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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Alan Dershowitz Brilliantly Strikes down Anti-Israel Question at Conference

Famed US lawyer and political commentator Alan Dershowitz, recently gave a talk and showed his strong passion for the Israeli state.
After his speech at a conference he allowed the audience a chance to ask him questions.
A woman of Palestinian origin gave a long winded question/statement, in which Dershowitz brilliantly shot down all her points, logically and brilliantly.
When questioned as to why 80% of residents in Gaza rely on Humanitarian Aid, Dershowitz fervently answered that there was no reason that they should live on this welfare. The Palestinians in Gaza were given so many options when Israel left Gaza with working greenhouses and other resources and that the residents of Gaza did nothing and continue to do nothing. While they can be creating a fruitful state, they continue to blame Israel for their issues.
The Palestinian woman went on to state that her family land was taken away by Israelis who settled there. Dershowitz interrupted her and said 70 years ago Jewish land was taken away by Europeans during the Holocaust, and the Jews got over it and built a state of their own in Israel. So too, the Palestinians should get over the fact that land that was taken away from them decades ago. He also said that land has been taken away from citizens in countries all over the world and the Palestinians are the only ones that still complain about it all these years later and do nothing to better their lives.
Dershowitz ended his impassioned speech with a huge round of applause from the audience, effectively shutting down any protests from the Palestinian woman.
Watch the full speech below and let us know what you think of what Dershowitz said.



Anonymous said...

Dershowitz is not an Orthodox Jew. He supports abortions and gay marriage. His son married a shiksa. He is a left winger.

Anonymous said...

According to the Titz Eliezer, abortion is halachaiclly permitted

Dusiznies said...

Not only according to the Tziz Eliezer but every Poisek holds that A Jew can have an abortion if the unborn baby is killing the mother because of a disease etc..
an Goyim should have abortions ... kein yirbu

Anonymous said...

As opposed to the right wing group of "leaders", who are either anti-Zionists or parve on the issue , who support pro-abortion and gay marriage candidates for their own reasons, mainly for $$$$$$ and programs.
We don't give a damn about somebody's left wing views , or his family members, or his orthodoxy when it comes to support of Israel. Let G-D be the judge. Give me a lefty Dershowitz over an orthodox righty who joins our bitter enemies in defaming, spreading hate over the Internet, marching with Jew haters, davening for Israel's demise Chas veshalom, and supporting BDS choleras, any day.
Rabbi Kahane, when he couldn't get funding for his JDL, made friendship with Joe Colombo, the Mafia chieftain, because Columbo was pro-Jewish and helped Kahane financially. The rabbi pointed out that what we need are people who help Jews regardless of their personal lives.
We need the lefties, Jews or not, Evangelists, or anybody else who are friends of Israel , period.

the Derby

Anonymous said...

Kahane did not join Colombo for the money. Your dead wrong. He joined them for the image and also to use them to protect jews in boro park who at the time were under attack by Italian youth. Mafia guys would come down and warn th to stay away from attacking jews. Kahanes group did not cost much to operate. It is true the mafia payed the 900 dollars rent for the jdl office on 40 st in boro park corner new utrecth ave. The mafia interest was to look good as a rabbi supported their front group the Italian american civil rights organization. It had nothing to do with money. The office was made up of three buildings. It had a karate dojo a weight room and meetings room.

Anonymous said...

Can you read?. Where did I write that Kahane joined Columbo for money?
I wrote that he was pro-Jewish, specifically JDL for whatever reasons , AND helped with money, as you yourself wrote.. He also posted bail for about a dozen JDL'ers who were arrested.
You missed my point entirely.

Anonymous said...

Kahane Says Colombo Put Up $45,000 Bail After Arraignment on Conspiracy

Jewish Telegraphic Agency
LONDON (Sep. 13)

Rabbi Meir Kahane, chairman of the Jewish Defense League, disclosed here today that the reputed racketeer, Joseph Colombo Sr., put up $45,000 bail for him last May after he was arraigned at a Federal District Court in New York on charges of conspiracy to violate the 1968 Federal Gun Control Act. “But for him (Colombo) I would not have been here, and I could not have gone to Israel,” said the 38-year-old Kahane who arrived here from New York this morning for a brief visit as the guest of the Committee for the Release of Soviet Jewish Prisoners. Rabbi Kahane was questioned by newsmen on the JDL’s alliance with Colombo, president of the Italian-American Civil Rights League.

The alliance was unveiled on May 13 when Colombo joined Kahane at a press conference following the latter’s arraignment. Colombo was shot during an Italian American civil rights day celebration last June and has been in a coma since then. Explaining the JDL’s association with Colombo and his group, Rabbi Kahane said

“Our only yardstick is what is good for the Jews and this alliance is good for the Jews. We must deal with the poor among the Americans, and with the various ethnic groups and with some groups which are not the darlings of the establishment.”

the Derby......

Anonymous said...

In addition to receiving more money from Colombo than you think, he also went on fundraising tours and received a lot of cash from the Syrian Sefardic community.. So it's naïve to keep money out of the conversation. Be that as it may, my point was that Kahane took help from a notorious mobster because he helped Jews.