum" Jews live, like in Rockland County NY? Look no further than the headlines which week to week are stories about "frum" Jews stealing and doing sex crimes. If you were a Reform Jew looking for meaning, do you think you would look to the Orthodox after reading these news stories which ONLY GET WORSE and WORSE with each passing year!!!!! And the rabbis say NOTHING!!!!