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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Charedi extremists attack soldiers and turn over car

The car in the above photo was turned over by "Bnei Torah."
The Gemarrah in Bava Kama best describes guys like that as a "shor mazik bershus harabim"....

They are no different than the  Black rioters in Baltimore that attacked the police.

Yes they came to arrest a guy ... a draft dodger. 
All this boy had to do was show up at the draft and get an exemption .....
But, instead, he decided to disobey  the law, by not showing up at the draft place .... and Instead he followed the orders of some "bachelor" fanatic leader. 

It's not enough that the IDF has to be on constant watch not to get stabbed by Arabs, now they have to worry about getting their heads bashed in by Yeshiva Bochrim?

Hey Bochrim, if you don't like the Zionist State ...move to Gaza! 

But if you live in the State have to follow the law. If you don't like the law ... vote your own guys in ..

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon (Likud) slammed on Tuesday haredi extremists in Ashdod who early this morning overturned a police car and attacked officers coming to detain suspected IDF draft-dodgers.

"The violent attack in Ashdod against IDF soldiers who came to perform their task and the police who were called to assist them is intolerable and a strong hand is required against the rioters," he declared. 

"We must not be tolerant toward a minority of extremist lawbreakers," Ya'alon charged. "Those who raise a hand against IDF soldiers - or use violence in general - must be severely punished."

"I expect the heads of the haredi community to condemn the violent incident, which absolutely negates the trend of integration of young haredim into the army and into the workforce - in a way which allows them to contribute both to haredi society and to the State of Israel."

The incident began when IDF soldiers came to Ashdod to arrest a haredi youth who was skipping his military draft without permission.

As they were carrying out their duty, a group of extremists surrounded the soldiers' vehicles, spat at them and yelled epithets. They even succeeded in overturning a military vehicle.

A large police force rescued the soldiers and dispersed the crowd. As they were doing so, though, several patrol cars were hit with rocks.

"We are taking the event very seriously. We will use all necessary means to find those involved and bring them to justice," said an official police statement.

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fresser said...

Shmatta Rosenberg interviewed by Debra Nussbaum Cohen for the JTA. Of course he is bitching to her that when he tried shnorring from his readers they didn't give him enough money.