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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Monsey: Wesley Hills couple killed in murder-suicide

It seems that the couple were not "me'shalunie" 
Looks like there are still some "goyim" left in Monsey .... Who knew?
The Developers will now be able to build another 50 units!

 A couple is dead after a murder-suicide at a home this morning,  Ramapo police said.
Ramapo Police Chief Brad Weidel said officers responded to a report of gunshots around 2 Deerwood Road at 7:11 a.m. Police said the man shot his wife while she was in bed then shot himself on the home's back porch.
The woman was dead at the scene and the man died while en route to a hospital, Weidel said.
Police have not released the couple's names because relatives were still being notified of the deaths.
Investigators from the Rockland County Bureau of Criminal Investigation are also on the scene.


All Rhodes lead to lawsuits said...

I'm sure Rhodes ymach shmoy will figure out how to blame the jews. I think he is actually a Wesley Hills Village Trustee

Anonymous said...

Wow zrizin makdimin 7 am

On Saddle River Road about 15 years ago a goy who was a producer I think for a major media network in the city & intermarried to a secular woman was waiting for her with a shotgun to come home. She enters the house & sees him aiming so she tries to run but didn't stand a chance. After he pumped her with many bullets, he shot up the house & the neighbor's house before taking his own life. The house was vacant for a long time. A heimishe bought it, fixed it up, and rented it out to a frum couple. The couple nebich got divorced in less than a year.

Anonymous said...

If I lived in Ramapo I would kill myself too.

Anonymous said...

I checked which houses could possibly be facing the intersection street signs. There are 3. Two of the houses are Yidden: Stefansky & Ash / Lapp. The other house is a goy named Lord.

Anonymous said...

Nogaya the levaya of Ezriel Simons a"h

State Senator Jack Martins from Long Island writes in a newspaper that he just came from the levaya of a 23 year old bochur who ODed on heroin. There is an epidemic now with $5 bags of "heroin smack" in wide distribution to kids of all socio-economic classes because it costs less than a pack of tzigarettels. The rov being maspid at the Long Island levaya looked at about 100 friends of the niftar who were there & gave them musser that the acharayus is on them that they had better make sure no one else dies. Martins says some people did not like the rov's musser but too bad if they don't like it and he wants leaders starting to do something about it.

Fresser Developer said...

It's a a good thing it wasn't on Jay Ct where Lonna has that listing for $4.5 million.

You heard it first on DIN said...

It was in fact the goy named Lord as guessed 18 hours ago

According to the briefing on video he was behind the house with police closing in. He fired not at police, they are trying to determine if he was possibly trying to shoot at a neighbor after he killed his wife. The cops screamed drop your weapon at which point he fired again to kill himself.