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Monday, February 29, 2016

Rare Footage of Kever of Esther and Mordechai in Persia

A video has cropped up just in time for the celebration of Purim. The video shows the rarely seen tombs of the great Esther and Mordechai.
The grave-site is located in modern-day Hamadan, Iran. As Iran is not a very safe place for any tourist, let alone Jews to travel in, not many are able to make the pilgrimage to the holy tomb.
In Iran, the gravesite of Esther Hamalka and Mordechai is considered the holiest Jewish site in the country. 
Iran is the last country that is part of the once great Persian empire. At the time the story of Purim occurred, the king Achashverosh ruled the large kingdom. The story of Purim takes place in Shushan, which is in the modern-day city of Shush in Iran.
Not all historians believe that this grave-site is the grave-site of Esther and Mordechai. 
Some place the graveside at the Galilean archaeological site of Kfar Bar’am, close to the kibbutz of the same name, Bar’am, along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon. This is according to another tradition first recorded during the Middle Ages that places the graves of Esther and Mordechai there.
There’s no doubt that no matter, that this is a ancient and holy site to visit.


Anonymous said...

Of course it's the burial site of Mordecha and Esther and BH what a Mazel they're not in EY where the atheistic Zionist regime would of desecrate it like all the other holy places,but according to you if it's not the burial site of Mordecha and Esther why is it no doubt a holy site? And hundreds and thousands of Jews DO visit the site and so did other's like the NK who had the zchus to be there at the place where there's still pure kedusah

Dusiznies said...

שוטה שבעולם
No body visits the site in Iran unfortunately
Because it is not under Zionist control...
Those מקומות הקדושים that are under Zionist control have hundreds of thousands of visitors
Next week the head of the Hungarian goons will visit Meron under Zionist control
This Jew hater wouldn't dare visit Iran because he still wants his head
The burial spot in Iran would be holy even if they wern't buried there according to the ארי הקדוש who says that a מקום becomes קדוש I'd Jewish people think it is ...
Meanwhile I have a suggestion for you
Go to hell!

Echter yid said...

To you with respect dusiznies) its a waste of time to get angry on anonymous I still can't catch what anonymous wants , he is bashing every one, he must be a screwed mixed up guy, he alone has no dam idea what he wants,or what he is commenting,? it looks like he just wants to be angry on the entire world,? every gudol becomes by him a kutun,? every guoin every talmud chuchum hadur becomes by him a kindergarten teacher,? he is so waked up I am afraid that he lately forgot his meds,? Just don't take him seriously,? He is lately a little bit (mucha luku)?

Anonymous said...

First of all, a tameh umetumeh like you who doesn't believe in basic chazal should just leave alone and not mention the name of the holy ari
Yes thousands of Iranian Jews visit the site yearly
And finally all the holy sites that are NOT under control of the Zionist atheists all over Europe have thousands of Jews visiting from all over the world without seeing the tremendous bizayon hakodesh caused by the Zionist apikorsim, and the one kever of a Gadol the holy Chida that the Zionist hooligans brought to EY and it's conveniently located no one even goes there

Echter yid said...

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